Complete Do- It -Yourself Human Resources Department, 2003 Edition

Complete Do- It -Yourself Human Resources Department, 2003 Edition

by Mary F. Cook



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ISBN-13: 9780735535640
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 02/26/2003
Pages: 736

Table of Contents

List of Forms
What This Book Will Do for You
2003/2004 Highlights and Trends
Chapter 1Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selection: Procedures and Forms
1.02Recruiting Has Gone Hi-Tech
1.03Recruiting Ads
1.04Using a Recruitment Advertising Agency
1.05Identifying and Recruiting the Best Workers
1.06Recruitment and Employment Routine
1.07The Applicant Forms
1.08Checking References
1.09Twelve Tips for Giving References
1.10Recruitment and Employment in the New Environment of Fear
1.11Making a Job Offer
1.12Seven Steps to Successful Selection
1.13Pros and Cons of Employment Testing Including Drug Testing
1.14Sample Interview and Selection Handbook: Key Instructions
1.15Other New Hire Forms You'll Need and Why You Need Them
1.16An Internal Job-Posting System
1.17Recruiting Persons with Disabilities--An Important and Underutilized Resource
1.18How to Save Money by Using Temporary Help
1.19Illegal Employment Practices
1.20New Employee Orientation
1.21Handling Relocation
1.22Sample Interview and Selection Handbook
Chapter 2Personnel Recordkeeping
2.02New Hire Reporting Mandatory
2.03Employee Information and Recordkeeping Requirements
2.04Payroll Procedures and Relevant Statutes
2.05Pay Terminology and Definitions
2.06Record Retention Requirements
2.07Maintaining Control of Staffing Levels
2.08Monthly Payroll Trend
2.09How to Figure Recruitment and Selection Costs
2.10Frequently Used Personnel Calculations, Formulas, and Tables
2.11Sample Human Resources Calculations and Reports
2.12Human Resources Department Audit
2.13HR Department Audit and Checklist
Chapter 3Regulatory Compliance
3.02Regulatory Update
3.03Overview of Key HR-Related Court Cases
3.04Key Federal Statutes Affecting Employment, Termination, EEO, Compensation, and Benefits
3.05Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
3.06Federal Guidelines on Affirmative Action
3.07Affirmative Action Plans
3.08Drugs, Alcohol, and the Workplace
3.09Employee Polygraph Protection Act
3.10What To Do When a Wage-Hour Investigator Calls to Announce a Visit
3.11Do You Use Independent Contractors? The IRS May Not Think So
3.12What You Need to Know About the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
3.13Posters Required by Federal Statute
3.14State by State Analysis of EEO Laws
3.15Complying with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
3.16Workers' Compensation
3.17Unemployment Compensation
3.18Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA)--Quick Reference Guidelines
3.19Personal Privacy and Employee Rights
3.20Workplace Injuries Under FMLA and ADA
Chapter 4Employee Communications
4.01Making the Personal Connection Is Important to Your Company's Success
4.02Communicating Through Corporate Intranets
4.03How to Start an Employee Newsletter
4.04Employee Handbooks
4.05E-Learning and Web Communications
Chapter 5Personnel Policies
5.02Keys to Successful Implementation of Personnel Policies
5.03Checklists for Personnel Policy Manual
5.04Fifteen Ways to Communicate Your Policies
5.05Personnel Policy Manual Key Instructions
5.06Guidelines for a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
5.07E-Mail and Internet Policy--Why You Need One
5.08Antiviolence Policy
Chapter 6Compensation and Benefits
6.02How Compensation Programs Are Changing
6.03How the 2001 Tax Cut Package Will Impact HR Managers
6.04Mergers Provide Employers with a Difficult Set of Pay Considerations
6.05Designing and Evaluating Your Compensation Program
6.06Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations: How to Choose the Best System for Your Company
6.07The DOs and DON'Ts of Writing Job Descriptions
6.08Understanding "Essential Job" Functions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
6.09Sample Statements That Can Be Used in Job Descriptions to Describe Physical and Mental Demands
6.10The Three Most Common Methods of Job Evaluation
6.11Making Job Evaluation Simple but Effective
6.12Model of Wage Grades and Rates for a Small Company
6.13Model Salary Program
6.14Pay for Performance and Performance Management
6.15Employee Benefits
6.16Using Independent Contractors (ICs)
6.17Wage and Hour Issues and the FLSA
Chapter 7Handling Discipline and Discharge
7.02Performance Improvement
7.03Determining Discipline and Discharge Policy
7.04Sample Discipline Policy
7.05Discipline and Discharge Forms
7.06Sample Letters on Discipline
7.07Preventing Discrimination Complaints
7.08Age Discrimination Claims
7.09Sexual Harassment
7.10Renewed Push for Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Chapter 8Safety, Accident Reporting, and Osha Regulations
8.02OSHA Update on Forms, Inspections, Citations, and Appeals
8.03New OSHA Forms
8.04Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Leading Violations
8.05Employer Obligations for Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness Under OSHA
8.06Guide to Compliance with the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
8.07Guide to Accident and Injury Reporting
8.08Glossary of Occupational Safety and Health Terminology
Chapter 9Labor Relations
9.02Key Issues in Labor Relations
9.03Retaining Union-Free Status
9.04What You Should Know About Plant Closings and Layoffs/Sample Labor Relations Letters
9.05Arbitration of Employment Disputes
9.06Outsourcing HR Functions
9.07National Guard Update for Employers
9.08Security Challenges and Labor Relations
9.09Violence in the Workplace
Chapter 10Personnel Checklists
10.0250 Ways to Save Money in the Human Resource Area
10.03Building Security Checklist
10.04Checklist for a Crises Management Program
10.05Employee Planning Checklist
10.06Checklist of Eight Uses for Temporary Help to Lower Payroll Costs
10.07Checklist to Use When Writing Recruiting Ads
10.08Applicant Interview Checklist
10.09Checklist of Questions You May Not Ask in an Interview
10.10Checklist for Use in Evaluating Interview or Appraisal Data
10.11New Employee Orientation Checklist
10.12Affirmative Action Planning Checklist
10.13E-Mail Policy Checklist
10.14Checklist for Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints
10.15Yearly Salary Program Checklist
10.16Merger and Acquisition Checklist
10.17Training and Development Checklist
10.18Checklist for Meeting your Training Needs While Saving Money
10.19Checklist for Developing New Communications Programs
10.20Checklist and Guidelines for Using an Outside Consultant
10.21Independent Contractor Checklist
10.22Checklist and Managers' Guidelines for Handling Drug or Alcohol Problems on the Job
10.23Checklist for Avoiding Litigation When Terminating an Employee
10.24Checklist for Use in Preparing for a Layoff
10.25Checklist of Security Activities
10.26Checklist for Maintaining a Safe Workplace
10.27Checklist for Establishing a Complaint or Grievance Procedure
10.28An ADA Checklist for Employers
Appendix ASample Personnel Letters and Memos
Appendix BSample Personnel Forms
Appendix CQuick Reference Resources

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