Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book One: The Seeker

Complete Teachings of Wicca: Book One: The Seeker

by The Witch of Oz


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The Witch of Oz has been studying and practicing Wicca for more than five decades, and she?s the perfect person to explore how the ancient pagan system can lead to a reawakening. Having traveled the world, the author has studied shamanism, witchcraft (both modern and traditional), herbal medicine, and magick. In book one of her series titled Complete Teachings of Wicca, she highlights how to: ? improve communication and move into the Age of Aquarius ? embark on a journey of self-exploration by studying the oldest religion in the world ? carry out training that will leave you with deep insights about the mysteries of Wicca and our Goddess, Mother Earth ? identify the eight paths to Enlightenment The changes of the Dawning Age are inevitable, but individuals will determine whether they carry us forward or throw us back. Find your own truth and tune into all that nature is telling you by learning the secrets of Wicca.

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ISBN-13: 9781504311755
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 12/30/2017
Pages: 446
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.90(d)

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Perfect Love and Perfect Trust:

This is a term frequently used within the Craft as a statement of trust, that members will not betray the other. This probably originated back in the Burning Times, when the slip of the tongue could see whole families destroyed at the hands of the Inquisitors and not so nice neighbors.

Blessed Be!

This is a shortened version of the ancient Saracen's Kiss, which has become known among Initiates as the Five Fold Salute. It is an act of humility presented by Wiccans to their sisters and brothers of the Wiccan Community. It is our term for greetings and partings, as we do not say hello (hell — o) or goodbye (good — bye), but instead Blessed Be!

Merry Meet and Merry Part!

This is also a shortened version of the High Priestesses blessing to all her Coveners, where she says; "I give thee my hand, and I give thee my heart, Merry we Meet, and Merry we Part, and Merry we shall Meet again." We also say this instead of hello or goodbye.

As Above, So Below: As Within, So Without!

It is a simple statement called the Hermetic Principle, named after our greatest of teachers Thoth, or also known by his Greek title Hermes Trismegistos, meaning (Hermes Thrice Blessed). It is where Wiccans put forth their belief in the Nature of balance. An example of further intuitive thinking on this statement relates to the Magick Circle, which is in reality a Magickal Sphere, the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Divine Love!

Is a reality of Truth, a feeling of ultimate giving without expectations of return (wants instead of needs) In essence it is a Divine Love, which is unconditional.

Blessed Be!

And we all know what that means! As we always respond in like. When you go to any Wiccan Magick Circle, always be respectful. Always bring a small plate of food to share, as this is called Agape! You should also offer your services to help clean up afterwards and be a thankful servant of the night, which means we will all humble ourselves in turn in duties with tea, coffee etc. This shows our host or hostage how much we appreciate them offering their home for our trainings and festivities!

Blessed Be!

My Truth of Being

"In the beginning; the God/dess, and within the infinite stillness of the Unformed and Unmanifest, a note was sounded. The tone issued forth an endless vibration besetting countless other tunes in support, of the mind of the Goddess, and through Love the Image was given Life. And the Spirit of the Goddess was given dominion as the Creative Principle of all that is and was to come for all eternity. Creation continued, and this Omnipresent image of the Goddess, the Mother/Father of Creation began to contemplate itself as Individual Being, and sparks of Celestial Fire were thrown throughout the boundless Universe, forming centres of Light, of Spirit Consciousness. I was one of those Firelights, point of Individual Awareness in my Omnipresence. I knew myself to be the Goddess. I knew myself to be me!

Creation continued, and I sought to express the fullness of my Being ... Conceived in Love the precious idea of my Self in expression comes forth into Manifestation as a living soul ... I am ... I am ... I am ... In time, a part of my Self-expression descends into the dense lower world for the experience of it ... I let myself play with Creations and I identify with them ... I am descending, deeper and deeper into materiality ... Mother, help me! My consciousness of you is fading ... Father the Light is gone ... There is darkness ... Where am I? Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? I am a far country ... I have spent all in search of meaning and I am in want ... I have come under the bondage of others and I feel the swine in the fields ... And the Angel of the presence says; "You are so much more than you think you are ... stand up and seek the Mothers Kingdom ... much more than you think you are ... stand up and seek the Mothers Kingdom ... your true estate ... begin the journey home now!"

I turn within and seek my self ... through the tunnel of mind I travel moving across the emotional sea of my subjective world ... Be still! I speak ... let the troubled waters be as glass ... reflecting only the memories of gladness, ecstasy, jubilation and joy ... Let all others be dissolved ... and my fading nature responds and joins me on the journey to the Light ... There is a door before me ... and I sense with mind and heart that it is the way to the Chamber of Truth ... Slowly I reach out and open the door, and suddenly I am engulfed in a blazing golden Light ... Above me, below me, behind me, beside me, through me is the Light of Spirit ... Oh beautiful me, abundant me, the harmonious me, the glass me, the forgiving me, the creative me, the whole me, the perfect me ... Slowly this Higher Self fills my consciousness with itself and my awareness of two separate entities is fading away ... Now there is only the single I, and from the I a voice speaks: "I am with you always ... all that I am you are ... all that I have is yours ... Speak now with authority, the Truth of your Being!"

And I respond; "I am Love, I am Wisdom, I am Power, I am Joy, I am Strength, I am Beauty, I am Abundance, I am Harmony, I am Gladness, I am Forgiveness, I am Creativity, I am Wholeness, I am Perfection, I am the Spirit of the Goddess, and beginning this day I will think and speak as the Goddess thinks and speaks, I will act as the Goddess acts, and from this moment on I shall remain in the Secret Place of Oneness with Spirit, and I will see only with the High Vision of Spirit. The dynamic Will of the Goddess is now made manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. I am now in the glory that I was in the Beginning and shall be at my end!"

I find that when I am really down emotionally or very negative, saying this aloud in the mirror and looking at myself saying it several times, helps me to lift my spirits and remember exactly how wonderful this world really is, and how we truly are.



Meditation is a means of achieving an Inner Peace, a transcendental experience, a deeper insight, which can help in daily life, and in the search for meaning. The technique of Meditation was devised and still exists to assist man individually, to uncover within themselves that deeply hidden centre of the One Creative Life, that is the birthright of every man and woman. From that centre, much can be understood that is obscure; and from that level much can be done for the world.

Meditation is a means to create a man of conscious enlightened WILL. Meditation is not an exercise in itself but a means of achieving a higher use of consciousness through commitment.

Meditation is composed of several activities:

RELAXATION The ability to just be in the now and quiet your mind to a state of calm.

BREATHING Breathing helps take us to different level of being away from the normal to the Spiritual.

FILTRATION Filtering outside thoughts, feelings and pictures so the mind becomes a blank canvas.

COMMITMENT regular times of meditation and relaxation.

The following points aid meditation:

Avoid answering questions automatically with solutions from memory rather rely on meditation.

Avoid disputes only leading to form, instead of idea and formation.

Train you in the perception of the invisible within the visible.

Search for analogies and comment on their broadest sense.

Always, seek knowledge of harmony, and fineness of form - the Arts are very ideal for this purpose.

Anyone can meditate, even you. Its not a secret arcane science, nor is it a mysterious esoteric process, although some of you may have heard that it was. It does not involve a lot of discipline or a lot of discomfort. All it takes is a little commitment and a little practice, and a little perseverance to learn to use the fundamental tool for self-expansion and personal growth.

Meditation is easier than walking through a meadow, easier than driving a car, or even easier than cutting a sandwich in half. All of these things and everything else we do require an incredibly complex degree of coordination between mind and body. Millions of neural, muscular and cellular connections must be made, and maintained. And the degree of energy control and precise channeling of your life force into action is almost impossible to imagine. Yet we have learned to do everything that we do, almost automatically without even thinking about it.

To meditate, you don't have to do anything; you simply just have to be in a settled and quiet state. In fact, the whole idea is to stop doing whatever you are doing, consciously or unconsciously and focus completely on the subject of your meditation in a relaxed, flowing and non-controlling way and relax your breathing until it actually becomes you. That is all meditation is. It's the most natural thing in the world, and you are not strangers to it as you have been meditating for most of your life. Although you may not have realised, that this was what you were doing.

For instance, when you watch TV, and drift into the scene, or lose yourself in a spontaneous race between two drops of rain sliding down a windowpane, you are meditating. In each case, you are submerged in a process that takes you out of yourself and your normal stream of consciousness and beyond your ordinary sense of time, thought and space.

The problem is what you meditate on, which can profoundly influence, program and direct your energy, your life cycle and all the space around you. So when you focus on your breath, a leaf, a stone, a crystal, and a candle flame; a sound or a positive thought; you end the experience feeling more perceptive and more alert. And when you focus on your energy and state of being you re-enter completely refreshed, revitalized and recharged.

In the beginning when you were a baby, you spent all of your time meditating on your growth and development and expansiveness. That is why time was so much more timeless then. You were in a state of harmony with the universe all around you, so when you focus on needing something, you knew just how to materialize it, but since being a baby we have forgotten how to breathe properly and just be.

You begin to lose your meditational harmony as you began to develop your sense of Self, your Ego, which separated and differentiated you from everything else, and you lost even more of it as you developed a rational analytical ego, which kept you trying to find logical ways to shield and protect you from your inner sense, alienation and dissociation from everything else that is; and which hooked you into books, TV, computer games, computers, Facebook, internet, newspapers, teachers, and other authorities as the only way to gain knowledge and understanding of yourself, your world and your Goddess and God.

As far as creature-hood goes, on a physical level, life ends when growth ends. The point is, that now you have grown separated from your macrocosmic universe, as you are in the next phase of growing, which needs to include reintegrating and re-harmonizing yourself with all that is around you. Opening channels to that process, gaining intuitive knowledge and inner understanding, and creative expansiveness out of anxiety and chaos through meditation are the results you can expect from further study and training in this field. We need to do this to widen out connection with the universe and everything in it, or we just become selfish, fearful creatures on a self-delusional path to nowhere.

Taking it a further step, meditation is the word that describes your state of consciousness, when you have become so totally emerged in an object, an event or thought in a relaxed manner. You become so completely involved and centered in what and where you are, that your mental chatter fades away your body tension, emotional anxieties disappear and time flows at an altered rate of speed. As you begin to more fully experience who you are, how you are feeling, where you are tense and blocked, and what you are asking for out of life, you will develop more and more control over your health, over your wants, over your creativity and self expansion, and over your actual physical involvement. The more a harmonious meditative relaxed state you are in the more connected and the more creative you will become.

By practicing meditation often not just spasmodically when time allows, and being completely who you are, you will become more than who you are now, you will be able to cross the next evolutionary bridge, being able to develop the full potential of your creature hood. It is the most exciting journey there is, and hopefully I can make it easier, by helping you discover the inner avenues that can take you all the way you choose to go. From wherever you are coming from, to here and to now, and to what lies beyond.

Beginning Meditation!

To meditate you need only two things that are essential outside yourself, a place and a time. Everything else in the Outer World is optional. From time to time you may choose an external object, person or event as a meditative subject. But for now, the right place and the right time will start you on your right way. At this stage, the right place will be anywhere your little heart desires, any place you like and feel relaxed and away from being disturbed.

If you have made yourself an Altar or Shrine to the Goddess, or even a Temple at your home, or even a Magick Circle; any of these places are perfect for your meditative adventures. In that place you might like to include a chair or a large cushion, a soft rug, or whatever warms your spirit. Like a candle, a flower, crystal, familiar, or favourite object, or a picture, or as I said before, even an Altar with a statue of the Goddess and God on it.

Whenever you choose to turn inward. At this stage the right time will be any time that you specifically set aside for meditation only. Between 10-30 minutes every morning and night before or long after meals will be ideal. You will not need to be rigid about it, and you don't have to meditate the exact time every day, whether you choose to use it or not. Other than the place and time, everything else you already have is on the inside of your very being.


When you are in alignment with the magnetic axis of the Earth, you will yourself flow more freely with the space around you. Getting aligned is easy; always meditate facing North, like a needle of a compass you use to check your direction. Magnetic alignment is the Path of least resistance to meditating, and to interphasing your life energy with the energies around you, on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

(Record your Progress and exercise in your Magickal Diary)

Standing in Pentagram

For thousands of years the Pentagram Position has been the primary posture for energy exchange and for recharging and rejuvenating your body. In his sketches, Leonardo da Vinci immortalized it. In your meditation place, it can immortalize you, by helping you maintain a radiant inner glow and an easy access to complete meditation.

Stand with your spine straight, your pelvis aligned under you, your feet further apart than your shoulders or as far as you can place them without locking your knee's. Tip your head slightly back, keep your eyes open for balance, but allow your gaze to lose focus. Raise your arms keeping them straight until your elbows are just above your shoulders, and your hands are in line with the top of your head. Turn your left palm down and your right palm up. Breathing deeply into your diaphragm, and experience filling your lungs to capacity then overflowing with newfound energy.

(Record your Progress and exercise in your Magickal Diary)

Meditation Positions

Any position that keeps the right and left hand side of the body in equal balance, and that you maintain comfortably without moving for the length of your meditation, is the right position for you. But always keeping your back and neck straight. Of course make sure that you are totally comfortable and relaxed. You are constantly taking energy in from your universe, storing it, and discharging it back into the universe again. Converting energy into life and matter, and life and matter into energy is every creature's fundamental role.

When you meditate, the energy exchange is amplified and greatly heightened. Which explains why complete meditation is so truly enlightening and invigorating. To smooth out the energy amplification and make it easier on yourself, your meditation position must ultimately allow you to lose whatever sense of separation or alienation you experience in your universe. That is why you keep both sides of your body in balance. By not crossing one leg over the other, and not folding your arms protectively in front of you. That is also why as you harmonise yourself within your space through your position and your breath, you expand your personal energy and your inner power base to remarkable degree's. Experiment with the meditation positions to find the one's that help you flow into expansiveness with a minimum of effort.


Excerpted from "Complete Teachings of Wicca"
by .
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Table of Contents

Foreword, xiii,
Wiccan Points to Remember, 1,
Meditation, 7,
The Chakra's, 25,
The Elements and Their Elementals, 37,
Wicca And Wiccecraft, 51,
The Tenets Of Wiccecraft, 61,
The Goddess and The Horned God, 75,
Understanding The Goddess and God, 83,
Self-Dedication Rituals and Exercises, 111,
Wicca and the Horned Gods, 119,
In Defense of the Horned God, 127,
Natural Magick of Wicca & Wiccecraft, 135,
Magick in Theory & Practice, 153,
The Great Mother Goddess, 165,
Magick of Colour, 173,
Colour In Candle Magick, 179,
The 21 Festivals Of Wicca, 187,
The Burning Times, 203,
The Wiccan Hand Fasting, 217,
Death-The Rite of Passage, 235,
The Sacred Book Of Shadows, 243,
The Wiccaning, 249,
The Initiation Of A Wicce, 253,
Magickal Tools Of A Wicce, 269,
The Magick Circle, 303,
Lunar Cycles And Their Meanings, 323,
Magick Of The Astral Plane, 347,
Natures Secrets of Herbalism, 357,
The Priesthood Of Wicca, 367,
Listening, Learning and Understanding, 377,
Recommended Reading List, 381,
The Wicces Calendar, 387,
Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, 417,
Epilogue, 421,

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