by Christine Berger


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Well known to her fans on FaceBook, Christine began writing around age fifty, never having picked up a pen (or keyboard) before that. As a practicing witch for 26 years, and a practioner of eclectic spiritual paths through her lifetime, from Buddhism to Golden Dawn, writing provides her with a safety valve for emotional release and a way of sharing for a strong introvert.

"There are words in the English language that are very rich in meaning, one of them is the word Companion, which I have titled this book.

To me it covers the range from the Holy Guardian Angel, the Higher Self, teachers, guides, friends, even Deities that help me walk my talk in this lifetime. In addition, I love Josh Whedon's Companion, who was lover, counselor, and wise woman combined with true elegance and grace.

All of these meanings have play in this book, which I am dedicating to Aphrodite, that aspect of the God who has not to date given me a name, but is represented as He speaks in the book, and the Companions of the world who give their lives to Love.

In my personal life, it has been the healing in intimate relationships which has been the hardest to come by and had the greatest impact upon me.
I am deeply grateful to all those who have loved and been loved by me. You make my life sweet when everything else feels like it is falling apart.

This book is dedicated to Aphrodite and the God who has appeared in many forms, as well as all Companions, wherever they may be in the Verse."

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