Communion Ecclesiology: Vision and Versions

Communion Ecclesiology: Vision and Versions

by Dennis M. Doyle
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Orbis Books

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Communion Ecclesiology: Vision and Versions

In this penetrating new study Dennis Doyle notes that scholars as diverse as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Edward Schillebeeckx have been quoted as saying that "communion ecclesiology" is the most basic way to characterize the nature of the church. Yet the term has often been caught up in the divide between left and right in a polarized church. Doyle shows that the notion of communion among God's people and between them and the triune God is a doctrine that allows for both solid, this-worldly community and a fundamental sense that the Church is essentially rooted in and convoked by God.

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ISBN-13: 9781570753275
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Pages: 195
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.16(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Vision and Versions1
Common Ground, Contrasting Approaches3
Dangers and Limitations5
Carving Out a Historical Trajectory7
1What Is Communion Ecclesiology?: Images and Dimensions11
A Web of Interwoven Relationships12
Reductive Distortions, Corrective Images, and Dimensions14
Dimensions and Models18
Various Versions19
Frameworks of Inclusion20
2Communion and Modernity: Johann Adam Mohler and Friedrich Schleiermacher23
Four Points of Basic Agreement25
Four Points with Some Overlap Yet Strong Differences28
Apologetic Yet Ecumenical33
The Later Mohler35
3Communion, Mystery, and History: Charles Journet and Yves Congar38
Journet: Overturning the Neo-Scholastic Model40
Congar: Mystery and History46
Different Paths to the Council52
Journet's Continuing Presence52
4Communion, Paradox, and Multi-Dimensionality: Henri de Lubac56
Paradox and Mystery57
Catholicity as Radical Inclusivity59
Multi-Layered Relationships63
Handing on Mohler's Legacy70
5Communion and the Council: Karl Rahner and John Paul II72
Communion in the Documents73
Rahner: Vatican II as the Self-Actualization of the Church as a World Church78
John Paul II: Vatican II as a New Advent79
John Paul II's Ranking of Important Developments of the Council80
The Council and Preparations for Celebration81
6Communion and Theological Method: Karl Rahner and Hans Urs von Balthasar85
Rahner on Human Self-Transcendence and God87
Rahner's Limitations88
A Practical Ecclesiology89
Rahner, de Lubac, and Communion Ecclesiology91
Balthasar and the Way of Love94
Can It All Fit Together?100
7Communion and the Common Good: Joseph Ratzinger and the Brothers Himes103
Part IAreas of Convergence
Five Positions Taken by Both Ratzinger and the Himeses104
Part IIAreas of Divergence
Divergences Concerning the Characterization of Modern Thought111
Divergence Concerning Communion Ecclesiology112
Divergence Concerning the Common Good114
8Communion, Reform, and Liberation: Hans Kung, Leonardo Boff, and the CDF119
Kung's Contribution to Communion Ecclesiology120
Kung's Deficiencies121
Boff's Contribution to Communion Ecclesiology124
Boff on Mary and the Trinity126
The CDF on "Some Aspects" of Communion Ecclesiology127
The CDF Critique of Boff131
Is the CDF Right about Boff?132
9Communion on the Borders: Elizabeth A. Johnson and Roberto Goizueta137
Elizabeth A. Johnson's Catholic Feminist Approach138
A Balthasarian Critique and Appreciation of Johnson139
Roberto Goizueta's U.S. Hispanic Catholic Approach143
Comparison with Liberation Theology143
Some Parallels with Balthasar146
Points of Comparison with the CDF's Statement148
10Communion and Ecumenism: Jean-Marie Tillard, John Zizioulas, and Miroslav Volf151
The Patristic Vision according to Tillard152
The Patristic Vision according to Zizioulas156
Volf's Free Church Version of Communion Ecclesiology161
Volf, the Episcopacy, and the Papacy163
A Shared Vision of the Shared Vision?166
11Touchstones for the Vision: Beyond Selective Readings of Vatican II168
The Cultural Context of U.S. Catholicism169
Theological Diversity and Frameworks of Inclusion172
Five Touchstones for the Vision175
Communion Ecclesiology and Church Renewal178

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