Common Sense Rekindled: Rekindling the spirit of 1776 to arrest the Liberal Progressive ideology that seeks to fundamentally transform America's culture and Constitutional Principles

Common Sense Rekindled: Rekindling the spirit of 1776 to arrest the Liberal Progressive ideology that seeks to fundamentally transform America's culture and Constitutional Principles

by Ronald Meier


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In the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic primary, 83% of 18-29 year old voters preferred the avowed Socialist candidate. In a poll before the Iowa caucus, 78% of Democrats in the 18-44 age range preferred the avowed Socialist candidate. Many Americans sense a divergence between the direction the Constitutional Republic was designed to follow and the direction the nation has been following over the past 50 years.

Common Sense Rekindled calls out the causes of the pent-up frustrations of 21st century American Patriots over this divergence. More importantly, it provides common sense action steps for Americans who don't believe that a "fundamental transformation" is required for Americans to reacquire the attributes that have made America great over the past two centuries. Common Sense Rekindled provides America's patriots who believe that the Constitutional Republic must be sustained with the motivation and means to "return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear" when America was the land of opportunity and Americans knew they were passing a baton containing even greater opportunities to their children and grandchildren.

Political Correctness in the 21st century is causing many Americans to worry about the country our children and grandchildren will inherit. Many of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms have been eroded by federal regulations, by the courts, and by peer pressure from "politically correct" extremists, who engage in subtle but effective "tyranny by minority" to erode the core principles of the Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers. High federal debt, repressed religious freedom, financial security rather than financial opportunity, weakened defense, small business shackled with regulation, declining civic virtue, among other indicators of national malaise, erode America's character, the character that has served as a beacon of hope for tens of millions of legal immigrants from all over the world.

American citizens are in a Civil War over those principles, a war that has been incrementally waged by Liberal Progressives under the banner of "social justice" for half of our nation's existence. In the election year of 2016, the popularity of presidential candidates with little or no political experience demonstrates that a significant percentage of Americans have had enough of professional politicians and are ready for a return to citizen leadership and to core principles.

Those core principles are contained in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution. The core principles of modern-day Liberal Progressives are in direct conflict with America's core principles. Judeo Christian moral and civic virtue, virtuous citizens, federalism, limited government, checks and balances are among the characteristics of America's people and government that helped create America's exceptionalism. Liberal Progressive ideology, supported by the concept of political correctness to mute opponents to that ideology, has eroded all those characteristics little by little since the late 19th century. It is not yet too late, but the door continues to slowly close.

Two-hundred and forty years ago, just months before the Declaration of Independence was written, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet titled Common Sense. That pamphlet captured the pent-up frustrations of Colonial Patriots who finally had enough of the "Political Correctness" of 18th Century America; it stirred Patriots to action directly leading to the Declaration of Independence. Common Sense Rekindled recaptures the spirit of 1776 to lead discouraged citizens to a reinvigoration of America's core principles.

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Ron Meier is a student of America's history, culture, and founding principles. He is the 2014 Winner of Constituting America's Senior Essay contest and founder of the Forsyth County Georgia Patriot's Club which identifies history-focused scholarship contests that students can enter to earn awards, recognition, and scholarships. Ron is a West Point graduate and a Vietnam veteran.

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