Comfort Ye My People: The Church's Mandate Toward Israel and the Jewish People

Comfort Ye My People: The Church's Mandate Toward Israel and the Jewish People

by Martha J. Smith, Dr Martha J. Smith


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"The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference."

Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, Author and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

The predominant attitude over the past 1,700 years among Christians toward Jews has been both indifference and hatred. The decision of the First Nicaean Council to abandon the traditional Christian Passover for Roman Easter began the divorce of the church from its Jewish roots. This decree was followed by an onslaught of Jewish suffering at the hands of Christians: the "blood libel" fallacy, the Inquisition, Martin Luther's invectives against the Jews, countless pogroms in the name of Christ, and the formation of the "German Evangelical Church" (the puppet church which Hitler used to create an "Aryan" version of Christianity, devoid of its Jewish roots). This resulted in the murder of over six million Jews in the Holocaust while the majority of the Church silently watched. The Church's legacy throughout the centuries is covered with innocent Jewish blood. In this treatise Dr. Smith explores:

  • Anti-Semitism in the Church from the time of the Emperor Constantine to the present
  • Eye-witness accounts by Jewish Holocaust survivors and leaders of the Resistance
  • Current threats to Israel and the Diaspora due to an upsurge of anti-Semitism
  • The roots and consequences of "replacement theology" in the church

"Comfort Ye My People" is a source book for information on anti-Semitism in Church history and in the world today, as well as a spiritual analysis of implications arising from the divorce of Christianity from its Jewish roots. A commissioning is offered to those who would receive it to "Comfort my people" - to support and to speak out for the welfare of Israel and the Jewish people.

"A must read. . .This is the "definitive" book to be read in the times in which we live to be fully aware . . . of what is happening (and has happened) behind the scenes.."
Ardoine Clauzel, Attorney at Law, Author and Co-Director: Étoile du Matin Ministries, France

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