The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wine and Food Pairing

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wine and Food Pairing

by Jaclyn Stuart, Jeanette Hurt


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A delectable guide that's in good taste.

The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Wine & Food Pairing will help readers find the perfect pairings beyond the truism of red going with red and white going with white, noting the similarities and differences in intensity, acidity, and sweetness of the wines in relation to the tastes of the cuisine.

•Includes a glossary, a master pairings list for more than 100 foods and wines, wine menus for special dinners, and wine and food resources

•Breaks down white, red, sparkling, and dessert wines into flavor profiles for pairing

•Matches wines with international cuisine

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781615640157
Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/2010
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jeanette Hurt is an award-winning writer and author, and has written for Wine Enthusiast, Gourmet, and Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel. Her book, The Cheeses of Wisconsin: A Culinary Travel Guide, took second place in the 2009 Midwest Travel Writers Mark Twain Awards for best travel guide.
Jaclyn Stuart is a certified sommelier with accreditations from the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. She has managed wine programs for numerous award-winning restaurants and is a wine educator, speaker, and consultant.

Table of Contents

Part 1 How to Taste 1

1 Wine and Food Pairing 101 3

The Big Three: Wine and Food Pairing Outcomes 4

Personal Preferences and Pairings: Degrees of Perfection 7

A Little Bit about History 8

The Modern Wine Dinner Phenomenon 9

2 Tasting Basics 11

The Eight S's of Wine Tasting 12

The Six N's of Food Tasting 14

Dissecting a Dish 15

Aromatic Aromas 16

White Wine 18

Red Wine 19

3 Enhancing the Wine-Tasting Experience 21

A Glass Is Just a Glass ... Or Is It? 22

The Four Basic Types of Wine Glasses 22

The Benefits of Crystal 23

Cleaning Your Wine Glasses 24

To Decant or Not Decant? 25

A Word About Wine Gadgets 26

Serving Temperatures 27

Part 2 Breaking It Down: Pairing Basics 29

4 White Wine's Flavor Profiles 31

How Body and Alcohol Affect Pairings 32

How Sweet It Is 32

An Acid Trip 34

Rosy-Cheeked Wines 35

Let's Get Pairing 36

Riesling 36

Chenin Blanc 37

Pinot Gris/Grigio 37

Gewürztraminer 38

Viognier 38

Grüner Veltliner 39

Albariño 39

Sauvignon Blanc 39

Pinot Blanc 40

Chardonnay 40

Dry Rosés 41

5 Red Wine's Flavor Profiles 43

How Body and Alcohol Affect Pairings 44

All About Tannins 44

Aging Gracefully 45

Oddly Sweet 47

Time to Get Pairing 47

Pinot Noir 47

Sangiovese 48

Tempranillo 48

Grenache 49

Cabernet Sauvignon 49

Cabernet Franc 50

Merlot 50

Malbec 51

Syrah/Shiraz 51

Petite Sirah 52

Zinfandel 52

6 Sparkling and Dessert Wines' Flavor Profiles 55

Bubble Up 56

From Sweet to Dry: Reading a Sparkling Label 58

Grape Expectations 58

Dessert Wines 60

Botrytized and Late Harvest Dessert Wines 61

Fortified Wines: Port, Madeira, and Sherry 62

Pour Some Sugar on Me 63

Putting It All Together 63

Cava 64

Prosecco 64

Champagne 64

Sparkling Shiraz 65

Sherry 65

Madeira 66

Tawny Port 66

Ruby Port 66

Late Harvest Reds 67

Vin Santo 67

Late Harvest Whites/Ice Wines 68

Sauternes 68

Tokaji 69

7 The Flavor Profiles of Food 71

How Cooking Changes Flavors 72

How to Examine Basic Ingredients 73

Rubbing in Flavor 75

Making Flavors Sing in Pairings 75

Putting It all Together 76

8 Sauce and Side Dish Pairings 83

Setting Your Goals for Sauce Pairings 84

Getting Sauced: Adding Wine to Sauces 85

Dishing on Side Dish Pairings 86

Solving the Thanksgiving Conundrum 87

Time to Get Pairing 88

Part 3 Putting It Back Together: Pairing Principles 91

9 Red Goes with Red, White Goes with White 93

The Easiest Rule in Wine Pairing 94

Why the Rule Works 95

Pink Is in the Middle 96

When to Break the Rule 96

10 Pairing by Terroir 99

Understanding Terroir 100

Europe's Wine-Making Regions 101

A Few Words about Table Wines 102

The Science of Terroir 102

Old-World Wine-Making vs. New-World Wine-Making 103

Applying the Terroir Rule 105

11 The Science of Pairing: Intensity, Acidity, and Sweetness 109

Understanding the "Science" of Pairings 110

Like Likes Like 110

All About Intensity 111

Alcohol Content 111

Body 112

Tannins 112

The Spiciness Factor 112

Understanding Acidity in Pairings 113

Like with Like 114

Opposites Attract 114

Understanding Sweetness in Pairings 115

Sweet Wines with Sweet Foods 115

Sweet Wines with Salty and Spicy Foods 115

Pairing Concepts: Intensity, Acid, and Sweetness 116

Acid Likes Acid 116

Acid Cuts Fat 116

Sweet Likes Sweet 116

Sweet Likes Salty 117

Intensity Likes Intensity 117

Spicy Likes Sweet 117

12 The Artistry of Pairing: Using Your Intuition 119

Using Your Intuition 120

Other Pairings: Principles and Intuition 121

The Art of Aromas 121

The Art of Textures 123

Pairing by Aromas and Textures 123

Artistic Pairing Suggestions 124

13 Matching Wine with International Cuisines 127

Problems Posed by International Cuisines 128

Finding a Common Ground 128

Spicy Matches 128

Spicy International Dishes 129

Pairing by Traditional Beverages 130

Pairing Mexican and Caribbean Cuisines 131

Pairing Asian Cuisines 133

Pairing "Other" European Cuisines 135

Pairing African and Middle Eastern Cuisines 135

Suggested International Pairings 136

14 Experimental Pairings 139

It All Begins with Your Tastes 140

Understanding Experimentation 141

Pairing Food to a Particular Wine 142

Pairing Wine to a Particular Food 142

Being Smart about Experimentation 143

"Other" Experimental Pairings with Wine 144

Pairing Wine and Music 145

Pairing Wine and Art 145

Suggested Experimental Pairings 146

Part 4 Pairing Experiences 149

15 Going Out: Restaurant Wine Pairing 151

Ordering Wine at a Restaurant 152

Deciphering the Wine Menu 153

Ordering by the Glass 154

Ordering by the Bottle 155

The Wine Serving Ritual 157

Enjoying a Chef's Menu 158

When Bad Wine Happens 159

16 Shopping for Wine and Planning a Pairing Party 163

Where to Buy Your Wine 164

Grocery Stores 164

Wine Shops 165

Getting Your Wine through Wine Clubs and Other Venues 166

How to Shop for Wine 167

Pairing Party Planning 101 168

Who Supplies the Wine and Food? 169

The Right Tools for a Righteous Party 170

17 Pairing Beer, Spirits, Coffee, and Tea 173

Pairing Beer with Food 174

Pairing Spirits with Food 175

Gin 176

Vodka 177

Rum 177

Cordials 177

Sake 178

Pairing Tea and Coffee with Food 178

Tea 179

Coffee 180

Pairing with Other Beverages 180


A Glossary 183

B Tasting Journal 187

C Master Pairings List 189

D A Sampling of Chefs' Wine Menus 195

E Wine Pairing Resources 213

Index 217

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