by Catherine Gayle


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ISBN-13: 9781515018803
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/10/2015
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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Comeback 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was sad but it was also full of love. I loved Nicky and Jessica's story. I cried and laughed through this touching story. This series will stay with me for a long time to come, especially this story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Escape_in_a_book More than 1 year ago
Way more sad than the others in the series but it was still good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book so much, although I definitely cried through some of it. Good story...likeable characters.
JSantoroReads1302 More than 1 year ago
I don’t know where to start with this one. I love Catherine Gayle’s Portland Storm series and since we have only had a few glimpses at Nicky (and most of them weren’t the best) I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this book. Not only was I not sure because of how we have seen Nicky, I wasn’t sure since it more than touches on addiction. As the wife of an addict this topic can be very hard on me. So with all of that, let me just say that I LOVED this book. It is beautifully written. The characters have depth and the book really gets you in the feels. I have read books before and have been emotional, but this book was a first for me because I had actual tears coming down my face (so if you are an emotional reader, don’t read this in public unless you want to be asked multiple times if you are ok). Nicky is making his comeback from addiction, in his professional and personal life. After a rough few years, he finally gets the chance to get back between the pipes for the Portland Storm and he hopes he doesn’t let anyone down this time. On the personal side of things, he has finally gotten to the point where he feels like he can start being honest about his issues and wants to help out more with the Light the Lamp Foundation (Kally’s foundation) since he was helped by a similar program. He has his head on pretty straight and he is in a good place when he is thrown for a loop. His sister, niece and nephews come into town and he isn’t sure if he can handle all that comes with it (I am not going into detail because it is a very large part of the plot and I hate to spoil things for people, but I will say that the tears started to pool here and eventually they just spilled over).  Jessica works for the Portland office of the Light the Lamp Foundation and in doing so she meets with a lot of addicts and having been married to one as well as raised by and with one she has a lot of experience and has been hurt by addicts too many times to count. She has decided that she can never be more than friends with someone with a history of addiction. She is pretty good at keeping that promise to herself, but every time she meets with Nicky about the Foundation she knows that he could test that decision. But when things start to get bad for Nicky she somehow finds herself being the person he turns to when he needs help or just needs to talk. The more time she spends with him, the harder things become for her.  Ok, so I’m stopping there so there are no spoilers, but I will say that the friendship/relationship that grows between these two is great. They seemed to be able to talk to each other about anything and they take their time getting to know each other (asking a lot of geeky questions, which as a geek, I loved). Like I said before it was beautifully written. The beach scene in particular sticks out in my head, it was a great celebration of life and love and it comes across the page beautifully. This book had some humor, some heartache and so much love (Nicky/his niece, his niece/his sister, all the Portland Storm wives) and I want to read it over and over again. Nicky stole my heart. His character, his heart, his humor just got me and I was cheering for him to fight the good fight and show his addiction that he is stronger than it. So now I sit anxiously waiting for Babs’ book and the continuation of the Portland Storm series that I love so much!
Marcy99 More than 1 year ago
This book was just as emotional as I've come to expect from the Portland Storm series. But even though I did love the story as a whole, I didn't feel there was enough focus placed on the romance between Nicky and Jessica.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Akaedia More than 1 year ago
Comeback by Catherine Gayle Friday, February 20, 2015 This is a very poignant story wherein there are some truly heart wrenching moments, times when I was put through a very emotional wringer. There are moments of sadness, acceptance, heartbreak and love. This is a book that tells a real story and some of the emotional issues that comes with the life of an addict as well a particular circumstance most people will never have to learn to deal with in life (a circumstance that would be difficult for even a non-addict --- so have your tissues handy). Nicklas Ericsson is an addict taking it one day at a time. He is also a goaltender with the Portland Storm. Now he’s trying to do all he can to make a comeback, both in his personal life and with his team on the ice. Nicklas’s sister and her children show up in Portland without notice needing his help and he has no idea how to get through the events that are going to take place in his immediate future as well as down the road and he is trying to figure it out so he does not derail all the progress he’s made. So he turns to his friend Jessica, who works for the Light the Lamp Foundation his teammate Liam created for addicts seeking her help. She's is willing to assist however she can but her past makes her less than enthusiastic in taking on any relationship with a man who has only been clean for less than and a year and a half after years of addiction. I found the growing love between Nicklas and Jessica (as well as the children) to be very deeply affecting.
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
All of the books in the Portland Storm series have had emotion in them, but none more so than Comeback. This book will make you break out your box of tissues, but it's one that will leave a lasting impression long after you've read the last word. Nicky Ericsson has been battling demons for years. It's no secret to those around him that he's dealt with addiction that caused problems in both his personal life and his hockey life. Throw in the excruciating death of his father and you had the perfect storm. Just as Nicky is getting his life back on track, his sister shows up from Sweden with her three children in tow along with a secret she's been keeping from Nicky for years. One that will change everyone's lives forever. Jessica Lynch works with the Light the Lamp Foundation and because of the fact that Nicky plays for the Storm, but more importantly because of the additions he's battled, he wants to get more involved with the causes the foundation supports, which means he's going to be a much bigger part of her life. She's instantly attracted, but her past makes her less than enthusiastic to take on another relationship, let alone one with a man who has just gotten clean after years of addiction. When Nicky and Jessica are brought together under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable, the couple has to determine what their relationship really is. Are they friends? Are they more? Do they want to be more than friends? And, how do you navigate the uncertain waters of family complications while in a new relationship? Catherine Gayle has created one of her most memorable books in Comeback. We experience highs, lows and terrible loss, along with moments of hilarity and lightheartedness. It's no secret this is one of my favorite series around and I'd not only highly recommend Comeback, but all the others that came before it as well.
KikiD870 More than 1 year ago
As always, this is a book that brought me to tears.  As much as I love a good hockey book, this series is about so much more than that.  They are emotionally charged characters going through real issues.  Those issues aren't prettied up and softened, but shown in all their raw, gritty reality. This new book focuses on the Storm's Swedish goalie, Nicky Ericsson, who sidelined his own career because of his grief and subsequent addictions.  Now he is struggling not only to come out on the other side of that, but to regain his place on the team and the trust of his fellow players.  He is living his life day to day when, out of nowhere, his sister and her three young children show up, literally on his doorstep.  It is in that moment that he discovers that his world is about to change dramatically and he turns to his friend Jessica, who works for the foundation his teammate created for addicts, Light the Lamp. This is a story that must be experienced to be fully appreciated so there are key plot points I don't want to touch on for fear of spoiling that experience.  Nicky's struggles are palpable and he doesn't always handle himself well.  If he had sailed through those struggles with only a moderate amount of hardship, I would have hated it.  But his struggles were real, dark and hard to overcome and very realistic.  Jessica, too, has her own struggles with addiction, albeit in a very different way.  Her story was filled with as much struggle and angst as Nicky's, their stories weaving together beautifully! There are moments of humor, of love, of acceptance, of sadness, of heartbreak.  This is a book that tells a real story and all the emotional messiness that comes with life.  This is a big part of the reason that I have loved this series so much! Things to love...    --The author's detailed hockey knowledge    --The strong emotional pull of the stories and the characters    --The portrayal of the team as a real family    --The fact that nothing is sugar-coated    --That we still see bits and pieces of the stories of the other characters from past (and future) books My Recommendation:  Read the first  8 Portland Storm books (5 books and three novellas), and then run, run, run to get this one.  These stories are fantastic!!