The Complete Idiot's Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Looking and Feeling Younger

by Sallie L. Batson, Sallie Batson


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ISBN-13: 9780028639239
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 06/23/2000
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.08(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Here's Looking at You1
1Are You as Young as You Want to Be?3
Catch Those Early Signs4
Taking an Honest Look at Your Body4
How Well Are You?5
How Did It Feel to Take This Inventory?10
Was This BodyCheck Necessary? You Bet!12
2How Old Does Your Skin Look?13
Your Skin Says It All14
Signs of the Times14
What You're Looking For15
Facing Your Feelings About Aging20
You Can Turn It Around21
Does Your Makeup Age You?21
3What Does Your Mouth Say About You?25
A Close-Up Look26
Start with Your Lips27
The Mouth in Motion28
Open Wide28
Getting a Grip on Gums31
Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Ah!31
Breath Mint, Anyone?33
4The Ins and Outs of Eating35
What's on Your Plate?36
The Food and Energy Connection40
The Matter of Digestion41
The Process of Elimination42
5A Body of Exercise45
Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses46
The Three Keys46
Are You Exercising Enough?49
Physical Changes You Wish Hadn't Happened49
How Do You See Your Body?50
6Is Your Hair Your Crowning Glory?53
A Little Loss54
What Is Hair, Anyway?55
Is Your Hairdo a Don't?58
Part 2Taking a Look at Youth63
7Young Is as Young Thinks65
When You Were a Child66
What Society Says About Aging69
Turning Things Around69
8Living in Youthful Surroundings73
Are You at Home at Home?73
Be Like Sherlock Holmes75
Blitzing Room to Room78
Be Inspired by Your Home79
Detox Your Environment82
9Timeless Beauty85
The Self-Image/Self-Esteem Connection85
Must Self-Image Suffer as We Age?86
Honor Yourself88
Choosing a New Look for a New You88
Makeup Makeovers89
Updating Your Hair90
Dealing with Hair Loss94
10Dressing for Your New Age97
Is It Fashion or Style?97
What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?99
Defining an Ageless Look102
An Ageless Look of Your Own103
Time to Blitz ... Again103
All to the Mall104
Part 3Looking and Feeling Young with E.A.S.E.107
11E = Exercise to Feel Fit and Fabulous109
Where Do Children Get All That Energy?110
Keeping Up with Keeping Fit111
More Measures of Fitness112
Having Fun Yet?113
Fitness Trends115
If Classes Aren't for You115
12Bedcercise--the Lazy Way to Lifelong Flexibility119
Bed Exercises--Are You Kidding?120
Easy Does It120
Bedcercises for Flexibility121
13A = Attitudes That Keep You Young129
It Started in Childhood129
What Does "Old" Mean, Anyway?130
Age Is a Numbers Game130
Warped by Time132
Mind over Middle Age133
Speak Up!134
Caution: Negativity Ahead136
Hattie's Special Attitude Boosters136
14S = Skincare Means Treating It Right139
Our Skin Gets Short Shrift140
What Is Skin?140
Our First Defense140
Great Skin Is in Your Hands141
What It Takes to Have Great Skin142
Lotions and Potions and More144
Shedding Light on Sun Damage145
Make Your Skin Look Younger with Proper Care145
15Lift Your Face!149
Life Shows Up on Our Faces149
Facing Your Face150
Taking Your Face in Hand151
The Inside Story154
Exercise Your Face for Youth155
16E = Eating--It's a Weighty Matter161
Changes for a Lifetime161
What's Your Ideal Weight?162
Burning Those Calories164
Choosing Calories Wisely166
Teach Yourself to Slow Down167
Part 4Putting Youth on Your Plate169
17You're as Young as You Eat171
Changing Lifetime Habits171
It's Got to Taste Great172
What You Eat May Be Aging You172
Some Foods Are "Nonfoods"173
Breaking Free of the Myths That Age Us175
Clearing the Way180
18Food-Combining and Other Breakthroughs181
The Origins of the Health Food Movement181
Why Food-Combining?183
Simple Rules for Food-Combining185
Those SDNs186
A Dream Come True189
Rules in Restaurants190
19Food, Glorious Food!191
Let's Blitz Again192
The Truth About Protein194
Facts About Fats196
Fatty Acids Pack a Wallop198
Recipe Makeovers198
Read Labels for Youth200
Going Veggie201
20Supplementally Speaking205
Nutrients Once Came Naturally205
Turning to Supplements for Health206
Give Us the Edge209
Antioxidants: The Body's Youth-Builders211
Part 5Dear Doctor215
21Health Care to Stay Young217
What We Mean When We Say "Doctor"218
Reveal Your Feelings and Fears218
Making the Right Match218
What Your Doctor Wants to Know219
Your Body, Head to Toe224
Listen Up226
The Eyes Have It227
22Widening Your Health Care Horizons231
Where to Turn232
In Touch with Massage232
Chiropractic and Osteopathy Get Back to Basics235
"Like Cures Like"--Homeopathy236
Traditional Chinese Medicine236
Acupuncture Gets to the Point236
Consider These Options, Too237
23Mother Nature Has the Answers241
Since Time Began241
Foods, Herbs, and Spices for Life242
Water's for More Than Thirst248
Aromatherapy--Some Common Scents248
24Of Time, Teeth, and Cosmetic Surgery257
Time's Toll on Teeth258
Your Dentist Really Can Make You Smile258
Dr. Herman's Ten Rules for a Youthful Mouth261
Getting a Lift from Acupuncture263
Preparing for Plastic Surgery264
Part 6Living a Life You Love267
25Great Sex Has No Age269
Different, but Still Great270
The Good Old Days When Sex Seemed Simple270
Myths and Misconceptions271
Dealing with Male Dysfunction272
Is There Sex After Menopause?274
Honoring Your Body275
Playing Love Games275
Are Role-Playing and Domination for You?277
Communication Says It All278
Be Childish279
Don't Be Thin-Skinned279
Let Down Your Guard280
26Loving Yourself Through Time281
Tarnish on the Golden Years282
Reprogramming Yourself--It Takes Work286
Loving Yourself Back to Youth289
27Charting Your Future Youth291
What Lies Ahead?291
What Are Your Dreams?293
You're in Good Company295
Two Who Pursued Their Dreams295
What It Takes to Be Happy297
Clearing a Path for Your Future298
Creating a Life That Suits You299
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?300
Transcending Time301
AForces and Sources303

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