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Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory (Punctuation Workbook, Elements of Style)

Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory (Punctuation Workbook, Elements of Style)

by Ellen Feld
Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory (Punctuation Workbook, Elements of Style)

Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory (Punctuation Workbook, Elements of Style)

by Ellen Feld


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Guide for Grammar, Voice, and Sentence Structure

“If you're going to have one grammar book on your shelf, make it this one!” —Dani Alcorn, COO at Writing Academy and cofounder of Writer's Secret Sauce

#1 New Release in Writing, Research & Publishing Guides, Composition and Language, Grammar Reference, Semantics, Vocabulary Books, Study & Teaching Reference, Reading Skills, and editing

Comma Sense by Ellen Feld is a style guide for all things grammar. Learn the rules of adverbs, punctuation, abbreviations, prepositions, and much more. Feld shows you how to write technically, professionally, and personally.

Grammar for everyone. Master English grammar with Ellen Feld. Comma Sense goes above and beyond the average grammar book. Professional writers, students, novices, and experts can benefit from learning or relearning the basics of grammar and beyond: em dashes, parentheticals and parallelism, diction and logic, run-on sentences and sentence fragments, and more. Become a master of capitalization and punctuation, subjects and predicates, and contractions and possessives.

Test Your Knowledge. After every chapter, take a quiz to practice your new grammatical skills in this great grammar workbook. At the end of the book, a comprehensive test allows you to utilize all you have learned.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The basics of grammar and beyond
  • Tips for better writing
  • Terrific supplementary resources

Readers who enjoyed The Elements of Style; Actually, the Comma Goes Here; The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation; or The Perfect English Grammar Workbook will love Comma Sense: A Guide to Grammar Victory. Workbook will love Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642507256
Publisher: Mango
Publication date: 01/18/2022
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,119,029
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ellen's interest in grammar ignited way back in 1980, when she started teaching developmental writing at the College of Staten Island (CUNY). Quickly realizing how much she didn't know, she studied the student textbook, learned and loved the language of grammar, and brought it into play in the classroom. Through the decades, Ellen has worn a variety of editorial hats, including newspaper reporter and copy chief, personal essayist, website reviewer, and developmental editor. She is the creator/instructor of online grammar refresher courses with more than 45,000 enrolled learners, the author of the children’s storybook Paragon and Jubilee, and the inventor/maker of a humane dog-training harness. As a dedicated vegan, Ellen uses no animal products in the many food-based grammar examples you'll find in this book.

Table of Contents

Learning Goals
Chapter 1: Parts of Speech
Chapter 2: Mixed-up Words
Chapter 3: Contractions and Possessives
Chapter 4: Subjects and Predicates
Chapter 5: Sentence Fragments
Chapter 6: Run-on Sentences
Chapter 7: Standard Verb Forms
Chapter 8: Pronouns
Chapter 9: Agreement
Chapter 10: Shifts in Person, Tense, and Structure
Chapter 11: Clarity, Concision, Diction, and Logic
Chapter 12: Capitalization and Punctuation

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