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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Combating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics: A Practical Guide to Management Ethics / Edition 2

Combating Corruption, Encouraging Ethics: A Practical Guide to Management Ethics / Edition 2


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ISBN-13: 9780742544505
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/28/2007
Edition description: 2nd Edition
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 7.35(w) x 10.52(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

William L. Richter is professor of political science at Kansas State University. He teaches International Politics of South Asia, Administrative Ethics, and Political Thought. Frances Burke is professor emerita at Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, and president of Integrity International/Boston.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Ethical Foundations: Virtue, Consequence, Principle Chapter 2 Virtue, Habit, and Ethics Chapter 3 On Virtue Chapter 4 The Prince Chapter 5 Utilitarianism Chapter 6 Principle: The Categorical Imperative Chapter 7 The Ethical Triangle Chapter 8 Case 1: Gyges' Ring Chapter 9 Discussion Questions Chapter 10 For Further Exploration Part 11 Responsibility and Accountability Chapter 12 The Study of Administration Chapter 13 Politics as a Vocation Chapter 14 The Friedrich-Finer Debate: Public Policy and Nature of Administrative Responsibility Chapter 15 The Friedrich-Finer Debate: Administrative Responsibility in Democratic Government Chapter 16 Ethics and the Public Service Chapter 17 Accountability and Abuses of Power in World Politics Chapter 18 Case 2: Following Orders Chapter 19 Discussion Questions Chapter 20 For Further Exploration Part 21 Twenty-First Century Challenges: Global Dimensions/Changing Boundaries Chapter 22 The New Public Administrator Chapter 23 Megaprojects and Risk Chapter 24 The World We Could Win Chapter 25 The CAUX Round Table Principles Chapter 26 Balance Between Electronic Access and Privacy Rights Chapter 27 Case 3: Integrity at the United Nations Chapter 28 Discussion Questions Chapter 29 For Further Exploration Part 30 Understanding Fraud, Waste, and Corrupt Practices Chapter 31 An Organizational Perspective on Corruption Chapter 32 Corruption and Governance Chapter 33 What is Corruption? Chapter 34 Fighting Corruption Globally Chapter 35 Corruption in the Not-for-Profit Sector Chapter 36 Case 4: The Adjunct Professor Chapter 37 Discussion Questions Chapter 38 For Further Exploration Part 39 Graft, Bribery and Conflict of Interest Chapter 40 Honest Graft and Dishonest Graft Chapter 41 Struggling against Bribery Chapter 42 Conflict of Interest in Nonprofit Ethics Chapter 43 Extremism in the Search for Virtue Chapter 44 Case 5: The Gift of a Carpet Chapter 45 Discussion Questions Chapter 46 For Further Exploration Part 47 Lying, Cheating and Deception Chapter 48 Lies for the Public Good Chapter 49 Lying in the Public Interest Chapter 50 Plausible Deniability Chapter 51 Distorting Scientific Research Chapter 52 Case 6: Greater Good versus Falsification Chapter 53 Discussion Questions Chapter 54 For Further Exploration Part 55 Privacy, Secrecy and Confidentiality Chapter 56 Secrecy in the Bush Administration Chapter 57 Privacy in the United States and the European Union Chapter 58 HIPAA Compliance Chapter 59 USA PATRIOT Act: Privacy v. Security Chapter 60 Not Just a Driver's License Chapter 61 Case 7: 'Outing' Agents and Protecting Sources Chapter 62 Discussion Questions Chapter 63 For Further Exploration Part 64 Abuse of Authority and Administrative Evil Chapter 65 The Malek Manual Chapter 66 The Banality of Evil Chapter 67 Torture as Public Policy Chapter 68 What about Evil? Chapter 69 History As Cause: Columbia and Challenger Chapter 70 Case 8: When the County Knows Best? Chapter 71 Discussion Questions Chapter 72 For Further Exploration Part 73 Establishing Expectations, Providing Guidelines and Building Trust Chapter 74 Maintaining Government Integrity Chapter 75 The Investors' Advocate Chapter 76 Trust in Government: Ethics Measures in OECD Countries Chapter 77 Data Regulation: Measuring Governance and Corruption Chapter 78 Maximizing Trust, Minimizing Conflicts Chapter 79 Batho Pele Principles and Service Delivery Chapter 80 The ASPA Code of Ethics Chapter 81 Are You an Ethical Public Official? Chapter 82 Case 9: Legal, Wrong, or Morally Required? Chapter 83 Discussion Questions Chapter 84 For Further Exploration Part 85 Transparency, Whistle Blowing and Dissent Chapter 86 Dealing with Dissent: Learning to Listen Chapter 87 The Ethical Importance of Resigning Chapter 88 Protecting the Whistleblower Chapter 89 Circumscribed Protection: The Ceballos Case Chapter 90 Ethics, Transparency International and the Private Sector Chapter 91 Case 10: What is a Whistle-Blower To Do? Chapter 92 Discussion Questions Chapter 93 For Further Exploration Part 94 Compliance, Oversight and Sanctions Chapter 95 Government Accountability Chapter 96 SEC and Oversight Chapter 97 Funding GASB after Sarbanes-Oxley Chapter 98 Governmental Nonprofit Oversight Chapter 99 Hurricane Relief Oversight Chapter 100 Case 11: Ignorance or Insider Trading? Chapter 101 Discussion Questions Chapter 102 For Further Exploration Part 103 Leadership and Individual Responsibility: Encouraging Ethics Chapter 104 Ethics Advice to a New Public Servant Chapter 105 The Moral Responsibility of Individuals in Public Sector Organizations Chapter 106 Eliot Spitzer as a Moral Exemplar Chapter 107 As a City upon a Hill Chapter 108 Case 12: Mayors as Exemplars? Chapter 109 Discussion Questions Chapter 110 For Further Exploration

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