Comparative Archaeologies: The American Southwest (AD 900-1600) and the Iberian Peninsula (3000-1500 BC)

Comparative Archaeologies: The American Southwest (AD 900-1600) and the Iberian Peninsula (3000-1500 BC)

by Katina T. Lillios (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781935488262
Publisher: Oxbow Books
Publication date: 03/18/2011
Pages: 312

Table of Contents

Comparative Archaeology: Archaeology's Responsibility (Timothy Earle)
Bridging Histories: The Archaeology of Chaco and Los Millares (Stephen H. Lekson and Pedro Diaz-del-Rio)
The Southwest, Iberia, and their Worlds (Stephen H. Lekson)
Labor in the Making of Iberian Copper Age Lineages (Pedro Diaz-del-Rio)
Bridging Landscapes (Peter N. Peregrine and Leonardo Garcia Sanjuan)
The North American Postclassic Oikoumene: AD 900-1200 (Peter N. Peregrine)
Transformations, Invocations, Echoes, Resistance:The Assimilation of the Past in Southern Iberia (5th to 1st Millennia BC) (Leonardo Garcia Sanjuan)
Bridging Bodies (Ventura R. Perez and Estella Weiss-Krejci)
Rethinking Violence: Behavioral and Cultural Implications for Ancestral Pueblo Populations (AD 900-1300) (Ventura R. Perez)
Changing Perspectives on Mortuary Practices in Late Neolithic/Copper Age and Early Bronze Age Iberia (Estella Weiss-Krejci)
Bridging Gender (Marit K. Munson and Rui Boaventura)
Gender, Art, and Ritual Hierarchy in the Ancient Pueblos of the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico (Marit K. Munson)
Bodies in Motion: Implications of Gender in Long-Distance Exchange between the Lisbon and Alentejo Regions of Portugal in the Late Neolithic (Rui Boaventura)
Bridging Art (Jill E. Neitzel and Sara Fairen Jimenez)
Mixed Messages: Art and Leadership in the Late Prehispanic Southwest (Jill E. Neitzel)
Sites, Practices, and the Social Landscape of Rock Art in Mediterranean Iberia during the Neolithic and Copper Age (Sara Fairen Jimenez)
Conclusions (Katina T. Lillios).

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