by Shirl Burnette, S. Burnette


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This story reflects the lives of a large family of siblings daughters dealing with complexions of skin tone in men. How the influence of listening to Mother and father instill in them to become knife beaters to prove their dependence, safety, while on the other hand the sisters are stuck with the different likes of looks, hair, color, retaliating for the truth who is who's real father. Why are the hidden lies, the hurt, pain, and suffereing upon the oldest daughter Sybil Porter? This is a very good Read, realizing how society looks at the outer appearance in regards to the heart.

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ISBN-13: 9781468195545
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/15/2012
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

I'm energetic, intelligent woman that believes in herself, visions, God and Faith. I believe life lessons are to be cherish, treated with dignity, and respect. But I also represent Queenship claiming all rights to the Throne of Grace. I believe in Love, Unity, Compassion, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. At the End of the Day, being a Born Again Devil Destroyer (BADD) enjoying every Full Action in The House (FAITH), (BAD) Born Again and Deliver! To Every Reader, "God Bless"

I believe in writing from my heart being a Virginia Native but reside in the Carolinas Region. I believe in Christian Values and Morals. I believe in Family, Siblings, and Love ones. I believe to challenge your weakness to better your strength. I believe in helping Unfortunate Others, like Homeless, Abandonment, Teens, Cast Away, or Cast Downs. I believe our Basics are beyond what we think when we are working for Christ. I believe it's more than being Bench Warmers converting into Labors for a Harvest beyond our Horizons. I believe that each individual Pastor, Leader, is here for structure, purpose, direction, and encouragement. Nothing more or nothing less, I believe every calling is represented to the fullness of God's Anointing edifying the gifts inside of you reaching hearts and minds, body and soul. I believe we are called but it's true it's only a few that is chosen. If you are chosen look inside make sure it's your real calling before making a mistake. I believe we can fall, meaning it's a Price to pay when taking up this Cross to follow Christ. I believe in treating each other as individuals with Respect, Dignity, Compassion, Love, Unity. I believe we should not have prospect of People in regards to Titles, Positions, or Leadership. I believe we are all stemming from David Blood Line that we are consider Brothers and Sisters in Christ forever more. I believe Color should not hold any barer excluding you being this or that color allowing excuses being made to cover true feelings. I believe we are Vessels waiting wanting to be used by God. I believe we need not to be quick to judge but forgive at all times. I believe Patience works it Virtue counting every good work and every good deed. I believe at the End of the Day no one is Better than the Other, we all needing a Shoulder to Lean On. Peace!

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