The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids

by Eve Adamson, Jodi Komitor

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Kids will love to use their imagination to pose as a tree, a tiger, a butterfly, and many other positions to promote stretching, concentration, creativity, and imagination. With this instructive book, parents can experience the benefits and fun of yoga with kids today.

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ISBN-13: 9781101222072
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 07/09/2000
Sold by: DK
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 416
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jodi B. Komitar is an experienced writer on health subjects for parents and kids. She has published several articles and other books on various health subjects such as yoga, meditation, and massage, including three Complete Idiot's Guides. She holds a MFA in creative writing from the University of Florida.

Eve Adamson is a New York Times Best Selling author and freelance writer who lives, works, parents, cooks, practices yoga, and obsesses about food in Iowa City. Find out more at

Table of Contents

Part 1Let's Get into Yoga with Kids1
1Why Yoga Is Great for Kids3
What Is Yoga?4
Working the Entire Body and Mind6
Yoga Is a Self-Esteem Booster!9
Yoga for the Next Generation11
2Health Benefits of Yoga for Kids15
Yoga Promotes Good Internal Health for Kids16
Yoga Power!23
Elongate for a Healthy Spine25
Good, Restful, Refreshing Sleep for Kids28
3Developmental Benefits of Yoga for Kids29
From Cradle to Empty Nest30
Exploring the World with Yogini Babies34
Nonstop Fun with Yogini Toddlers36
Imagine Everything with Yogini Preschoolers38
Loving and Learning with Yogini Grade-Schoolers38
Changing and Growing with Yogini Teens39
Part 2Growing with the Tree of Yoga43
4Kids on the Eightfold Path45
Introducing Yoginis to Their Spiritual Nature46
What Is Yoga's Eightfold Path?47
Yamas and Niyamas for Yoginis48
More Adventures on the Yoga Path57
Walking the Yoga Path as a Family60
5Energized, Focused, and Carefree Kids63
We Live in a Hectic World64
Yoga Puts Kids in Touch with Their Thoughts and Feelings65
How Yoga Tames Kids' Anger70
How Yoga Helps When Kids Feel Pressure to Compete71
How Yoga Helps Kids Learn to Resolve Problems Peacefully72
Walking the Yoga Walk72
What Parents Need to Do, Too73
6Kids Choose!75
Teaching Kids to Love Who They Are, Body and Soul76
Every Body Has Something to Learn77
Girls and Boys: Yogini Warriors for a Better World80
Self-Esteem Fosters Confidence and Generosity81
Yoga Invention: Another Chance to Shine82
Part 3Doing Yoga with Kids85
7Setting Up a Yoga Space87
Kids Can Do Yoga Almost Anywhere!88
Setting Up a Yoga Space at Home88
Yogini Gear: Yoga Clothes and Props93
Honoring Your Yoga Space94
Making Yoga a Family Routine95
8Practicing Yoga with Kids97
The What, When, Where, Why, and How98
Yogini Personalities99
Selecting the Right Practice106
Sticking to a Routine109
How to Use and Where to Buy Yoga Books and Videos109
Encouraging a Yogini Lotus Bloosom109
9Finding the Right Yoga Teacher or Class111
Wanna Take a Class?112
Can't Find a Class? Start Your Own Club115
Yoga + Sports = Fun!118
Yoginis with Special Needs121
Samyama: Lifelong Learning122
Part 4Yoga Songs, Play, and Postures125
10Chanting and Breathing127
Yogini Prana Power127
Learning to Sit and Stand to Your Best Potential130
Ohmmmm, My!131
Breathing Through the Chakras135
Okay, Breathe137
11Nature: You Be a Mountain, I'll Be a Tree145
Discovering Your Yogini Nature146
Respecting the Essence of All Things147
Nature Play149
Take a Yogini Nature Walk157
12What Animal Are You?159
Discovering Your Yogini Animal Nature160
Learning from Animal Behaviors and Movements161
Animal Play at Home and on the Farm162
Birds of a Feather166
13Exploring the Desert175
Destination: Desert176
Make Like a Snake176
Wise and Wonderful179
Desert Still Life182
14Exploring the Wild185
Hooves and Horns185
Beware: Wild Animals Ahead!191
Part 5Super Yoginis on the Move and Staying Still197
15Kids on the Move199
Finding the Yoga Groove199
The Yoga Sun Dance (Surya Namaskar)201
Go, Go, Go!203
16Super Yogini!215
Yoginis Holding Their Own215
Yogini Strength216
Yoga Flexibility225
17Yoginis on Top of the World233
Yoga Coordination233
Yoga Confidence239
18Yogini Fun and Games247
Two Can Be as Much Fun as One!247
For the Whole Gang!252
Yoga Games of Your Own Design255
19Quiet Time257
The Virtue of Stillness258
Shavasana: Yoga's Peaceful Pose258
Visual Imagery to Relax You260
Moving from Shavasana into the Day265
Part 6Especially for New Families267
20Yoga for Postpartum Moms and Brand-New Dads269
You've Got a New Baby!270
Yoga's Postpartum Poses for New Moms270
When You've Had a Cesarean Delivery275
Hey, Dad!277
21Yoga with Infants and Toddlers281
Getting to Know You281
Toddler Land: Learning Through Play289
Imagine This!291
22Hey, Kids: Do Yoga with Your Little Brother or Sister295
There's a Baby in the House!295
As They Grow298
The Yogini's Ten Steps for Sibling Synchronicity298
Loving Responsibility301
Yoga Poses Yogini Brothers and Sisters Can Do Together302
It Takes a Family306
Part 7Yoga All Day Long!307
23Eating for Strong Minds and Bodies309
Food, American-Style310
Food, Prepared Yoga-Style312
Developing Good Eating Habits315
Good Snacks317
24Yoga to Make Kids Feel Better319
Yoga Is a Great Natural Remedy319
Yoga for What Ails Kids322
Yoga for Kids' Asthma and Breathing Problems322
Yoga for Kids' Upset Stomachs, Gas, Constipation, and Diarrhea323
Yoga to Ease Kids' Aching Backs324
Recovering from Sprains, Strains, and Breaks325
Yoga to Help Kids Concentrate and Increase Mental Alertness326
25Yoga for Kids with Special Needs329
Every Kid Can Excel at Yoga330
Yoga for Kids Who Learn Differently332
Yoga for Kids Who Have Physical Challenges335
Helping Kids Believe They Can Achieve Their Goals337
26Yoga for Teens339
Independence Day340
Welcoming Teens into the Adult Community341
What Yoga Teaches Young Men341
What Yoga Teaches Young Women343
Next Generation Yoginis345
27Surprise: A Yoga Kids Party!347
Yoginis Unite!348
A Kid Party Every Parent Can Love348
What You'll Need for a Karma-Licious Yoga Party349
Yogini Party Fun354

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Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I volunteer with pediatric oncology patients and used the book as an activity resource. It had an incredibly positive effect on the kids! They practice the asanas constantly and look forward to each session. Thanks for such an easy-to-follow guide for yoga with children!