Compass Points - The Writers' Group Handbook: Getting the Best For and From Your Writing Group

Compass Points - The Writers' Group Handbook: Getting the Best For and From Your Writing Group

by Julie Phillips


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Over the past 15 years Julie Phillips has been and still is a member of many different groups and committees including: writing groups, Parent/Teacher Associations, local community campaign committees, Scout committees, School Governor Committees, various further education groups and nursing groups. She has probably seen it all when it comes to how groups work and how they can come off the tracks. With her experience and insider knowledge on how good groups function she has crammed all she knows about making groups work well into this book. She's done the leg work so you don't have to fall into the traps loitering within unsuspecting writing groups.

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ISBN-13: 9781782791386
Publisher: Compass Books
Publication date: 02/28/2014
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 105
Sales rank: 966,944
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Julie Phillips is a writer and author who has had many articles, short stories and poems published in both the UK and Australia. She lives in Telford, UK.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements x

Introduction: What A Writing Group Can Do For You 1

Why Form/Join A Writers' Group?

Chapter 1 What A Writer Wants 5

What Makes A Good Writers' Group?

Choosing The Right Group For You 8

Try Before You Buy 9

What To Avoid 10

Chapter 2 Right From The Start 13

Setting Up Your Own Writing Group

The Three 'P's

The Six 'W's 14

Money Matters 19

Taxing Times 20

What's In A Name 22

Chapter 3 Entertaining The Troops 25

Getting To Know You

Keeping Your Members Happy 27

You Can't Please Everyone All Of The Time! 28

Your Flexible Friend 30

Recruiting New Members 31

Read All About It! 32

Workshops 33

Get Out More: Trips And Retreats 35

Chapter 4 It's All In The Mind 41

The Psychology Of Groups

What Makes Groups Tick? 42

Work It To Your Advantage 44

Body Language 46

Chapter 5 Fame At Last 49

Sharing Your Group's Success

Getting Involved In Local Community And National Events 51

How To Be A Media Darling 52

Chapter 6 Festival Fever 55

Why Participate?

If You Want Something Done Right…

Setting Up 58

Things To Consider

Attracting Visitors 59

Post Mortem 60

Chapter 7 When Things Go Wrong 61

Bad Things Happen To Good Writing Groups

The Writers' Group Toolbox 63

Common Problems And How To Deal With Them 65

Chapter 8 Going International 69

Buddy Building

Moving/Holidays Abroad 70

Chapter 9 Online Options 75

Don't Be Shy! Which One?

Staying On The Right Side Of The Line 76

Getting Started 77

Chapter 10 Competition Challenge 79

To Run One Or Not To Run One? Getting Started

Why Run Your Own Competition? 81

Running Like Clockwork 82

Rules Are Rules 83

Chapter 11 A Change Is As Good As A Rest 87

20 workshop/activity ideas to keep your writing group inspired and motivated

Find Your Inner Child

Feely Boxes

Playtime 88

Genre Gallop Write Me A Line

Poetry Of Passion 89

Pick A Poem

Word Wrangler 90

Collage Me A Story

Pitch It To Me

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Word Detectives 91

Photograph Fanatics

Article Antics

Title Thrillers

Tickle My Funny Bone 92

Tour It

All Change

Musical Marbles

Character Chatter 93

Guess Who

Better Believe It Baby

Appendices 94

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