Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth: Poems by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth: Poems by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

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ISBN-13: 9781935952732
Publisher: White Cloud Press
Publication date: 10/20/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 64
File size: 401 KB

About the Author

Carolyn Brigit Flynn is the editor of Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women and The New Story: Creation Myths for Our Times. Her poems and essays have appeared in literary journals, newspapers and anthologies.

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And What They Have Stammered Since Are Fragments Of Your Ancient Name

Now comes the sacrament: I never knew you.
What they uttered in Latin and robes
on the marbled altar before me
was only a whiff, the faint scent
of something real.

It made me hungry,
made me lean into an unnamable place.
Outside the painted walls
and stained glass windows,
you were waiting
upon that branch.

Then I turned.
You were everywhere,
and could not be contained,
even by wing, earth, sky–
and the only words to speak you

were yes, yes, yes.

Table of Contents


All Becoming Has Needed Me
And What They Have Stammered Since Are Fragments Of Your Ancient Name
No Miracles, Please
May What I Do Flow From Me Like A River
I Returned to Paint Upon the Altars
If My Hours Had Opened in Ease
A Little Space In Which To Grow
You, the Great Homesickness We Could Never Shake Off
Let Every Pious Gesture Be Overarched With Splendor
Am I Within the Rock
Now I Am Still and Plain
I Want to Gather You Up Again
You, God, Who Live Next Door
I Am Sometimes Like a Tree Rustling Over a Gravesite
It Is My Mind That Will Fashion and Set the Last Pieces In Place
And God Said to Me, Write
We Will Not Be Herded Into Churches

My Branches Rest In Deep Silence
Even When We Don’t Desire It, God is Ripening
I Would Make You a Lavish Banquet
Flowers Along the Tracks, Shuddering
I Want to Utter You
I Will Make Music
Driving Recklessly Where They Once Drove Slow
And Melted Down Into Machines
Let No Place In Me Hold Itself Closed
You Hear Me Again
I Wish Sometimes That You Were Back Inside Me
What Chose You Is the Great Desire
Have You Never Yearned
I Know You Are All Alone in That Room

I Thank You
But Now I See You
When I Am Scattered Again in City and in Fear
None of the Vast Events that Move Around You
But The Dark Embraces Everything
Stone, Be Forever!
Only With Our Doing Can We Grasp You
The Other Surrounds My Loneliness With Angels
Give Each of Us Our Own Death
And Serving Earth, Lest We Remain Unused
What Will You Do, God, When I Die?
I Would Rather Sense You As the Earth Senses You
You Are the One Who Comes After
You Come And Go
A Great Presence Stirring Beside Me
I Love You, Gentlest of Ways
I Thank You, Deep Power
Who Will Overcome You Is Working in Silence
Awakening Desire

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