Come All Ye: The First Ten Years

Come All Ye: The First Ten Years

by Fairport Convention


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Come All Ye: The First Ten Years

Come All Ye: The First Ten Years is a curious selection for a mammoth box set to commemorate the 5Oth anniversary of Fairport Convention, the British folk-rock act who changed everything. It's huge, with seven discs that house 121 tracks and nine hours of music; what's more, 55 of these selections are previously unreleased. That last fact should be enough to grab the faithful by the throat and get them to the shop and plunk down their hard-earned dosh. This box was compiled and produced by none other than Andrew Batt, the man with the fussy ear who helmed Sandy Denny's beloved collection I've Always Kept a Unicorn: The Acoustic Sandy Denny (bring it back into print, man!), and the glorious deluxe edition of Fairport's Rising for the Moon. The box includes healthy selections from the band's first 13 studio albums through 1978's Tippler's Tales (nothing from The Bonny Bunch of Roses though); but none are in their entirety. The bulk contains outtakes, alternates, BBC sessions, live material (like a killer "Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller" from the Troubadour in 1970, or "All Along the Watchtower" from 1975 in Norway), rarities. etc. Some of these appeared with less-than-optimal sonics on the 2010 Sandy Denny box set, or as bonus tracks on various album reissues (again without this level of audio quality). One example of the treasure to be found within is on disc seven where Denny delivers a harrowing live version of "Down Where the Drunkards Roll" weeks before it appeared on Richard & Linda Thompson's I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. Disc three contains a television performance of songs from the film The Man They Couldn't Hang that are more ragged and more expressive than the ones that appeared on the Babbacombe Lee album. Disc four holds unreleased tracks from an unreleased album that included Canadian David Rhea. Another Denny gem, the original version of "After Halloween" is far superior to the officially released one. The final two discs contain full concert recordings. Number six is live from Fairfield Hall in December 1973 and offers a version of the traditional "Days of 49" followed by a burning "Fiddlestix." Disc number seven was cut in the U.S. at L.A.'s Troubadour in 1974. Opening with Bob Dylan's "Down in the Flood," it flows through Trevor Lucas' "Ballad of Ned Kelly" "Tomorrow Is a Long Time," and Denny's classic "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." That show, and the box, end with the unlikely rave-up of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day." There are dozens upon dozens of selections punters can argue over. What it all amounts to is that in part or in its entirety, Come All Ye: The First Ten Years is essential listening. For fans, all of this is necessary, for the curious, start with the studio offerings (there are two fine offerings entitled Five Classic Albums, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) or the double-disc Gold from 2008.

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Release Date: 07/28/2017
Label: A&M
UPC: 0602557484793
catalogNumber: 574847


Disc 1

  1. Time Will Show the Wiser
  2. Decameron
  3. Jack O' Diamonds
  4. One Sure Thing
  5. I Don't Know Where I Stand [V
  6. You Never Wanted Me
  7. Fotheringay
  8. I'll Keep It With Mine
  9. Mr. Lacey
  10. Eastern Rain
  11. Nottamun Town
  12. Meet on the Ledge
  13. Throwaway Street Puzzle
  14. Reno, Nevada [Vers
  15. Suzanne
  16. A Sailor's Life
  17. Genesis Hall
  18. Autopsy
  19. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Disc 2

  1. Dear Landlord
  2. Si Tu Dois Partir
  3. Percy's Song
  4. The Ballad of Easy Rider
  5. The Deserter
  6. Come All Ye
  7. Reynardine
  8. Matty Groves
  9. Farewell Farewell
  10. Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
  11. Tam Lin
  12. Sir Patrick Spens [Vers
  13. Medley: The Lark in the Morning/Rakish Paddy/Foxhunter's Jig/Toss the F
  14. Bonny Bunch of Roses

Disc 3

  1. Walk Awhile
  2. Dirty Linen
  3. Sloth
  4. Journeyman's Grace [#
  5. Sir B. McKenzie
  6. Flatback Caper
  7. Doctor of Physick
  8. Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman
  9. The Bonnie Black Hare
  10. Lord Marlborough
  11. Banks of the Sweet Primroses
  12. Breakfast in Mayfair
  13. Little Did I Think
  14. John Lee
  15. Cell Song
  16. Time Is Near
  17. Dream Song
  18. Farewell to a Poor Man's Son

Disc 4

  1. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
  2. That'll Be the Day
  3. Think It Over
  4. Maverick Child
  5. Sad Song (aka As Long as It Is Mine)
  6. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  7. Rattle Trap
  8. Sheep in the Meadow
  9. Rosie
  10. Country Judy Jane
  11. Me With You
  12. My Girl
  13. To Althea, From Prison
  14. Knights of the Road
  15. The Plainsman
  16. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  17. Medley: Brilliancy/Cherokee Shuffle
  18. Polly on the Shore
  19. Fiddlestix (The Devil in the Kitchen)
  20. Possibly Parsons Green
  21. Bring 'Em Down

Disc 5

  1. Sloth
  2. John the Gun
  3. Down in the Flood
  4. Rising for the Moon
  5. After Hallowe'en [Demo Vers
  6. Restless
  7. White Dress
  8. Stranger to Himself
  9. Dawn
  10. One More Chance
  11. All Along the Watchtower
  12. When First Into This Country
  13. Sandy's Song (aka Take Away the Load)
  14. Royal Seleccion No. 13: The Parade of the Tin Soldiers/Haste to the Wed
  15. Adieu Adieu [From a World of Music With Anne Lorne Gillies, November 26
  16. Reynard the Fox
  17. Poor Ditching Boy
  18. Flowers of the Forest

Disc 6

  1. Polly on the Shore
  2. Furs and Feathers
  3. Tokyo
  4. Cell Song
  5. The Claw
  6. Far From Me
  7. Medley: Brilliancy/Cherokee Shuffle
  8. Days of '49
  9. Fiddlestix (The Devil in the Kitchen)
  10. Dirty Linen
  11. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  12. Possibly Parsons Green
  13. Sir B. McKenzie
  14. Down in the Flood
  15. Something You've Got

Disc 7

  1. Down in the Flood
  2. The Ballad of Ned Kelly
  3. Solo
  4. It'll Take a Long Time
  5. She Moves Through the Fair
  6. The Hens March Through the Midden and the Four Poster Bed
  7. The Hexamshire Lass
  8. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  9. Six Days on the Road
  10. Like an Old-Fashioned Waltz
  11. John the Gun
  12. Down Where the Drunkards Roll
  13. Crazy Lady Blues
  14. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
  15. Matty Groves
  16. That'll Be the Day

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Fairport Convention   Primary Artist
Sandy Denny   Vocals

Technical Credits

Dave Swarbrick   Arranger,Composer
Jerry Reed   Composer
Leonard Cohen   Composer
Sandy Denny   Arranger,Composer
David Rea   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Fairport Convention   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Buddy Holly   Composer
Chris Kenner   Composer
Joni Mitchell   Composer
John Prine   Composer
Richard Thompson   Arranger,Composer
John Wood   Producer,Engineer
Jerry Donahue   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Ashley Hutchings   Arranger,Composer
Trevor Lucas   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Tom Newman   Engineer
Simon Nicol   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Dave Pegg   Arranger,Composer
Emitt Rhodes   Composer
Norman Petty   Composer
Richard Fariña   Composer
Jerry Allison   Composer
Joe Boyd   Producer
Harvey Brooks   Composer
Dick Cuthell   Remixing
Jim Glover   Composer
Glyn Johns   Producer,Engineer
Martin Lamble   Arranger,Composer
Dave Mattacks   Arranger,Composer
Roger McGuinn   Composer
Bruce Rowland   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Padraic Colum   Composer
Patrick Humphries   Sleeve Notes
Jackson C. Frank   Composer
Richard Lovelace   Composer
Ben Carruthers   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Carl Montgomery   Composer
Earl Green   Composer
Paul Ghosh   Composer
Andrew Horvitch   Composer
Joaquin Miller   Arranger,Composer
David Pegg   Composer
Leon Jessel   Composer
Tod Lloyd   Producer
Fischer Thompson   Composer
Rupert Lloyd   Illustrations,Cover Illustration
Andrew Batt   Producer,Engineer,Tape Research
Peter William Roche   Composer

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