Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds. Vol 3

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds. Vol 3

by Jeremy Rosen


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Rabbi Jeremy Rosen considers himself a maverick. An Orthodox Jew, Rosen is unafraid to criticize his own people and religion when he sees the need. Nor is he willing to reject aspects of culture and life beyond Judaism if it means trapping himself in a restrictive "mental ghetto."

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds is the third collection of Rosen's insightful, wide-ranging thoughts on Jewish life and its relationship with the larger world. His essays reveal a moderate who is nonetheless deeply committed to his ideals. Rosen deftly jumps from discussions on feminism and current affairs to art, history, politics, and more.

While his primary goal is to celebrate Jewish life, Rosen recognizes that any culture has its limitations and failures. Firm in his belief that self-criticism is the duty of any thinking individual, he's quick to confront such failings in both Jewish leaders and Israel itself.

Rosen's eclectic interests shine though in his writing. He proves being a moderate does not preclude strongly held beliefs, whether he's considering aesthetics, history, Neanderthals, or humanity's capacity for goodness. He's informative, entertaining, and always ready for civil, intelligent discourse.

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ISBN-13: 9781985381445
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Publication date: 02/21/2018
Pages: 398
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About the Author

Born in the United Kingdom, Jeremy Rosen received his education at Cambridge University, where he earned a degree in philosophy, and at Mir Yeshivah, Jerusalem. He has worked as a rabbi, head teacher, and academic across the United Kingdom and Europe and now resides in New York City, where he serves as the rabbi of the Persian Jewish Center of Manhattan.

Rosen is married to Suzanne. He is the father of four and has seventeen grandchildren.

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