Community, Commons and Natural Resource Management in Asia

Community, Commons and Natural Resource Management in Asia


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Community, Commons and Natural Resource Management in Asia by Haruka Yanagisawa

Managing the commons—natural resources held in common by particular communities—is a complex challenge. How have Asian societies handled resources of this sort in the face of increasing marketization and quickly growing demand for resources? And how have resource management regimes changed over time, with state formation, modernization, development, and globalization?

Community, Commons and Natural Resource Management in Asia brings clarity, detail, and historical understanding to these questions across a variety of Asian societies and ecological settings. Case studies drawn from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, and Bhutan examine fisheries, forests, and other environmental resources held in common. There is a tendency to imagine that traditional communities had socially equitable and environmentally friendly systems for managing the commons, but natural resources in Asia were often under free-access regimes. Resource management developed in response to social and economic pressures, and the state has been at various times both a beneficial and a negative influence on the development of community-level systems of managing the commons. The chapters in this volume show that a simple modernist framework cannot adequately capture this process, and the institutional changes it involved. 

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ISBN-13: 9789971698539
Publisher: Nus Press Pte Ltd
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 264
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Part I: Population Increase, Resource Scarcity, Agricultural Risk and Local CPR  Management Systems
Chapter 1 Introduction
Haruka Yanagisawa
Chapter 2 Deforestation and Agricultural Productivity in Chosŏn Korea in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Wooyoun Lee
Chapter 3 Communal Land Formation and Local Society in Rural Thailand
Shinichi Shigetomi
Village Communities and “Publicness” in Northern India: Self-Governance of Common Property Resources and the Environment, 1803-2008
Minoti Chakravarty-Kaul
Part II Local Communities: Structure, Changes, and Relations with the State
Chapter 5 Historical Changes in Communal Fisheries in Japan
Yukata Suga
Chapter 6 South Indian Village Common Land in Transition: Including a Comparison with the Japanese Case
Haruka Yanagisawa
Part III: Environmental Policies, Emvironmnetalism, and Local People
Chapter 7 Changing Policies toward Common Land in Modern Thailand
Atsushi Kitahara
Chapter 8 Challenges from “Buddhist Environmentalism”: Environmental Policies and Pastoralists in a National Park in Bhutan
Mari Miyamoto

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