Complete Idiot's Guide to Trouble Free Car Care

Complete Idiot's Guide to Trouble Free Car Care


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ISBN-13: 9780028635835
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 08/01/1999
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.37(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1: Understanding Your Car 1(47)
How Cars Run: What Makes Them Go?
Cars are actually pretty stupid beasts of burden, so understanding how they work is easy.
Learning About Your Car: What Does What
Here's how to psychoanalyze your car's personality.
Using Manuals: Doing It by the Book
Any question you have about your car can be answered by the book.
Cars on the Internet
Learn more about your car and how to keep it trouble-free by going online.
Quarter-Million-Mile Car: Fact or Fiction?
You can keep your car on the road longer and at less cost with these easy-to-apply ideas.
Part 2: Maintaining Your Car 47(82)
Do-It-Yourself Maintenance, or Getting Your Hands Dirty
Sure you can! Ideas and techniques for maintaining your car, including the CAR Maintenance System.
Finding a Good Mechanic: Who Can You Trust with Your Car?
Finding and hiring qualified help when you need it---without taking on the national debt.
CAR Weekly Check Up
Stuff you can do every week to reduce repairs and keep your car happy.
CAR Quarterly Check Up
More stuff to do---and how to do it---to help your car run like new.
CAR Semiannual Adjustments
Step-by-step instructions for tinkering with your car every once in awhile.
CAR Yearly Replacements
Things to do for your car annually or every 12 months---whichever comes first.
CAR: Biannual Replacements
How to painlessly operate on your car for fun and profit.
Body and Interior Maintenance: Keeping Your Car All Spruced Up
Making your car look as good as it runs.
Part 3: Repairing Your Car 129(120)
Why Cars Don't Run: The Little Car That Couldn't
Just like people, cars have common ailments that can easily be cured.
Don't Shoot! Troubleshoot
How to diagnose your car's symptoms and figure out what to do about them.
Non-Nerd's Guide to Understanding Your Car's Computer
You don't have to wear horn-rim glasses and a pocket protector to be on good terms with the computer that keeps your car running smoothly.
Do-It-Yourself Repair Without Major Medical
Safe car repair is easy when you remember a few common sense rules.
Starting and Ignition System Repairs for the Clueless
Easy solutions to common starting and ignition system problems.
Performing Engine Surgery
How to transplant organs in your car's engine.
Fuel System Repairs: Fill 'Er Up!
Fearlessly finding and fixing fuel malfunctions.
Cooling and Lubrication System Repairs: Fixing a Hot Car
Common solutions to engine cooling and lubrication problems.
Transmission Repairs: Those Troublesome Trannys
How to solve problems with manual and automatic transmission systems yourself.
Steering and Suspension System Repairs: No More Swerves or Bounces!
Understanding and repairing common steering and suspension problems.
Brake System Repairs: Stop Ahead!
How to safely fix disc and drum brake systems so that you can count on them.
Electrical System Repairs: You'll Get a Charge Out of This!
Fix your car's lights, radio, and other electrical gadgets yourself and save a bundle.
Exhaust System Repairs: Fixing an Exhausted System
You can diagnose and repair common exhaust system problems with simple instructions.
Body and Paint Repairs: Giving Your Car a Makeover
Fenders of steel: bodybuilding and makeup for your car.
Appendix: Glossary of Car-Care Terms 249(10)
Index 259

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