Community, Market and State in Development

Community, Market and State in Development


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ISBN-13: 9780230274587
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 11/03/2010
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 321
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

KEIJIRO OTSUKA is Director of GRIPS/FASID Joint Graduate Program at the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development in Tokyo, Japan. He is the current president of the IAAE, and the senior adviser to DG of IRRI from 2008. He has published eleven co-authored and co-edited books and more than 85 articles in leading economics journals.
KALIAPPA KALIRAJAN is Professor of Economics in the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University, Australia. He is advisor and visiting professor to the GRIPS-FASID Joint Graduate Program from 2009, and he has published twelve authored, co-authored and co-edited books and more than 125 articles in refereed economics journals.

Table of Contents

Preface PART I: AN OVERVIEW Community, Market, and State in Development: An Introduction; K.Otsuka & K.Kalirajan Crossing Borders: A Tribute to Yujiro Hayami; G.Ranis Pushing Frontiers of Development Thought; C.David PART II: ROLE OF STATE The Role of the Government in Facilitating TFP Growth during Japan's Rapid Growth Era; S.Aoki, J.Esteban-Pretel, T.Okazaki & Y.Sawada Development Performance across Indian States and the Role of the Governments; K.Kalirajan, S.Bhide & K.Singh The Role of Traditional Chinese State and the Origin of Modern East Asia; D.Ma Government Distortions to Agricultural Prices: Lessons from Rich and Emerging Economies; K.Anderson The Human Capital Basis of the Japanese Miracle: A Historical Perspective; Y.Godo PART III: STATE TO COMMUNITY Community Governance and Public Goods Investments in China's Villages; R.Luo, L.Zhang, J.Huang & S.Rozelle Poverty, Politics, and Projects under Community Participation in Zambia; Janvry, H.Nakagawa & E.Sadoulet Political Competition and the Impact of Local Governance on Pro-Poor Programs; P.Bardhan & D.Mookherjee Promises and Realities of Community-Based Agricultural Extension; G.Feder, J.R.Anderson, R.Birner & K.Deininger PART IV: COMMUNITY AND MARKET The Community Mechanism of Contract Enforcement: What are the Differences between Rural Communities and Industrial Clusters?; K.Otsuka & T.Sonobe The Transformation of Hayami's Village; J.Estudilo, Y.Sawada, K.Kajisa, N.Fuwa & M.Kikuchi Recent Developments of Agricultural Markets in East Africa; T.Yamano, Y.Kijima, T.Matsumoto & M.Muto Private Sector Industrialization in China: Evidence from Wenzhou; J.Strauss, E.Y.Qian, M.Shen, D.Liu, M.Majbouri, Q.Sun, Q.Ying ,& Y.Zhu The Role of Markets for Managing Agricultural Risks in Developing Countries; P.Hazell

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