by Tate Jones


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From Competiholism: "In the course of our development work on competiholism, we invited Jim to review a draft version of a seminar presentation. We were interested in his professional assessment of the materials based on his background and years of expertise in marketing communications. . . . Jim did offer valuable insight and feedback for the materials, but an unexpected outcome included his own personal epiphany. His response to the materials came as a thunderbolt of recognition for patterns of his own behavior, those of his competiholic workmates and their manager and the interpersonal dynamics within his work group. He saw, through new eyes, the behaviors of the various individuals and the impacts that those competiholic responses had on the productivity of the group."
As their executive coach and career manager, my clients extended to me the privilege of sharing their intimate thoughts and feelings about their careers and professional relationships. Many of these client relationships have continued for many years, some until the present.
Having this insider's view of their relationships, I could find and develop solutions for them. It has been very satisfying to share their growth and understanding. This book allows its readers to enter into and develop their own understanding of the main problems with career success and personal growth.
It has been a wonderful experience to have watched my clients' success and happiness and their enthusiasm about extending this knowledge to their families and friends.
Tate Jones

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ISBN-13: 9781498481151
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 07/23/2016
Pages: 238
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