Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies

Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies

by Commander X


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Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies by Commander X


To commemorate the release of Commander X's first video - THE SECRET UNDERGROUND LECTURES OF COMMANDER X (now available on Amazon) -- we have simultaneously published this volume containing the best material on the "far out" conspiracies that are going around in the conspiracy underground. These are NOT your "normal" cover-ups, but some of the most incredible paranoia you will even encounter.

Do not read with the lights down low. Have your pet pit bull by your side for protection. Put out your UFO detector. Lock the windows. Bolt all the doors and get ready to read about:

* Pine Gap, Australia's Top Secret Underground Base (more secret than Area 51).

* What goes on inside the Secret Society of the Skull and Bones (stuff long time member George W. Bush won't tell you).

* The arrival of Planet X from the far end of the galaxy -- there's no where to hide from this baby when its about the come into Earth's orbit.

* Get the latest on Free Energy, NWO Anti-Gravity aircraft and Tesla Technology Big Brother is keeping to himself.

* Don't think David Icke is the only researcher out there talking about the Serpent Race and the Reptoids, and how they have been controlling our world for centuries. Too scary to even contemplate for most of us normals in "Disney World."

* Think you hear voices? Well you probably do as big brother attempts to pervert our thinking and confuse the hell out of us. Don't become a human zombie. Learn how to protect yourself.

* Think that Earth is one molten ball of fire on the inside? Where have you been my friend -- its hollow with a central sun (and even the famed explorer Richard Byrd wandered inside while exploring the poles), and the planet is also honeycombed with caverns inhabited by all sorts of creatures. Ask Richard Shaver who was down there with the Dero and the Tero. No this is not science fiction -- its the real thing dear friend.

Here is all the action with special chapters by...

* Tim Swartz - author, Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.
* Mark Hazlewood the man responsible for the Planet X scare.
* Brad & Sherry Steiger whose 100 plus books are in every New Age occultists library (Brad is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast radio).
* Branton, known for his Nazi UFO theories.
* Sean Casteel, author UFOS, PROPHECY AND THE END OF TIME.

Plus tons more stuff. Its lots of serious fun for every conspiracy buff (some of these nobody has heard of before), and its all in one large-size - 8.5x11 - book edited by the king of Conspiracies -- COMMANDER X.

So don't delay get this one today. . .before the NWO goons take it off the market.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781892062994
Publisher: Inner Light - Global Communications
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 10.40(h) x 0.30(d)

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