Communication Theory

Communication Theory

by C. David Mortensen (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781412806794
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/30/2007
Pages: 477
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.06(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

C. David Mortensen is professor of communication science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a member of the Center for Communication research located there. He has also taught at Bethel College and the University of Washington. His specialty is writing monographs on the subjects of communicative difficulty, problematic interaction, and conflict. His books include Problematic Communication, Miscommunication, and Human Conflict: Disagreement, Misunderstanding, and Problematic Talk.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Transaction Edition     ix
Preface     xxi
Introduction     xxiv
The Translation of Human Events     1
Communication: The Context of Change   Dean C. Barnlund     6
The Mathematics of Communication   Warren Weaver     27
Feedback   Theodore Clevenger, Jr.   Jack Matthews     39
A Transactional Model of Communication   Dean C. Barnlund     47
Social Perception and Appraisal   George J. Simmons   J. L. McCall     58
Some Tentative Axioms of Communication   Paul Watzlawick   Janet Beavin   Don Jackson     74
The Symbolic Significance of Behavior     81
Social Interaction in Everyday Life   Peter L. Berger   Thomas Luckmann     86
The Nature of Symbolic Interactionism   Herbert Blumer     102
Symbolic Strategies   Sol Worth   Larry Gross     121
Facial Engagements   Erving Goffman     137
When People Talk with People   John C. Condon, Jr.     164
Language Within Language   Albert Mehrabian     182
Communication Without Words   Albert Mehrabian     193
Defensive Communication   Jack R. Gibb     201
The Structure of Communicative Acts     209
Communication Boundaries   Erving Goffman     213
Turn-taking in Conversations   John M. Wiemann   Mark L. Knapp     226
Visual Behavior in Social Interaction   Phoebe C. Ellsworth   Linda M. Ludwig     246
Hand Movements   Paul Ekman   Wallace Friesen     273
The Significance of Posture in Communication Systems   Albert Scheflin     293
Communicative Silences: Forms and Functions   Thomas J. Bruneau     306
The Intersubjectivity of Understanding     335
Understanding Ourselves   Michael Polanyi     339
Interaction and Interexperience in Dyads   R. D. Laing   H. Phillipson   A. R. Lee     345
Intersubjectivity and Understanding   Alfred Schutz     358
Elements of the Interhuman   Martin Buber     364
The Environment of Communication     379
Communication: The Flow of Information   Daniel Katz   Robert L. Kahn     382
The Medium Is the Message   Marshall McLuhan      390
Intercultural Communication   Edward T. Hall   William Foote Whyte     403
Adumbration as a Feature of Intercultural Communication   Edward T. Hall     420
Man at the Mercy of Language   Peter Farb     433
Postcript     450
Index     451

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