Common Sense & The Middle East: Addressed To President Barack Obama

Common Sense & The Middle East: Addressed To President Barack Obama

by Rick Robison


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America faces its greatest challenge since the Cold War, with tyranny and terror rushing from the Middle East directly at us. President Barack Obama is now forced to confront a challenge that will either make or break his presidency, and be the linchpin of his presidential legacy.

9/11-style attacks are coming to the American homeland. Yet our President is not prepared.

A Middle East specialist, and former US Diplomat, Rick Robison, provides the President with critical inside information that apparently he has either not received, or has ignored.

As reader, however, YOU are drawn into this fascinating narrative offered directly, and respectfully, to our Commander-In-Chief, one that has the potential of impacting your life, your job, and your financial security for years to come. This is intelligence you need.

These are the stakes that COMMON SENSE & THE MIDDLE EAST addresses in its 190-plus fascinating and informative pages. It is a one-of-a-kind book created specifically for a new and dangerous world we are now entering.
What Readers are saying:
"I've never before seen such a creative format for a current events book. It reads fast and furious, but always entertaining, offering a genuine inside look into the dangers facing America from the Middle East today. More so, it offers answers. Thank you, Rick Robison!"
"The Chapter (5) on Male Virility was priceless to me. Too bad our leaders appear clueless regarding this critical element coming out of the Middle East. As Rick Robison so skillfully proves, our lack of will to fully confront this modern evil is endangering us all. For in the end 'the truth shall set you free.' Now I understand what that actually means."

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ISBN-13: 9781535110815
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/04/2016
Series: Smartest In the Room Series , #1
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

-Rick Robison joined the Foreign Service in the early 1980s as a U.S. Diplomat and Arabist. He served in Arabian Gulf Nations during the Iran-Iraq War, and later during the Gulf War served in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
-In 1991, he assisted the Gulf War Task Force, serving in the Persian Gulf region during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
-Following the Gulf War, Rick resigned from the government, but returning to the Persian Gulf region as a consultant to help these nations rebuild, and teach the principles of personal liberty, success, and entrepreneurship.
-He is a popular speaker at conventions, on talk shows, at universities, and before a variety of professional groups. He was president of Fortress International, Inc., training the US military and private companies on how to succeed in the challenging Middle East environment.
-Today he heads Fortress1699, LLC, ( a Middle East business and security consulting group, operating in all areas of the Middle East and North Africa.
-Mr. Robison is the author of multiple books (see his list on Amazon), and has been published in: Common Conservative magazine, The American Ideological Society of Philadelphia magazine, Intellectual Conservative magazine, Foreign Trade magazine, and Safari.
-He was hired by Remember My Service/Storyrock, Inc. to author the 25th Commemorative book The Liberation of Kuwait: Honoring the Veterans of Desert Storm, published in 2016, a high-end, coffee table-style commemorative hardbound book, which also included a feature-length documentary on DVD.
-He was inducted in as "Honorary Base Commander" of Hill Air Force Base (2006-2007) for his work with the military, and prominence in the business community.
-In the 1970s, he received a Bachelor's Degree, and later a Master's Degree, in the Arabic Language and Middle East Area Studies, receiving an Arabic language scholarship.
-He attended the American University In Cairo, Egypt, completing an Arabic Language degree.
-The insights he offers are backed by decades on the inside of Middle Eastern culture and international corporate America. He provides perspective, more importantly discernment, molded while working on the ground in the Turkish, Arab, Israeli, & Iranian Middle East. His window on the world is unique, providing valuable information for all Americans at this critical time.

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