Common Nymphs of Eastern North America: A Primer for Flyfishers and Flytiers

Common Nymphs of Eastern North America: A Primer for Flyfishers and Flytiers

by Caleb J. Tzilkowski, Jay R. Stauffer Jr.

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Although the concept of “matching the hatch” has been central to flyfishing for 150 years, it has been used almost exclusively for dry flyfishing. With Common Nymphs of Eastern North America: A Primer for Flyfishers and Flytiers, Caleb Tzilkowski and Jay Stauffer Jr. take trout enthusiasts in another hatch-matching direction—to the year-round underwater nymph “hatch,” which, in most cases, constitutes 90 percent of trout diets.

Successful flyfishers have at least rudimentary knowledge of the organisms that artificial flies imitate. The relatively few and very best anglers are expert at identifying and imitating nymph appearances and habits. A major hurdle to becoming expert at nymph matching is overcoming two major limitations that make these animals difficult to locate, capture, and identify: first, nymphs live underwater, sometimes burrowed into the stream bottom, and second, many nymphs are nearly microscopic in size. Common Nymphs addresses those challenges by including habitat and life history information regarding the nymphs, tips for their identification, and representative high-resolution photographs of more than thirty types of aquatic organisms and their imitations.

In the seemingly saturated flyfishing literature, this book offers something truly groundbreaking. With state-of-the-art microscopy and their years of scientific and practical experience, Tzilkowski and Stauffer provide readers an innovative close-up look at identifying and imitating nymphs that have been historically underrepresented in the flyfishing and flytying literature.

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ISBN-13: 9780271074535
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Publication date: 09/21/2011
Series: Keystone Books
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Caleb J. Tzilkowski holds a PhD from Penn State University in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and is currently an aquatic ecologist with the National Park Service.
Jay R. Stauffer Jr. is Distinguished Professor of Ichthyology in the School of Forest Resources at Penn State University.

Table of Contents


List of Figures



1. Nymph Ecology

2. Caddisflies

Netspinner Caddis or Tan Caddis

Little Black or Fingernet Caddis

Green Caddis or Green Rock Worm

American Grannom Caddis and Apple Caddis

Case-Maker Caddis

Smokey Winged Sedge

Dark Blue Sedge

Autumn Mottled Sedge

3. Mayflies

Little Blue-Winged Olives

Mahogany Duns and Blue and Black Quills

Flatheaded Mayflies

Quill Gordon, Pink Lady, and Gray-Winged Summer Quill

March Brown and Gray Fox

Cream and Light Cahills

Hendricksons, Red Quills, and Sulphurs

Green and Yellow Drakes

Slate Drakes or Great Leadwings

4. Stoneflies

Green Stoneflies or Sallflies


Common Stoneflies or the Stones

Little Yellow Stoneflies

Eastern Giant Stoneflies

5. True Flies


Black Flies

Crane Flies

Horse Flies and Deer Flies

Snipe Flies

6. Hellgrammites and Other Arthropods





Appendix A: Caddisfly Attributes and Simple Fly Patterns

Appendix B: Mayfly Attributes and Simple Fly Patterns

Appendix C: Stonefly Attributes and Simple Fly Patterns

Appendix D: Dipteran Attributes and Simple Fly Patterns

Appendix E: Hellgrammite and Noninsect Arthropod Attributes and Simple Fly Patterns



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