A Companion to the Roman Army / Edition 1

A Companion to the Roman Army / Edition 1

by Paul Erdkamp
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A Companion to the Roman Army / Edition 1

Ancient Rome was a highly militaristic culture, at war almost annually throughout the period of the republic. The expert contributors to this volume delve into this culture, offering an extensive account of the Roman army, from its beginnings to its transformation in the later Roman Empire. Taking account of the latest scholarly and archaeological research, they examine the recruitment, training, organization, tactics, and weaponry that contributed to Rome’s effectiveness as a fighting machine.

The volume recognizes that, as a military force, the Roman army functioned in a landscape and was an integral part of Roman politics and society. The contributors therefore also explore the ecological, economic, social, and political factors that help to explain the characteristic features of the army and its development over time, covering such topics as: demography and manpower, the army as a community, the religions of the soldiers, the emperor as military commander, and veterans in society.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781405121538
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Series: Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World Series , #25
Pages: 600
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.96(d)

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations     x
Notes on Contributors     xii
Abbreviations of Reference Works and Journals     xvii
Abbreviations of Works of Classical Literature     xxii
Introduction   Paul Erdkamp     1
Early Rome     5
Warfare and the Army in Early Rome   John Rich     7
The Army and Centuriate Organization in Early Rome   Gary Forsythe     24
Mid- and Late Republic     43
Army and Battle During the Conquest of Italy (350-264 BC)   Louis Rawlings     45
The Age of Overseas Expansion (264-146 BC)   Dexter Hoyos     63
The Late Republican Army (146-30 BC)   Pierre Cagniart     80
War and State Formation in the Roman Republic   Paul Erdkamp     96
Roman Manpower and Recruitment During the Middle Republic   Luuk de Ligt     114
Military Command, Political Power, and the Republican Elite   Nathan Rosenstein     132
Colonization, Land Distribution, and Veteran Settlement   Will Broadhead     148
Army and General in the Late Roman Republic   Lukas de Blois     164
The Empire (Actium to Adrianople)     181
The Structure of the ImperialArmy
The Augustan Reform and the Structure of the Imperial Army   Kate Gilliver     183
Classes. The Evolution of the Roman Imperial Fleets   D. B. Saddington     201
Battle, Tactics, and the Emergence of the Limites in the West   James Thorne     218
The Army and the Limes in the East   Everett L. Wheeler     235
Strategy and Army Structure between Septimius Severus and Constantine the Great   Karl Strobel     267
Military Organization
Military Documents, Languages, and Literacy   Sara Elise Phang     286
Finances and Costs of the Roman Army   Peter Herz     306
War- and Peacetime Logistics: Supplying Imperial Armies in East and West   Peter Kehne     323
Army, Emperor, and Empire
The Roman Army and Propaganda   Olivier Hekster     339
The Army and the Urban Elite: A Competition for Power   Clifford Ando     359
Making Emperors. Imperial Instrument or Independent Force?   Anthony R. Birley     379
Soldiers and Veterans in Society
Military Camps, Canabae, and Vici. The Archaeological Evidence   Norbert Hanel     395
Marriage, Families, and Survival: Demographic Aspects   Walter Scheidel     417
Recruits and Veterans    Gabriele Wesch-Klein     435
The Religions of the Armies   Oliver Stoll     451
The Late Roman Empire (up to Justinian)     477
Warlords and Landlords   Wolf Liebeschuetz     479
The Foederati   Timo Stickler     495
Army and Society in the Late Roman World: A Context for Decline?   Michael Whitby     515
Army and Battle in the Age of Justinian (527-65)   Hugh Elton     532
Index locorum     551
Index     555

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