Composite Materials: Engineering and Science

Composite Materials: Engineering and Science

by F. L. Matthews, Rees D. Rawlings



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ISBN-13: 9780412559709
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 01/28/1994
Edition description: 1993
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.04(d)

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Overview Introduction Definitions and Classification Natural composites More about the Matrix and Reinforcement Factors which Determine Properties The Benefits of Composites Summary Reinforcements and Reinforcement Matrix Interface Introduction Natural Fibres Introduction to Synthetic Fibres Synthetic Organic Fibres Synthetic Inorganic Fibres Particulate and Whisker Reinforcements Reinforcement Matrix Interface Summary Composites with Metallic Matrices Introduction Metal Matrix Composite Processing Interface Reactions Properties of MMCs Some Commercial MMCs Summary Ceramic Matrix Composites Introduction Processing and Structure of Monolithic Materials Processing of CMCs Detailed Review of Selected CMCs Summary Polymer Matrix Composites Introduction Polymer Matrices Processing of PMCs Some Commercial PMCs Summary Stiffness, Strength, and Related Topics Introduction Loads and Deformations Stress and Strain Stress Strain Relations Bending of Plates Isotropic Materials Principal Stress and Strain Thin-walled cylinders and Spheres Failure Criteria Summary Stiffness of Unidirectional Composites and Laminates Introduction Basic Stress Strain Relations Off-Axis Loading of a Unidirectional Composite Stiffness of Laminates The A, B, and D Matrices Using the Laminate Constitutive Equations Summary Micromechanics of Unidirectional Composites Macromechanics and Micromechanics Micromechanics Models for Stiffness Micromechanics Models for Strength Thermal and Moisture Effects Summary Strength of Unidirectional Composites and Laminates Introduction Strength of a Lamina Strength of a Laminate Additional Factors Summary Short Fibre Composites Introduction Reasons for Using Short Fibre Composites Fibre Length Fibre Orientation Stress and Strain Distribution at Fibres Critical Fibre Length and Average Fibre Stress Stiffness and Strength Summary Fracture Mechanics and Toughening Mechanisms Introduction Energy Analysis Local Stresses Other Parameters Fracture Initiation Impact Slow Crack Growth and Crack Opening Modes Toughening Mechanisms Summary Impact Resistance Introduction Impact Testing Impact Damage Residual Strength Epoxy and Thermoplastic Matrices Summary Fatigue and Environmental Effects Introduction Test Methods Unidirectional Composites Multidirectional laminated Composites Frequency Effects Edge Effects and Stress Concentrators Compressive Loading Fabric Based Composites Hybrid Composites Moisture Absorption and its Effects on Properties Other Environments Combined Fatigue and Environmental Effects Summary Joining Introduction Mechanically Fastened Joints Bonded Joints Repair Summary Non-Destructive Testing Introduction Ultrasonic Inspection Radiography Vibration Methods Thermal Methods Acoustic Emission Summary Appendix Matrices and Determinants Determinants Properties of Matrices Index

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