Commentaries on the Laws of England

Commentaries on the Laws of England

by William Blackstone


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ISBN-13: 9781534778702
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/20/2016
Pages: 228
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ANALYSIS. BOOK III.-OF PRIVATE WRONGS. CHAPTER I. Ur Tub Redress Of Private Wrongs ?? The Mere Act Op The Parties Page 2 to 16 1. Wrongs are the privation of right; and are, I. Private. II. Public 2 2. Private wrongs, or civil injuries, are an infringement, or privation, of the civil rights of individuals, considered as individuals 2 8. The redress of civil injuries is one principal object of the laws of England 3 4. This redress is effected, I. By the mere act of the parties. II. By the mere operation of law. III. By both together, or suit in courts 8 f. Redress by the mere act of the parties is that which arises, I. From the sole act of the party injured. II. From the joint act of all the parties 3 6. Of the first sort are, I. Defence of one's self, or relations. II. Recaption of goods. III. Entry on lands and tenements. IV. Abatement of nuisances. V. Distress -- for rent, for suit or service, for amercements, for damage, or for divers statu- table penalties, -- made of such things only as are legally distrainable ; and taken and disposed of according to the due courseof law. VI. Seizing ofheriota,

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