Come Hell or High Desire

Come Hell or High Desire

by Misty Dietz

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BN ID: 2940150929487
Publisher: Misty Media
Publication date: 10/27/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Misty Dietz loves her man, her kids, kayaking, and Dean Winchester (oh yeah, Supernatural super-fans unite!). She writes paranormal, suspense, and contemporary romance, but she reads anything she can get her hands on, usually with her fur baby on her lap.

She spends her days writing sexy, adrenaline-fueled stories, enjoying family and friends, and praying her children don't come home with math homework.

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Come Hell or High Desire 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for romantic suspense with more twists than a roller coaster, then you've picked the right book. I loved that the hero's not your typical CEO. Zack's a working man with calloused hands, two frisky labs, and a down-to-earth attitude. Thank you, Misty Dietz, for giving us Zack! Romance readers can't bang around a bookstore anymore without an avalanche of a billionaire CEOs! I'm here to say Misty's made it safe for us to browse romance again. :-) But back to the story... Zack discovers a chilling note and his hackles rise in concern over Ann, a young woman he loves like a big brother. While checking things out, he checks out the attractive heroine, Sloane Swift. Sloane's spunky and hot with a funny way of wording things. Attraction zings the two, but both share a growing concern for Ann's safety. She's missing from her home. No one knows where she is, oh, and someone let it slip that's she's pregnant. And just who is the father? This leads to new inquiries, and in the process, Sloane's psychic "gift" reveals disturbing images. You won't find spoilers here, other than a burned body turns up and police blame Zack. Zack, it turns out, is a man with a past. I enjoyed the story but felt like things really took off at chapter 9. Then, characters surprised you (and don't we like it when that happens??). So, if you like your romantic suspense with a CEO in jeans who comes by his pecs from honest labor and a spunky heroine with a paranormal twist, then Come Hell or High Desire is for you. I received the ARC of Come Hell or High Desire for an honest review. I look forward to more books from Misty Dietz.
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
A novel change from shifters and vampires. Misty takes us into the world of Psychics!! Sloane has a small boutique and desperately tries to hide her psychic ability. Her mother may be able to bring families back together but she just seems to wreak disaster!! But when her friend and co-worker goes missing she's willing to take a walk on the wide side and try to track her down. Zach has treated Ann, the missing friend, as his sister and keeps an eye on her for his late friend and mentor. He knows something has gone wrong but with his mired past, no one will take him to seriously..or they will point the finger at him! Zach and Sloane work together to try and determine what has happened to Ann but as the body count rises so does the sexual chemistry!!! There are no easy outs in this story. I kept changing my mind as to who was responsible ( you'd think working for the police in real life would be of help!!!) but no I got sucked in and chewed out! The danger keeps you on the edge of your seat and the passion between Sloane and Zach is kept at a lovely simmer before bubbling over. There is heartbreak, revenge, unrequited love and harsh betrayals in this twisty romantic suspense/PNR. The PNR is never over the top so those who do not really enjoy paranormal books will still find plenty to love in this lovely gem!! I can't wait for more!!!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Awesome Book!! This is the first book that this author has published and I have to say it was fantastic and better than some books I have read from authors with multiple books.  I basically read this book in one sitting because once I started I didn’t want to put it down until I found out what happened.  Zack’s friend Ann has disappeared, and he is trying to look for her. He goes to the shop that Ann works and meets Sloane. When Sloane touches Zack she instantly feels an attraction to Zack. Sloane has a special ability to touch an object, normally metal that a person has touched. When she touches the object she gets a picture of what is happening or happened to that person. However, when Zack is near her ability seems to grow. They must work together to find out what has happened to Ann.  I have to admit, the author kept me guessing until the very end. This book has it all romance, mystery, suspense, and a little paranormal. I can’t wait to read another book by this author. I hope she writes another book with these same characters.  A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Zack Goldman was saved by John Samuel. Now that he's dead. Zack is determined to carry out his mentor's last request. He will protect his daughter, Ann. She is pregnant and has suddenly gone missing. He goes to her work place and meets Sloane Swift, her boss. Both are concerned for Ann's safety. Sloane doesn't tell him that she gets visions. She is a psychic. These two have a powerful connection. They need to work together, if they want to survive and stop this madman. Misty Dietz has written a suspenseful story that has plenty of twist and turns. Zack and Sloane are partners in everything. She is a feisty and independent woman but fearful of her gift. Zack had a rough childhood and is afraid to trust. Every character is such a distinct personality that I want to know more about them. This story is so well plotted that you won't suspect who the perpetrator is. I enjoyed the psychic storyline. It added to the suspense. This is a dynamite book! It kept me on the edge of my seat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing how Misty Dietz can spin so many layers of intrigue from a threatening one-liner on a sticky note! I was hooked by page one. What started out as a missing persons report evolved into a dangerous game between the hunters and the hunted. I loved the complex deep characters, well-developed plot line, paranormal twists, and edgy romance with plenty of steam. If you're looking for can't-put-it-down suspense laced with high sizzle, Come Hell or High Desire is a must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It took me, like some other reviewers, a couple of chapters to get into the book but I am so glad I stuck it out. I love the characters and hope that there will be a sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Come Hell or High Desire by debut author Misty Dietz is one heck of a ride! Pairing sultry, mysterious Sloane with a real mans-man, Zack Goldman was a romantic earth quake waiting to happen....and who doesn't love to be shaken up by a whirlwind ride of romance, suspense and adventure? An absolute page-turner. Can't wait for Ms. Dietz's next book!!! Josie Matthews
Gina04 More than 1 year ago
It took me a couple of tries to read this book. Once I got past chapter 2 it was a breeze and before I knew it it was 5am. Zac and Sloane are good characters in the book and made it flow even better. If you like humor, drama, love and suspense then this is the book for you because it has it ALL!!
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
When I started Come Hell or High Desire by Misty Dietz, I wasn't sure if I would like it. I found the beginning a little slow for my taste.  As the story progress, I found myself unable to pull away. Once the sense of danger started to pick up I was captive to the story. Zack Goldman is a man with a past. So, when a friend goes missing he becomes the prime suspect. However, he's trying to prove that he's innocent. Yet there is someone who wants to ruin his life, and this evil person will stop at nothing. Sloane Swift gets caught up in all that is going down. She wants to help, but is afraid her psychic ability will cause more harm than good. However, Zack is willing to put his trust into her ability and hope to find Ann before it's too late. As I said, I found the story a little slow at the beginning. I guess the whole idea was to build the intensity, by the way it did. As the danger level of story increase, I found myself glue to the story. I had to know who was the real culprit. I have to admit I was shocked and really didn't see it coming. Serious, you would think it was one person, the next thing that person gets killed off. A nail biter of a story. I love the chemistry between Zack and Sloane. Plus, they tend to anchor each other down when things get bad. Overall, a pretty good action book once the crap hits the fan. So, if you are looking for an action book with some twist, you might want to checkout Come Hell or High Desire. Copy provided by publisher
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I had trouble connecting with the book through the first couple of chapters. I kept putting the book down and thinking "what have I gotten myself into". BUT as the characters developed I found myself being pulled into the story. There is Zac, a lovable, down to earth CEO, who has had a troubled past. And then there is Sloane, the girl with the visions and full of mystery. I love the mysterious side of the story. It kept me on my toes. I am so glad I didn't give up on this book! For me romance, mystery and a little paranormal are the perfect combination. Well done Misty Dietz!!
megpie93 More than 1 year ago
Author: Misty Dietz Number of page's :250, Depends on what format you have! Release Date: August 12, 2013 Recommend purchase: Yes! Goodreads Description: Torn between dangerous desires... Framed for a series of brutal murders, rebel-turned-CEO Zack Goldman must go to ground. When he discovers that sexy boutique owner Sloane Swift has a shocking gift--terrifying visions that connect her to his mentor's missing daughter--he can't believe her refusal to help him. Nor can he believe he's actually falling for the frustrating woman. Their chemistry will either find its perfect equation... Helping an accused killer ranks low on Sloane's to-do list, no matter how hot the attraction burns between them. But putting to rest her overwhelming guilt over the missing girl's fate proves more difficult than she ever imagined...that is, until her heart and conscience begin to align. ...or detonate everything in its path. As the real killer locks in on Sloane, Zack will stop at nothing to keep her safe. And as they earn each other's trust--with danger in hot pursuit--they may just lose their hearts in the process... *ARC Copy From Entangled Publishing* I actually quite enjoyed this book. I usually only read the Indulgence or the Bliss line from Entangled, but I think I just found a great new line... Zack had a rough childhood growing up.He'd seen some unfortunate thing in his life.After someone turned his mom in to the social services, he got put in foster care.By the time he was 17 he was out on the streets. Luckily for him John saved him by giving him a job with his construction company. Zack get's informed his mentor's daughter is missing(and is also pregnant) so now he has to try to find Zack goes to Skinning Dipping which is where Ann worked. Zack meets Sloane, Ann's boss. Right off he has a connection with her. Zack ask's her to help find Ann, at first(explained in the book)she's hesitant,but reluctantly agrees. From here on out,they half to find Ann and also her kidnapper. This is a Romantic suspense book, which is actually my first time reading one and I liked it a lot.The Author goes into the background of the character's so you actually know what happened and why their that way, which is a good thing because I liked to know the details. I also enjoyed the plot.I don't usually read about kidnapping/abductions, but I'm glad I did because I enjoy them.
kcp59 More than 1 year ago
I received the ARC of Come Hell or High Desire from the publisher for an honest review. I loved Zack and Sloane and the way that they interacted with each other. You will be intrigued throughout the story.I will be looking forward to reading future books by Misty Dietz!
Sarah_DeJong More than 1 year ago
It took me a few chapters to get into this book, but once I got to know the characters and the mystery kicked in, I was hooked! Zack is a lovable CEO-with-a-past, without being the usual billionaire playboy type. The mystery had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing all the way until the final reveal, and the ending was just perfect. If you're looking for romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, this is a good bet! The story is set in the average world, so the paranormal is only one thing: Sloane's visions. (No otherworldly monsters, or anything of the sort.) The mystery is well-done and the characters are easy to root for.
CindyB1 More than 1 year ago
Wow!! Wonderful read. You get romance without the erotica (of which I have no complaints about but don't always want) mystery, suspense and a bit of the paranormal thrown in which, all-in-all, made for a very enjoyable, relaxing read. Zack, a rugged, handsome man with a none to happy past gets drawn into the life of Sloane and she into his. Sloane has an ability to touch an object or a person and get a picture of was happening when the item was touched. Her ability has failed her in the past and she doesn't trust herself. They are brought together when Ann, Sloane's friend and employee and Zach's "family member" goes missing. Neither one of them want to trust the other but they start learning to. In a story where not everyone is who they seem and trust is a very important commodity, Misty Dietz shows that sometimes those you do trust can be your own worst enemy. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was given an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.  I LOVED it!  From the first chapter, I was drawn into the mystery of the story.  As each character was introduced, for each scene that play out, I could easily picture (in my mind's eye) what was happening.  Zach and Sloane both have their own trust issues.  However, from the first time they meet, their chemistry is undeniable.  Sloane's psychic abilities throw an interesting curve into the mix, as well.  The mystery surrounding Ann's disappearance held me until the end.  It was a romantic, suspenseful, intelligent read!
jennifer2014 More than 1 year ago
This was a great book for both mainstream and paranormal fans.  If you are looking for a book that keeps you guessing with some fun and quirky characters then this is the book for you. This book has the quality that I have come to expect from Entangled.  I look forward to reading more from this author.   : )
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
Come Hell or High Desire captivating my interest right from the beginning. The plot was riveting, the characters intriguing, and the romance intense. Zack is a hard working CEO who has is sexy with a pinch of danger! When Zack finds his Mentor’s pregnant daughter missing, he does everything in his power to try and find her. When Zack get’s framed for the brutal murder that have savaged their community he does what anyone with a record does---he runs. Sloane is smart, sexy, and sarcastic. She has a way about her that makes you thing, “Was she insulting me or complimenting me?” Sloane is psychic and has had visions of the murders and of Ann. When she is discovered by Zack the two clash in a fury of determination. Hers to make him go away, and his to make her help him find Ann and stop a killer. The twists and turns that are in the story will have you wondering which end is up. This is definitely a story that you will not figure out until it is slapping you right in the face! The intense chemistry between our two heroes is high combustible! The are practically sizzle when they are near each other. Prowl the night with this rugged CEO and his reluctant psychic and see if you can help them beat back the darkness… I was given a copy of this book by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An intriguing mix of suspense and romance with an element of the paranormal. I loved Zack and Sloane, their interactions, the way they called each other on their crap and their chemistry. Their connection felt real, their love the kind that will last. The story was full of twists and turns, Dietz did an excellent job of hinting and teasing, giving just enough information to advance the storyline and keep me wanting more.  ARC provided by Entangled
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
Come Hell or High Desire is an incredible story filled with well written suspense, plot twists, great secondary characters and (my favorite) an intense connection between the Hero, Zack and the Heroine, Sloane, with an emphasis on connection! Misty Dietz is a debut author but proves she has already mastered the art of suspense with CHoHD. She starts the story off a bit fluttery as we get to know the main characters and they get to know each other, but then gets down to it and solidly builds a strong plot that so completely captured my attention to where I just could not put the book down because I had to know what was going to happen next. MD did not let me down, she kept me guessing right up to her reveals and with them she delivered with VERY unexpected plot twists, with steamy scenes between Zack and Sloane, and yes, with the all important HEA. She wrapped it all up nice and tight... no nasty cliffhangers!! *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.