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COMMUNICATION CONNECTION: Enrich Communication in your Marriage and Family

COMMUNICATION CONNECTION: Enrich Communication in your Marriage and Family

by Ellen Dean


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Everyone cares about communication. Meaningful communication connects people together and is vital to relationships. Communication is especially important in marriages and families. Communication is the magnetic quality that attracts people to each other and the glue that holds hearts together.

Communication is one of the best gauges of how spouses and family members feel cared for and valued. Confidence in how to talk together, express thoughts and emotions and how to understand each other is foundational to growing loving marriages and relationships. The good news is that everyone can improve as a communicator.

Positive communication builds trust and wellbeing. Affirming communication in marriages and families is an important foundation for deepening relationships and providing joy. Constructive communication enables expressing ideas and feelings with the assurance of mutual esteem. It enables conflicts to be resolved in ways that strengthen and renew relationships.

Communication Connection was written to enrich marriages and families. Learning how to communicate appropriately and growing in communication skills gives relationships the commitment of love and grace. It enables individuals and couples to establish a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Ellen Dean is a seasoned Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. She is Biblically certified and brings the hope and truth of God’s Word, the Bible, into her counseling and writing. Her experience with numerous couples for many years helps her understand the needs and desires in marriages and families.

Communication Connection includes practical principles, helpful insights and applicable tools to improve and strengthen the communication in marriages and families. It is filled with engaging case studies and examples that draw the attention of the readers, connecting them to practical life applications. Readers can identify with the examples and understand how to apply the principles.

Communication Connection includes the importance of how positive communication helps gain a hearing and declare love and acceptance. Understanding how to say things in the best way makes relationships appealing. Methods and avenues of communication provide a broad scope of creative ways to share information and emotions.

Remembering the basics of listening, rhythm and flow of conversations invite others for meaningful exchanges. Using words that build up, affirm and express appreciation energize healthy interactions. Communicating through serving, kindness, and compassion provide joy in relationships. Resolving conflicts respectfully builds trust, hope and healing in relationships.

Committing to avoid destructive communication provides an atmosphere of emotional safety. Hurtful communication results in devastating effects for a long time and should be eliminated. Knowing useful tools and techniques helps people avoid snags and enables positive movement and understanding.

A magnificent display of God’s communication is the heavens declaring the glory of the Lord. God’s beautiful creation shows His power, order and creativity.

The most amazing communication was when God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to earth proclaiming His love for us. Jesus Christ alone offers forgiveness for sins, abundant life now and eternal life forever to all who choose to accept Him as their personal Savior.

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