The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Law of Attraction

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Law of Attraction

by Diane Ahlquist


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ISBN-13: 9781592577590
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 06/03/2008
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 406,924
Product dimensions: 8.98(w) x 5.94(h) x 0.61(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Diane Ahlquist is a psychic counselor, author, and professional speaker. She has been used as an expert in her field for television, film, and literary projects, including The Blair Witch Project Dossier and Unsolved Mysteries. Diane is the author of Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want, White Light: The Complete Guide to Spells and Rituals for Psychic Projection, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction.

Table of Contents

The Universal Law of Attraction Defined and Demystified     1
There Ought to Be a Law ...     3
Ancient Universal Secret, Huh?     4
Sending Out the Vibe     4
Where Did These Ideas Come From?     5
Modern Lives Based on Long-Standing Knowledge     6
The Resurgence of Attraction Principles     7
Your Personal Power Source     7
Your Life, Your Creation     8
You Are What You Think     8
Change the Channel!     9
You Manifest Your Destiny     10
Universal Laws: Don't Violate Them!     13
The Law of Love     14
Acceptance     15
Breaking Old Patterns     16
The Law of Gratitude     16
The Law of Cause and Effect     17
Monica Needs, Winston Wants     18
Karma     20
Acting with Intent     21
Three Key Elements of Attraction     23
Ask for What You Want     24
Not the World Wide Web-The Universal Web     24
Loud and Clear!     25
Become a Believer     26
Step Back     26
Know It Will Come     27
Receive WithoutReservation     28
Can You Feel It?     31
You're a Magnet-Watch Out for Paperclips!     33
You're a Package Deal     34
Positive Pound Loss     34
Blaming Makes Things Worse     35
Rise and Whine?     36
Down the Drain     36
Stop in Your Tracks!     36
Want vs. Don't Want     37
Don't Worry (Much)     38
I Knew It!     39
Prescription for Anti-Pessimism     39
Congratulations ... I Hate You     40
From Thought to Words to Reality     41
No Emotion, No Attraction     43
Primer for Your Mind     44
Learn to Be Stern     44
Lose the Negative Excitability     45
What Goes Around Comes Around     45
Decide It, Believe It, Expect It     46
False Hopes Keep You Hoping     46
Test It Out     47
Partner Up with Your Gut Feeling     48
Record What You Want (and Why You Want It)     48
The Mind-Body Connection in Action     50
Dennis the Tennis Menace     51
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary     51
Don't Even "Think" About Giving Up!      53
What Do You Think You Want?     54
Be Careful What You Wish For     54
Set Your Own Course Before Someone Else Does     55
A General Goal Can Be Close Enough     56
Specifics May Be More Your Style     56
Your Life, Your Power, Your Decisions     57
I Think I Can!     58
Visualization and Affirmations     59
Useful Tools or New-Age Nonsense?     60
Visualizing a Positive Outcome     60
The Pros and Cons of Affirmations     61
How to Do an Affirmation     63
Release Yourself from Yourself     64
Talking Yourself into-or out of-Your Goals     64
Be Happy While Waiting for Happiness     65
Compassion Is the Fashion     67
Not Such a "Secret"     68
Love Your Neighbor     68
Is There Any Way Out?     69
Cruel to Be Kind     70
Empathy and Love Complete Your Intent     71
Show Some Compassion for Yourself     71
Methods for Including Compassion in Requests     72
Lack Attracts Lack     73
Your Turn!     74
Working Compassion into Your Life     74
What Goes Around Comes Around     77
Universal Appeals     79
First Things First     80
Say So Long to Your Old Methods     80
Every Positive Thought Gets You Closer     80
Neutral over Negative     81
Ask and You Shall Receive     83
Envisioning a Symbol     83
Tuning in to Your God     84
Your Inner Self     84
Create Your Own Method     85
What Are the Rules?     86
No Limits, but You Must Prioritize     86
Getting Rid of Mental Clutter     87
Never Too Late to Ask Again     88
Give It Time ... But How Much Time?     89
Evaluating Requests     91
Need vs. Greed     92
Want + Envy = Greed     92
Who Says Wanting Is Bad?     92
Don't Be Needy!     93
Is This Helping?     94
Go Ahead-Look Out for Number One!     94
Consider the Outcome     96
The Law of Attraction and Prayer     96
A Prayer from Meg Made a Difference     97
Weighing the Praying     98
Can Asking Come Back to Bite Me?     98
Ready, Willing, and Able      101
Mastering Communications with Your Energy Source     102
Leave Your Ego at the Door     102
How to Blow It with the Energy Source     103
Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy     106
Attracting Through a Physical Element     106
Tips for Receiving     107
Every Morning and Every Night     108
The Second Half     108
One Step Beyond     109
Gratitude All Day Long     110
Why Recent Desires May Come Faster     110
Child's Play     113
Children and the Law of Attraction     114
No Wonder He Cries!     114
What If We'd Been Raised on Positive Energy?     115
Old Souls Figure It Out     115
Open Vessels     116
Plant the Seeds Now!     117
Encourage Their Dreams     118
When to Reign Them In     119
Kid Talk     119
Methods for Introducing Positive Energy     120
Visual Aids Kids Can Relate To     120
More Happy Faces     121
Don't Say Don't     123
A Weekly Achievement Board     124
Fun Family Meetings: What Have You Attracted This Week?     124
People, Places, and Specific Intents     127
An Apple a Day and Positive Intent     129
Keep the Good Health Flowing     130
"I Never Get Sick"     130
Envision a Better You     131
Make Your Doctor's Job Easier     131
Stop Feeling Sorry for Me!     132
Loneliness Hurts     133
Too Much Solitude Leads to Ill Health     134
Purrrfect     134
See a Full Life     135
Stories of Recovery and Healing     135
I Only Thought I Was Sick     136
I'm Walking     137
Dora's a "Loser"     138
I Don't Have Time for Cancer     139
Your Relationships: Co-Creators of Your Reality     143
Romance     144
Blind Love     144
True Love and Energy     145
You Can't Begin Anew Without a Positive End     146
From Afar ...     147
Unrequited Friendships     147
Unrequited Business Relationships     148
Unrequited Love Affairs     149
Attracting Great Relationships     151
Negative Friends?     152
Feigned Support Affects Your Intentions     152
Like-Minded Friends Are Power Sources     153
Money, Jobs, and Careers     155
Finding the Right Line of Work     156
Your Current/Most Recent Work Situation     156
Bad Vibes in the Workplace     157
Advancing Your Career     158
A Day in the Life     160
Lessons Learned     162
Tips to Stay on Track     162
Upping Your Standard of Living     163
I've Got the Money, Honey     163
Plug In Your Intent     167
Buy It Now     168
An Outfit Before the Date     168
Gourmet Pots Before the New Kitchen     169
Computer Paper Before the Computer     170
Skinny Pants Before the Weight Loss     170
I Still Don't Buy It     171
Take Action     171
Pack Before Your House Sells     171
Celebrate Your New Achievement     173
Build a Two-Sink Bathroom When You're Single     174
See It and Make It Happen     174
Picture a Slimmer You     174
"See" Your Perfect Mate     176
Attracting Good Things to the Planet     177
"We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For"     178
Never Too Late to Undo the Negative     178
Obsessive Preparedness for Negative Acts of Nature: Helpful or Harmful?     179
Attracting Peace     180
Should We Stop Watching the News?     181
What If They Gave a War and Nobody Came?     182
How to Hold a Peace Rally (Hint: It's Not Simply Anti-War)     183
A Healthier Environment     184
"That Will Make You Sick!" ... but Only If You Say So     185
Take Action ... of Some Sort     186
Healing Rituals for Mother Earth     186
What the Native Americans Knew     187
"Comfort Food" for the Planet     187
Help!     189
How to Help Yourself and Others     191
Do Groups Attract More Quickly?     192
Emotions Fly, Attraction Weakens     192
The New Yorkers Team Up     193
One Prize, Many Vibes     195
How 'Bout Just Two People?     196
Best Friends, Worst Vibes     197
Coincide With Your Personal Energy Source     197
Help in Silence     198
Is Your Inner Source Agreeing You Should Help?     198
Include Others in Your Visions     199
Seek No Appreciation     200
The Law Isn't Perfect      203
Negative Vibes Will Still Come a-Knockin'     204
Making Up for Lost Time     204
The "Cancel" Method     205
When Intentions Backfire     206
Does the Law of Attraction Work for Evil?     207
Does This Come with a Guarantee?     208
Real People, Real Results     209
Marie's Recipe for Receiving     209
Henri Has It All Now     210
Common Misconceptions     211
Hey! Nothing Happened!     213
Let's Look Back     214
Deciding with Confidence     214
Believing with Emotion     215
Reception Without Doubt     216
The Law of Attraction Didn't Work for Me!     216
Saying "It Doesn't Work" Makes It So     216
Were You Trying Too Hard?     217
See the Signs     218
Don't Start Over, Start from Here     219
Read Your Daily Journal     219
Read Your Achievements     220
Not a Journal Keeper? It's Not Too Late to Begin!     220
Rework Your Plan     221
Why Timing Is Important     222
Making a Few Small Adjustments     222
Let Your Feelings Be the Decision-Maker      223
Glossary     225
Resources     229
Worksheet to Aid in Goal-Seeking     231
Index     247

Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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Complete Idiot's Guide to the Law of Attraction 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
birthmark74 More than 1 year ago
I did enjoy this book and I did find it useful and do recommend it, however, the book needs serious editing. A big tenet of the law of attraction is to word eveything in the positive, and the author ironically doesn't follow this rule. She talks about this rule, but breaks it throughout the book, which is sad and wrong. You can also tell the author is older because she uses outdated references and slang that younger people won't even understand. However, do buy this book, do fill out the worksheets and do master the law of attraction, it's the best thing you'll ever do.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is written very well, and is easy to understand... much better than the other LOA books I have... but should it bug me so much that BN has the wrong cover on the book?
TachaM More than 1 year ago
I own this book and i go back to it all the time its helpful but i need to get the secret something with more inspiration to keep me going I find myself going to the secret website which most of the time helps me more since i already understand the concept of the law of attraction .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is not a new one in this topic, but lays out about the LOA concepts pretty neatly. Ofcourse this is not for the ones who want the past to remain in control. Nothing scarier than letting go of what you think you know...or more promising.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jules4961 More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book in conjunction with the other books by Esther and Jerry Hicks regarding the teachings of Abraham. I wanted a "speed guide" if you will, as I had purchased the books and then realized that it may be a daunting task to read them all. This book provided just what I needed to get started and motivated. It is an easy read, concise and practical. It pulls out the main thoughts of the other books, yet leaves enough interest so that you really WANT to read the others. I have highly recommended this book to others who are interested in Abraham and use it as a starting point in my own explorations.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
echo1946 More than 1 year ago
Diane Ahlquist has written a concise yet comprehensive book on the law of attraction, which is easy to understand. I especially enjoy her sense of humor as well as the last chapter titled, "Hey, Nothing Happened." I found that she addressed all the "what ifs" I had concerning this subject, which essentially says that what you think about is what you get.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago