Complete Encyclopedia Of Needlework: Anniversary Edition

Complete Encyclopedia Of Needlework: Anniversary Edition



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ISBN-13: 9780762413188
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 09/28/2002
Edition description: BK&ACCES
Pages: 704
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

IPlain Sewing11
Flat seams16
Openwork seams and double seams18
Scalloped hem25
Sewing on cords, braids, and tapes25
Buttonholes and buttons26
Binding slits28
Ornamental stitches for underlinen30
IIThe Sewing and Embroidering Machine: Machine Sewing and Embroidering32
Care of the machine34
Embroidery and darning by machine36
Different kinds of embroidery and lace that can be worked with the machine36
Linen darning39
Darning linen with the sewing machine40
Twill darning41
Damask darning42
Invisible darning42
Invisible darning by machine43
IVEmbroidery on White Materials47
Embroidery stitches49
Buttonholed and overcast bars53
Different kinds of scallops55
Letters, alphabets, monograms, and coronets58
Narrow insertion, borders, and flower design in raised satin stitch75
Designs in Madeira work, broderie anglaise, and Renaissance embroidery77
Designs in Richelieu, Wallachian, and Venetian embroidery79
Borders in Danish Hedebo and Pique embroidery83
VLinen Embroidery85
Linen embroidery on counted threads87
Embroidery stitches87
Insertions and hems for embroidery100
Cross stitch border--Gothic design104
Cross stitch border in shades of one color--Chinese design104
Repeating design and border in cross stitch and line stitch--Roumanian designs104
Cross stitch border--Greek design106
Corner designs and border in line or double running stitch107
Allover design in diagonal lines in line or double running stitch108
Repeating design in cross stitch, double cross stitch, and line stitch109
Wallachian border110
Design in Assisi work110
Italian and Slovakian borders111
Coverlet in Moroccan embroidery113
Repeating design in Rhodes embroidery116
Floral design in triangular Turkish stitch118
Arab, Caucasian, and Hungarian borders119
Yugoslav and Bulgarian borders124
Loop stitch embroidery125
Embroidery on traced linen127
Embroidery stitches128
Borders in various stitches133
Flower motif in satin stitch133
Border and flower motif in satin stitch, stem stitch, and chain stitch134
Serbo-Croatian border134
Border and flower motif in Roumanian stitch135
Border in encroaching satin stitch and stem stitch137
Border in Roman stitch138
Bird in medieval embroidery, in Roumanian couching (figure stitch)139
Embroideries worked with braid142
Tambour crochet144
Spray worked in tambour crochet--Turkish style146
Maltese embroidery (candlewick stitch)147
Borders in Maltese embroidery149
VIEmbroidery on Silk and Velvet152
Border in unshaded satin stitch154
Borders and bouquet in one-sided and two-sided Chinese embroidery155
Border in shaded satin stitch or long and short stitch158
Sprays in needle painting159
Butterfly in needle painting160
Spray and border in knot stitch162
Small flowers in bullion or post stitch164
Allover design in Maltese cross stitch and chain stitch165
Oriental stitches, plaited stitch, mosaic stitch166
Border in Arab embroidery168
Motif in shaded Renaissance embroidery169
VIIGold Embroidery171
Different kinds of gold embroidery173
Border in gold embroidery with cord and spangles175
Insect and butterfly in Chinese style embroidery177
Border in pique embroidery178
Embroidered motif worked with laid threads and cord foundation180
Border and ground in Chinese style embroidery, with cord foundation, laid threads, and purl182
Allover design in fancy embroidery184
VIIIApplique Work186
Border outlined with cord189
Allover design and border with outlines in cord and ornamental stitching190
Applique border with outlines in flat stitch193
Allover design in applique work, with outlines in back stitch193
Cloth in braid applique193
Tapestry stitches198
Tapestry grounds207
Grounds in Hungarian mosaic stitch and Hungarian stitch209
Florentine stitch210
Grounds in medieval embroidery and half cross stitch212
Border in petit point213
Embroideries imitating Oriental carpets213
Chain stitch on canvas, knitting stitch, and knotted stitches214
Persian border in single knotted stitch217
Border in double knotted or Smyrna stitch220
Carpet design with border221
Casting on223
Reinforcing and repairing knitting238
Grounds in pique knitting243
Knitted strip and square for bedspread in pique knitting244
Single and double English knitting and Tunisian knitting249
Openwork knitted grounds251
Knitted laces259
Syrmia laces259
Knitted insertion263
Knitted lace with corner266
Knitted medallion269
Design for bedspread with knitted medallion and edging271
Crochet stitches and picots278
How to copy tapestry designs in crochet293
Bosnian crochet294
How to make a crochet square and octagon295
How to make a star on a plain ground296
Tunisian crochet stitches297
Square with raised dots in color299
Design for a cot cover worked in bands300
Hairpin crochet303
Insertion and edgings in hairpin crochet304
Laces worked on a foundation of beading and braid305
Crochet grounds309
Crochet laces311
Lace edging and insertion--imitation of guipure lace318
Insertion in Gros-Crochet322
Irish crochet lace325
Crochet chair-backs329
Crochet collar336
Stitches or knots and picots346
Detached scallops, joined scallops, and scallops with picots350
Tatted braids351
Edgings in tatting and crochet351
Braids in tatting and crochet357
Tatted medallions358
Design for bedspread in tatting and crochet361
Mounting the threads367
Bars of knots374
Narrow braid with bars376
Macrame fringes376
Macrame fringe with corner389
Macrame grounds391
Macrame insertions393
Braids made with macrame bobbins394
Macrame medallion401
Macrame edging with deep scallops402
Fringe with pointed scallops and tassels406
XIVFilet Lace409
Filet meshes410
Fancy filet413
Filet medallions415
Filet square, band, and frame416
Embroidery stitches on filet420
Star composed of laid threads and darned leaves422
Points, wheels, and diamonds425
Buttonhole star and darned corners427
Cloth or toile stitch surrounded with darning stitch and overcast stitch428
Flower in bullion stitch on a foundation of cloth stitch429
Buttonhole edging429
Cutwork in filet lace429
Filet lace grounds429
Darned filet lace insertion434
Squares in Richelieu filet lace and in filet lace with various embroidery stitches435
Filet lace grounds and border437
Filet lace squares, edgings, and insertion442
Square and edging in cut filet lace446
Design for insertion in German filet lace446
Embroidery on fishnet447
Insertion embroidered on fishnet--imitation of Richelieu filet lace448
Various borders embroidered on fishnet448
Embroidery stitches on fishnet452
Cushion embroidered on fishnet with filling stitches and braided outlines454
XVOpenwork on Linen455
Drawn thread work or single openwork (punto tirato)456
Hem stitching456
Four-sided or square openwork stitch459
Various ways of working drawn thread work or single openwork461
Various ways of crossing the groups of threads461
Various ways of knotting the groups of threads462
Various ways of embroidering over the groups of threads463
Drawn thread strip in three rows465
Openwork strip with threads crossed three times465
Openwork strips with clusters and needleweaving466
Persian openwork strips470
Openwork strips with wheels, in three rows, and with eyelets471
Openwork strip with bullion stitch rosettes and picots474
Making corners in openwork strips474
Making corners in openwork strips consisting of several rows475
Yugoslav openwork476
Ukrainian Myreschka and Prutik drawn thread work477
Spanish openwork480
Cut openwork (cut-and-drawn work--punto tagliato)481
Openwork grounds482
Band in cut-and-drawn work and flat stitch, and border in Norwegian Hardanger work488
Borders in cut-and-drawn work489
Small mat or tray cloth in Mexican openwork493
Afternoon tea cloth in Danish Hedebo openwork495
XVIEmbroidered Laces497
Dresden lace497
Damask stitches499
Drawn fabric grounds504
Drawn fabric grounds with embroidered motifs510
Dresden lace worked on a foundation of cambric519
Imitation of Dresden lace worked on soft congress canvas, with openwork ground520
Cushion in Colbert embroidery521
Net embroidery522
Openwork fillings, powderings, and insertion on net524
Repairing net528
Lace embroidered in darning stitch on net, with buttonholed edge529
Corner for a handkerchief--lace embroidered in darning stitch on net530
Limerick lace532
Laces embroidered on net532
Handkerchief corner in applique on net536
Carrickmacross lace537
Spanish laces. Embroideries in metal threads and colored luster threads538
Insertion in Spanish embroidery539
Square in Moorish embroidery540
Filigree lace542
XVIINeedlemade Laces545
Lace stitches548
Bars and picots549
Renaissance laces574
Motif in Venetian Point575
Needlepoint lace edging577
Reticella laces578
Danish Hedebo lace edging582
Brazilian and Spanish Sol laces583
Square in Teneriffe lace589
Knot stitch laces592
Knots and picots593
Insertion and edging in Italian punto avorio594
Arab laces--Chebka598
Turkish lace edging601
Albanian laces602
XVIIIPillow Laces604
Stitches or passees608

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Complete Encyclopedia Of Needlework: Anniversary Edition 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Mrelia More than 1 year ago
It says something about this book that it has been nearly continuously in print for over a century and is now available in electronic format. While there are a few branches of the needleworker's art not covered in this will find the basics of a wide variety of not only sewing and embroidery styles, but information on many nearly-forgotten styles of lacemaking. I can't recommend this book enough!