Complete Guide to Needlework

Complete Guide to Needlework



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ISBN-13: 9780895770592
Publisher: Reader's Digest Association, Incorporated, The
Publication date: 10/01/1979
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.28(d)

Table of Contents

Embroidery tools and supplies8
Designing for embroidery12
General embroidery techniques16
Embroidery stitches21
Finishing embroidered pieces54
Blackwork embroidery56
Cross stitch embroidery66
Huck embroidery70
Openwork/pulled thread embroidery74
Openwork/drawn threadwork78
Openwork/Hardanger embroidery86
Openwork/cutwork embroidery90
Machine embroidery98
Embroidery projects
Monogramming/machine embroidery103
Crewel picture104
Place mat and napkin/pulled thread106
Table runner/huck embroidery107
Cutwork embroidery on caftan108
Cross stitch for a child's dress109
Corded pillow/blackwork110
Needlepoint basics112
Needlepoint stitches118
Designing and working needlepoint162
Designing and working Bargello173
General working techniques183
Needlepoint projects
Initialed eyeglass case/Bargello186
Oriental-design footstool cover188
Man's belt189
Address book cover190
Applique basics192
Reverse applique201
Patchwork basics208
Preparing and sewing a block-unit patchwork218
Preparing and sewing a one-shape patchwork232
Quilting and quilts236
Quilting designs238
Basic quilting techniques246
Other quilting techniques252
Finishing edges257
Care of quilts261
Applique/Patchwork/Quilting projects
Man's patchwork vest262
Boy's coveralls/machine applique263
Baby quilt264
Cut-through applique wall hanging266
Patchwork floor pillow267
Quilted evening bag268
Knitting supplies270
Knitting basics274
Following knitting instructions286
Knitting stitches300
Knitting a garment324
Assembling and finishing342
Knitting projects
Aran-pattern pullover315
Man's pullover326
Children's sweaters and hats350
Sport socks352
Mittens and hat353
Evening skirt, top, and shawl354
Knitted trims for sheets and pillowcases356
Crochet basics358
Following crochet instructions366
Crochet stitches372
Crocheting a garment393
Assembling and finishing400
Crochet projects
Tote bag367
Three hats371
Irish crochet pillow top385
Woman's cardigan394
Needle lace404
Filet netting420
Bobbin lace426
Lace weaves435
Hairpin lace440
Lacework projects
Needle lace butterfly411
Shawl with tatted border418
Chinese folk design pillow top424
Bobbin lace-trimmed apron432
Woven lace place mat439
Hairpin lace shawl442
Introduction to macrame444
Basic macrame knots447
Additional techniques452
Macrame projects
Woman's macrame belt459
Window screen460
Hooking and knotting462
Preparing for and working a hooked rug470
Preparing for and working a knotted rug476
Finishing techniques480
Care of handmade rugs485
Projects using rug methods
Chair cushion494
Wall hanging495
Braided rug496

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Complete Guide to Needlework 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought my book back in 1989 and it has been a HUGE life saver as the illustration and written explanations are very clear for anyone to understand. I find myself referencing back to this book when I can't recall how to do a technique or when I want to review a stitch pattern in the knitting or crocheting portion of the book. It covers needles, different cast-ons. This book will remain on my bookshelf.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book when it first came out and have used it faithfully for over 20 years. Now I am purchasing it for my daughter-in-law so she can do the same. A truly amazing book. A stichery and needlework 'Bible'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My mother purchased this book for me 15 years ago and I have been using it ever since. I love the fact that it covers so many different areas. Using this book I have taught myself how to quilt, crochet, knit, & embroider. This book gives a very good foundation to start into any of the crafts listed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I checked this out at the library, now I want to own it. It covers any and all types of needlework, including macrome, quilting and tatting. All 3 of these are almost forgotten and unheard of now.
tygermoonfoxx on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This is an excellent reference and resource for all sorts of needlework crafts. It includes information on materials needed, alternate stitches, and the best materials for each craft.However, some of the instructions seem to assume prior knowledge of the craft and are unclear. No clear definition of abbreviations is provided, especially concerning crochet and knit stitches. Illustrations for stitching and diagrams are difficult to follow.
Kushana on LibraryThing 18 days ago
The projects aren't the most au courant but the instructions are clear and well-illustrated. Like similar Reader's Digest Guides on other broad hobbies, this book covers a lot of ground and gives a good sense of what is possible or what to try, next. Has an inviting and clear layout that many craft books would do well to copy.I use it to refresh my memory or to spend time with a craft book that isn't intimidatingly complex for its own sake -- or overwhelmingly complex in its comprehensiveness and detail. A good basic reference book when you look up from a pattern and think, "Wait, how do I ....?" Does not include sprang: most book don't.
aulsmith on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This is not a good book for learning to do any of these crafts, but once you find a book to teach you the basics this book is a tremendous reference guide. It has stitches, finishing instructions, designing techniques and projects. It also has a lot of out-of-the-ordinary sections. I have never seen as complete a lace making section anywhere else. Includes: embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, applique, quilting, patchwork, macrame, crochet, rug-making and lacework.
magst on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This book was really of no help to me what so ever... I have since found a much better book to help me with understanding crochet patterns.
TeresaInTexas on LibraryThing 18 days ago
This is by far the best one volume encyclopedia to needlework stitches. I taught myself how to needlepoint and crochet from this book. Everything is broken down into steps, helping a first time crafter to be successful. Also includes instruction for quilting, knitting, and embroidery.