Common Sense Doesn't Grow on Trees! The Law Lessons

Common Sense Doesn't Grow on Trees! The Law Lessons

by Aubergean

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Book 1 of 5 Getting It Together Series.
Length 9714 words / 52 pages.

Proven, effective Ancient Wisdom is passed down through these teachings. Learn to use your mind properly to avoid making dangerous and expensive mistakes bringing disasters into your life. In this oddity of time, with the economy crashing about and uncertainty making life and relationships seem tentative, many seek Spiritual development and yearn for a life that really works. You will learn to plant seeds of happiness, prosperity, love, and success and watch them grow. Your garden is certain to produce good for you in the new world you will create for yourself.

Aubergean proves a successful happy life can be created by proper use of Spiritual Laws governing the universe. In Book 1, Getting It Together Series, he happily gives you enlightening answers to awakening with Ancient Spiritual Laws. Understand and use them to expand your consciousness for a powerful magnificent life. He explains exactly how. Transformation takes a lifetime or two minutes–depends on your choices and use of the laws.

Shifting into inner hyper drive and how to reach your destination quickly is taught here. Right now, Aubergean reflects you begin your real life journey now and knows it will help the world transform one person at a time.

A free Meditation Guide is offered with Getting It Together Series.
Book 1 of 5. Length 9714 words / 52 pages

I'm almost 16 and was making bad choices causing trouble for me at school. My grandma gave me Common Sense Doesn't Grow on Trees for a birthday present. I learned a lot from the book about how to take responsibility to be a mature adult – there is no good or bad and only opinions make it so – think and it will appear. I liked the way the 100th Monkey works in my life and the stories I read about in the Law Lessons were really helpful. All spiritual law lessons helped me know how to use my thoughts and actions to create my life in a better way. Dean R.
I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve Aubergean as Editor of his writings. In his most profound manner, he conveys the necessary energy and wisdom to help others change their belief systems and make better lives for themselves. As grandmother to student Dean, my appreciation and high regard for the wisdom is heartfelt, knowing both the young and old age coming to this fountain of wisdom can learn and grow through individual study. The Getting It Together Series is for everyone and I am most grateful to be able to serve others on the path. Jan R.
"Remember that old movie My Fair Lady and the song asking, Why Can't Women Be More Like Men? That song sums up the human condition pretty well, as we attempt to figure out this age old topic.

Our reality is dualistic in nature. In our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup, both negative and positive polarities are present. Life drives us to integrate each quality of duality. All wayward human behavior stems from imbalances in polarities, while life pushes us to attain a level of perfection, whether we notice this goes on or not.

Men are magnetically opposite to women. Women are magnetically opposite to Men. So far so good. Men are said to be more left brained and use their intellect, while women are more right brained with more intuitive sense. That's not to say men don't have some intuition nor that women are not intelligent. Are you still with me?

OK, this little list will help you pick up on the conceptions that are in place on this thing called The Big Differences. Did I mention stereotypes? Men use their conscious minds and their will and are self directed to accomplish their tasks. Women access their subconscious minds and creative imaginations to get things done. Of course that's not to say…"

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BN ID: 2940013458727
Publisher: Mandala Benevolent Trust
Publication date: 11/11/2011
Series: Getting It Together , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

From a one room shack in Canada, without running water or plumbing, Aubergean, age 3, noticed he was different from others. His hard working parents had little time outside work, so Aubergean observed his siblings. At work with his Mother at a fruit cannery for 10 hours a day, he was still mostly alone. His silence served him well over the years.

His first job as a service station attendant was really about sweeping outside. Blisters interfered with his guitar-playing, so he recruited help and split his pay 3-ways – his first venture as an employer.

Early on, he had an innate sense of the mystical world of Spirit. Life has a mysterious way of fitting a man to his destiny, he says, and he moved on.
Eventually many attended his workshops on human behavior in finance and investment. Many mentors taught him to take responsibility for thoughts, words, and deeds. Mastering life’s lessons didn’t come easy and much was learned at the School of Hard Knocks.

Aubergean earned and lost several fortunes along the way. The illusion and importance of wealth serves the purpose of discovering life's purpose thus causing surrender to the soul and to a better way than chasing wealth.

His spiritual life became his passion. Over 30+ years, Aubergean mastered Meditation – Silence – Wisdom from Source – with 9 years spent in silence. The importance of meditation and its rewards remain the fulcrum of the Spiritual lessons he offers.

Be all that you can be, he writes.

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