Communication A.D.D.: A Biblical Perspective for Effective Communication

Communication A.D.D.: A Biblical Perspective for Effective Communication

by Dr. Angelina DaSilva


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With the hundreds of ways to communicate in the modern world, it seems ironic that people are failing to adequately hear each other. Conflict, strife, and discouragement in relationships are the results of a fundamental breakdown of communication professionally and personally. In Communication A.D.D.: A Biblical Perspective for Effective Communication, Dr. Angelina DaSilva teaches you an easy way to implement techniques that greatly increase your ability to communicate with positive results. In this book based on Biblical principles, Dr. DaSilva challenges you to listen before you speak, to speak with the other person’s feelings in mind, and to respond rather than react. By implementing three simple steps, communication becomes easy, effective, and non-threatening, thereby strengthening marital and parental relationships, fostering better work environments, and developing an overall sense of peace and satisfaction in all areas of life. This book will not only benefit you on an emotional level, but it will work to increase your faith by teaching you the ultimate plan for your life through God’s Word. It is an inspirational guidebook designed to help you navigate the rough and often confusing waters of malfunctioning communication so that you can avoid the fallout that dysfunctional communication patterns create. By using the Communication A.D.D. techniques, you will become a better spouse, a better parent, and a better worker simply because you’ve learned how to communicate on a higher level.

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ISBN-13: 9781490863764
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 01/15/2015
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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