Comparative Succession Law: Volume I: Testamentary Formalities

Comparative Succession Law: Volume I: Testamentary Formalities



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ISBN-13: 9780199696802
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 12/17/2011
Pages: 500
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A qualified solicitor, Kenneth Reid has taught at the University of Edinburgh since 1980. He was appointed to the Chair of Property Law in 1994 and to the Chair of Scots Law in 2008. From 1995 to 2005 he served as a Scottish Law Commissioner, where he was responsible for a major programme of reform of land law, which was implemented by legislation.

Marius de Waal is Professor of Private Law at the University of Stellenbosch. His main fields of interest are the law of succession and the law of trusts, on which he has written a number of textbooks, including co-authoring the the fifth edition of Honore's South African Law of Trusts (Juta 2002, with Edwin Cameron, Basil Wunsh and Peter Solomon).

Reinhard Zimmermann is a Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg and is Chairman of the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities Division of the Max Planck Society. He is the author of numerous books on comparative law and legal history, including The Law of Obligations (OUP, 1996) and The New German Law of Obligations (OUP, 2005).

Table of Contents

Preface x

List of Contributors xii

List of Abbreviations xiii

1 Testamentary Formalities in Roman Law Thomas Rüfiier 1

I troduction 2

II chaic and pre-classical law 3

III assical law 5

IV st-classical law 18

V Conclusion 25

2 Testamentary Formalities in Early Modern Europe Nils jansen 27

I Introduction 27

II Wills and codicils 33

III The forms of will 35

IV Internal formalities 46

V Conclusion 49

3 Testamentary Formalities in France and Belgium Walter Pintens 51

I Introduction 52

II Historical development 53

III The modern law 55

IV Holograph wills 57

V Public wills 62

VI Secret wills 64

VII International wills 65

VIII Registration 68

IX Procedure after death 69

X Conclusion 70

4 Testamentary Formalities in Spain Sergio Camara Lapuente 71

I Introduction 72

II Historical background 73

III The modern law 77

IV Open wills 79

V Closed wills 82

VI Holograph wills 83

VII Special wills 85

VIII Shared features 86

XI Internal formalities 90

X A shift from formalism 91

XI Concluding remarks 92

XII Appendix: the laws, of the Autonomous Communities 93

5 Testamentary Formalities in Latin America with particular reference to Brazil Jan Peter Schmidt 96

I The Latin American background 97

II Wills and will-making 98

III Public wills 101

IV Sealed wills 104

V Private wills 105

VI The fate of the holograph will 108

VII Extraordinary wills 110

VIII Further aspects 114

IX Court practice and the flight from formalism 117

X Concluding remarks 119

6 Testamentary Formalities in Italy Alexandra Braun 120

I Historical introduction 121

II Wills and will-substitutes 122

III Holograph wills 126

IV Notarial wills 130

V Special wills 134

VI International wills 136

VII Evaluation 137

VIII Defects of form 138

IX Conclusion 140

7 Testamentary Formalities in the Netherlands Wilbert D Kolkman 142

I Historical overview 143

II Types of will 147

III Evidence 161

IV Special features of testamentary formalities 164

V Adherence to formalities 170

VI Concluding remarks 173

8 Testamentary Formalities in Germany Reinhard Zimmermann 175

I Introduction 176

II Private wills in nineteenth-century Germany 177

III Holograph wills: principle and exceptions 180

IV The battle over holograph wills: travaux préparatoires of the BGB 182

V The holograph will and the courts (1900-35) 187

VI Another battle over holograph wills 193

VII Holograph wills today 197

VIII Public wills 205

IX Extraordinary wills 212

X The German experience: a general assessment 218

9 Testamentary Formalities in Austria Christiane C Wendehorst 221

I Relevant instruments and their practical significance 223

II Historical development 228

III Modern doctrine and court practice 237

IV Current debates and plans for reform 251

V Summary 253

10 Testamentary Formalities in Hungary Lajos Vékás 254

I Introduction 255

II Common requirements for wills 257

III Private wills 258

IV Public wills 265

V Oral wills for emergency situations 265

VI rLegal consequences of formal mistakes 267

VII Summary: relaxation of testamentary formalities 268

11 Testamentary Formalities in Poland Fryderyk Zoll 270

I Historical development 270

II The modern law 272

III Holograph wills 274

IV Notarial wills 277

V Allograph wills 278

VI Emergency wills 279

VII Recodification 281

12 Testamentary Formalities in Islamic Law and their Reception in the Modern Laws of Islamic Countries Nadjma Yassari 282

I Introduction 282

II Classical Islamic law 284

III Modern laws 295

IV Conclusion 303

13 Testamentary Formalities in England and Wales Roger Kerridge 305

I Introduction 306

II Formal wills: a history 306

III The Wills Act 1837 312

IV Incorporation by reference 316

V Wills statistics 317

VI Administration of estates 318

VII Preparation and registration of wills 321

VIII Forgery 318

IX Nuncupative wills 321

X Holograph wills 322

XI Alterations 325

XII Reform 325

14 Testamentary Formalities in Australia and New Zealand Nicola Peart 322

I Introduction 330

II Historical overview 333

III Wills of indigenous peoples 336

IV Special wills 337

V The current law 339

VI Power to dispense with testamentary formalities 249

VII Conclusion 349

15 Testamentary Formalities in the United States of America Ronald J Scalisejr 357

I Introduction 358

II Testamentary formalities 360

III Incorporation by reference and alterations 376

IV Conclusion 379

16 Testamentary Formalities in South Africa Marias J de Waal 381

I Introduction 382

II Historical background 384

III The scope of the Wills Act 385

IV The essential formalities 387

V Procedure after death 395

VI Condonation 395

VII Amendment 401

VIII Concluding remarks 402

17 Testamentary Formalities in Scotland Kenneth G C Reid 404

I Conveyances and testaments 405

II Seals, signatures, and witnesses 412

III The modern law 419

IV Form and formalism 429

18 Testamentary Formalities in Historical and Comparative Perspective Kenneth G C Reid Marius J de Waal Reinhard Zimmermann 432

I Wills and will-making 433

II Holograph wills 437

III Witnessed wills 444

IV Public wills 448

V Special wills 451

VI Shared features 455

VII The flight from formalities 462

VIII Some conclusions 468

Index 473

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