Come Together (Rock Hard, #2)

Come Together (Rock Hard, #2)

by Madelynne Ellis

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Daniella Fosbrook can't believe she's dating a sinfully hot rock star, now all she has to do is hold onto him.

Bad boy rockers Black Halo, have reunited and hit the road. Dani Fosbrook has never experienced life on the move, now she's squashed onto a tour bus with five horny rock stars and her lover's ex. If that weren't bad enough, along with threats from jealous fans, warding off unwanted press attention, and a smoking hot roadie with an eye for her man, Dani has to battle her own personal insecurities. Xane says he's committed, but with so much on offer to tempt him, can she trust he won't stray?

When sabotage puts both the tour and everything Dani and Xane have built together under threat, can the band and their entourage come together and make the tour work, or it is time for everyone to part ways?

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BN ID: 2940156600847
Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Publication date: 05/06/2019
Series: Rock Hard
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Format: NOOK Book
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Come Together (Rock Hard, Book 2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars-sexy, angst ridden rock stars: 3.75 stars--COME TOGETHER is the second installment in Madelynne Ellis’s contemporary, new adult ROCK HARD erotic romance series focusing on the goth rock group Black Halo.  COME TOGETHER is the continuing story of front man and lead singer for Black Halo- Xane Geist and Dani Fosbrook. The Rock Hard series is the companion to Madelynne Ellie’s Black Halo series; COME TOGETHER runs parallel to ALL FIRED UP (Black Halo #2).   Because there are two companion series that play off one another, I would highly suggest reading in order as information revealed in the previous storylines is important for cohesion and enjoyment. NOTE: There are scenes of M/F, M/M and M/M/F.  COME TOGETHER is intended for mature readers over 18 years of age. If you have not read the previous storylines in both series, there may be some spoilers -so be forewarned. COME TOGETHER is the continuing story of Xane and Dani-six weeks after the events of Come Undone where Xane receives some heartbreaking news that all but destroys what remains of the band. A previous betrayal sent Xane on the run but with it comes the knowledge that life is fleeting and no one is safe when rabid fans attack.  Black Halo is in need of a new drummer, and lead guitarist Ash Gore offers up Iain Willows-a man who has been bad mouthing Xane throughout his career. As the band comes to terms with the loss of their previous drummer, tensions are high when Iain proves to be less than competent with the drums. The relationship between Xane and Dani continues to be sexually adventurous and uninhibited. Xane is a sex addict whose need for Dani begins to interfere with his work and the band. The storyline begins with a prologue that reveals a dark moment in time that Xane has kept secret but the past will soon catch up and will force Xane to make choices he doesn’t want to make.  Dani’s fragile self esteem will take a major blow when she catches Xane in the arms of someone else. The sex scenes are graphic, sensually erotic and continuous. There is no doubt that Dani and Xane love one another but Xane will begin to question if Dani is enough. The engaging and colorful supporting characters include all of the Black Halo band members whose lives begin to spiral out of control with the loss of a friend and lover.  As the band sets out on their latest tour, Dani will be targeted and the band will fall victim to malicious gossip, rumors and innuendo. We will be introduced to the road crew and new roadie Luthor-whose past will come full circle and send Dani on the run. The world building continues to follow Black Halo on tour; behind the scenes, in the bedroom, tour bus and on the road. The anxiety and stress of loss and betrayal begin to eat away at the band’s tentative rebuilding but in the end, they will come together when the band falls victim to deception, deceit and attack.  If you are a fan of sexy, angst ridden rock stars then Madelynne Ellis’s BLACK HALO and ROCK HARD series are for you. What we see on the surface and on stage is not necessarily what we would see behind the scenes and on the road. There are moments of heartbreak, betrayal, romance and love. Dani and Xane’s relationship will step up to the next level ensuring that Xane’s needs and desires are kept under control. READING ORDER as per Madelynne Ellis Come Undone (Rock Hard #1)All Night Long (Black Halo #1)Remastered (Black Halo #1.5 )Come Together (Rock Hard #2)All Fired Up (Black Halo #2)
bluekaren More than 1 year ago
This series is so much more than I expected. Come Together follows up the first book, Come Undone, in the Rock Hard Series. These books are full of hot sex, lies, betrayal, drama, well written characters, a rock band, and an unconvientional happy ever after. I really enjoyed the first book in this series. I knew by the end that I had to read the next. Writing about a rock band without sounding cheesy seemed pretty difficult to me. Madelynne Ellis handled this story, adding in just the right amount of sexy, making it look so easy. The characters were so easy to love. I had so much angst, wanting them to communicate their actual needs with each other. Dani and Xane were an unlikely pair. Dani from a prudish religious upbringing. Xane a rock star with a bit of a sexual addiction. This couple works because they complete the missing parts of each other. Trouble starts brewing as they head out on tour. Dani is not the typical rock star girlfriend and the strain of thousands of screaming fans is something that takes some getting used to. To add insult to injury, Xane begins an affair with Luther and it almost breaks Dani. The scenes between Luther and Xane were enough to make me want to scream at Dani to just let Xane have this. I know the heart can love enough for two. Xane’s sexual appetite means there is more than enough for Dani to get hers, too. Someone is out to drive fear of losing into Dani’s heart, as if she needs more stress. The ending was a bit of a shocker… Come Together is books two, but it could easily be read as a standalone. Reading book one would just give you more of a back-story of Steve (the former drummer) and how he plays into this relationship. Book two introduces us to Luther, another swoon worthy male. The m/m scenes almost rivaled the m/f scenes for hotness. This was a great read and I highly recommend both of the books from this series. More than just sex Dani and Xane share this undeniable need for each other. I was swept away by this story.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Come Together, Rock Hard Book 2, Madelynne Ellis Review from jeannie zelos book reviews   I loved Rock Hard, so was really pleased to review this sequel. Dani – I really felt for her, she’d had a horrific childhood and teenage years, and the partnership of her and Xane seems so unlikely. Yet it works, they love each other and Xane can’t seem to keep his hands off her. She’s still struggling though with coping with his sex addicted past, when he used sex with men and women, as a crutch to help him cope. Dani had been brought up in an extreme religious female group where sex was classed as wrong, and even thoughts of it punished cruelly. She’s been abandoned by her mum now, and has no-one except Xane and her long time support and friend Ginny. Dani and Zane are like an island among a sea of others, clutching to each other to survive. Xane is still struggling with the loss of his lover, band member Steve. ( that’s a whole other story too...typical convoluted rock band mixings). the original idea was to use tapes to replace Steve but its clear that won’t work and they bring in another drummer for the tour. Its a really fun read, full of steamy sex, jealous fans, and band squabbles. The tour seems fraught with mishaps and dangers and it looks like there may be someone out to sabotage it – but who is the danger really aimed at. Dani gets some graphic photos showing Xane with a male lover and the message she won’t be able to keep him, and added to that she’s seen the way he looks at new support roadie Luthor...he’s seriously hot, and tells Dani he fancies Xane and her too. Somehow they become unlikely friends, though she’s never sure if Xane will take him up on his flirting...he tells her she’s enough but with his background she’s worried. Xane too is worried – he hasn’t told Dani something from his past that could come back to haunt him, its friction, secrets, danger and threats all the way. I’d guessed who was behind things but not why, and the finale came as a surprise, with things I didn’t expect. The way it plays out and ends reminds very much of Olivia Cunnings Sinners books, the one centred around band member Trey...and has the same steamy, sexy feel to it. I like the way we follow the band on the tour – I’ve read too many “band” or “film” books where the characters are that in name only, and we never go near a studio or tour, or a film set...if its that world I want to feel I’m In it with them, not just see it referred to in passing.  I’m hoping we see more of Ash and Ginny too in later books – they’ve been side characters in all books so far, and fit well into the story. Stars: Five, really enjoyed this, a typical “rock band” book, with a great realistic setting. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little slow at 1st, but it picked up steam (in more ways than one ;-) and am looking for Come Alive