Companion Akshaya Patra Series Shem Ha Mephoresh Meditations on the Great Name - Hardback Black and White Text Collector's Edition

Companion Akshaya Patra Series Shem Ha Mephoresh Meditations on the Great Name - Hardback Black and White Text Collector's Edition

by Signet IL Y' Viavia: DANIEL, Daniel Schmidt


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This B&W Text Hardbound Collector's Edition of the Shem Ha Mephoresh Meditations on the Great Name is a Companion to the Akshaya Patra Series Book entitled Moral Destiny [Volume One Book Two Part One of the series].

Our consciousness invokes or evokes its living powers or properties through the powers of Kundalini through sound syllables.

These elements are nearly impossible to control except thru the goodness or righteousness of man and the certain power of perfect reason and knowledge of its goodness, truth, peace, and kindness. [These are controlled and moved by the powers hidden in the sounds of letters in thought, mind and vitality as the measure of the alphabet.

This alphabet is the Word of God, and the key to the art that is lost. These are energies moving through the subtle energy streams that extend through the nervous systems and brain and the fire of the breath and hair. God is everywhere.

These are the powers of the Aelohim, or those energies that give you life and existence. They are intimate parts of yourself. They appear in creation as Time and Superconsciousnes in the state of bliss, love or eternal happiness. These powers are supremely intelligent and self-creating. They are the first form and power of the miracle. They are not impressed by arrogance or the lack of humility.

You want to have a good life, free of disease-a life of sanity, peace, and prosperity. Goodness honors this, given the proper opportunity. It is the simple matter of respect.

These powers of the Shem-ha-Mephoresh are universal agencies that drive themselves thru the spirit of man. They are not the exclusive rights of anyone. As one can imagine, they deserve and desire the respect of absolute authority as the divine creative powers that silently serve us in creation. These, like those of Archangelic Forms imaginable thru our imagery, are unbelievable intelligent powers that generate the energies of everything existing in time and space destined for the good of Man.

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ISBN-13: 9781946479464
Publisher: Daniel Howard Schmidt
Publication date: 01/20/2017
Series: Companion , #5
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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