Communication Your Key to Success

Communication Your Key to Success

by Shirley & Lester Taylor, Alison Lester


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ISBN-13: 9789812616753
Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2010
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents


Assess Yourself

1 Why is Communication Important? 1

Don't take communication skills for granted 2

Every day, all day, we are communicating 3

Why do you need effective communication skills? 4

Communication in an ever-changing workplace 5

What makes a great communicator great? 8

Benefits of effective communication 10

The five stages in the communication cycle 11

The dangers of not communicating well 14

Star Tips for understanding effective communication 17

2 Communication Starts with you 19

Being likeable helps 20

Let's start at the very beginning 21

Authenticity 24

The 3 C's of developing likeability 27

Other ways of developing better relationships 34

The importance of timing 37

Star Tips for becoming a better communicator 39

3 Listening 41

Why listen at all? 42

Obstacles of effective listening 43

Basic differences between a good listener and a bad listener 45

How would you rate your listening skills? 45

Four ways of listening 47

Listening to open doors 50

Developing your door-opening skills 54

Activate your active listening skills 55

Practice your paraphrasing 56

Star Tips for effective listening 59

4 Speaking-The Message Itself 61

Speaking to the understood 62

Clarity in your message 63

Structuring your message 64

Informal conversations 64

Formal situations 67

In the beginning was the word, and the word was easy to misunderstand (aka Choose your words with care) 70

Magic words to use often 74

Star Tips for planning a well-structured and effective message 75

5 Speaking-It's not Just What You Say, It's Also How You Say it! 77

Vocal clarity 78

You say potato, I say potahto 78

Four steps to increasing vocal clarity 79

Touch up your tone 80

Emotional excess 82

Vocal hazards 83

Facial clarity 85

What is your body saying? 87

Body language bloopers 89

Do I look communicative in this? 91

Star Tips for using the right tone and body language 93

6 Assertiveness and You 95

What's your type? 96

Risks and costs of each behavioural type 99

How assertive are you? 102

Basic behaviour for assertiveness 103

The 3 F formula 105

Using the 3 F's 107

The 3 F's in practice 108

Empathy 110

Incorporating emotion into our communication 112

Star Tips to enhance your assertiveness 115

7 Telephone Skills 117

Why use the telephone? 118

How to upset people on the telephone 119

How would you rate your telephone skills? 121

Touch up your telephone manner 123

"Hello" and other weak telephone language 124

Take pride in your telephone professionalism 126

Techniques to remember when using the telephone 127

Voicemail 129

When is it better not to call? 130

Star Tips for better telephone communication 131

8 Communicating in Teams 133

Everyone's on the team 134

'Silo' mentality 134

The 3 C's of effective teamwork 136

Communicating from the start 137

The rules of the game 138

Help yourself by helping others 139

Positive thinking and productivity 140

The positive role of negative thinking 142

Star Tips for improving team communication 145

9 Communicating Across Cultures 147

What is culture? 148

Ethnocentrism 149

Stereotyping 149

I know what I heard, but I'm not sure what you said 152

Prejudgement is often proved wrong 153

Understanding where people are coming from 154

I know what I said, but I'm not sure what you heard 155

The world is in your office 158

Star Tips for communicating across cultures 159

10 Dealing With Conflict 161

Conflict is very damaging 162

Watch for signs of conflict 163

Seven deadly sins of dealing with conflict 164

Seven secrets of success in dealing with conflict 165

Conflict resolution in practice 167

A five-step process for conflict resolution 171

Dealing with team conflict 174

Conflict resolution brings many benefits 178

Star Tips for dealing effectively with conflict 179


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