Coming Home: A Return Journey to Place and Self Through the Iowa Woods

Coming Home: A Return Journey to Place and Self Through the Iowa Woods

by Maureen Clarke


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Freshly retired, Maureen Clarke was desperate for an Adventure. One that would send her past her comfort zone but not send her to her death. Returning to her home state of Iowa after a 15-year absence, she set off on a 33-day trek across Iowa to discover its hiking trails. But this would be no ordinary journey: She was 58-years old, she would be taking this trip alone, and she would be pitching a tent. What’s so unusual about this? She had never been camping before, never so much as pooped in a porta-pot. Her survival skills were, at best, non-existent. As she wandered the miles of trails, she marveled at the beauty of the state she had missed so much, gleaned an amusing lesson learned from each day, and sought to regain her self-worth after a 38-year embittered career. Join the author on her adventure through the Iowa woods where she finds solace in nature, learns once again to appreciate the simple things in life, and affirms that indeed, there is no place like home.

Maureen Clarke is the author of the novel, Love’s Sweet Haunting. She currently resides in West Des Moines, Iowa and continues to pursue her passions of writing, hiking, and traveling.

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ISBN-13: 9781545640203
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Pages: 218
Sales rank: 542,736
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