Compquest: In Search of Computer Literacy

Compquest: In Search of Computer Literacy


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ISBN-13: 9780595174669
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter #16.What is up with all the Folders in the Windows Explorer?1
And What's With All the Icons on The Desktop?1
Recreate the Show Desktop shortcut from the Quick Launch toolbar2
Add programs to the Quick Launch to make them one click away2
Start Menu tricks3
Start Menu items3
Selectively delete items from the Documents menu3
Internet Explorer and Internet Connections4
Is It Fixed or Is It Memorex?6
Ways to share files between computers7
Computer maintenance8
Advanced Computer maintenance8
Exploring Windows Explorer9
Internet Explorer Setup Files11
Chapter 16.5.The Control panel13
Make Windows Me bare all13
Control Panel on the Start Menu13
Accessibility Options
Add New Hardware
Add/Remove Programs
Accessibility Options options15
Make keys beep when hitting Caps Lock16
Desktop Themes
Get more info about your programs23
Fonts and Game Controllers
Internet or Internet Options
Power Management
Regional Settings
Device Manager
Create a shortcut to Device Manager29
Hardware Profiles
How to create an icon29
Cleaning up the Control Panel32
Chapter #17.All about the Internet33
Is That an E-mail Address or a Web Address?33
Being Online vs. Being on the Internet33
A Lot Is Spent on the Internet34
You Can Bet You Can Find it on the 'Net35
The Structure of the Internet37
Chapter #18.E-mail39
No Stamp or Return Address Required39
How to Actually Send E-mail42
Rain, Sleet, or Snow Your E-mail Will Be There43
Chapter #19.E-mail Attachments46
All Files Are Not Created Equally47
File Encryption, Compression, and Restrictions48
Chapter #20.The Internet part II52
What are those Search Engines for anyway?52
How Do I Get to Them Then?54
So How Do I Get to the Web?56
What's the Scoop on Usenet & Newsgroups?57
Where did Usenet come from?57
What is a newsgroup?59
How To Use Them60
FAQs, Spam & Flame62
Why Can't I Get to the Web Anymore?63
More reasons why you may not be able to access the Web65
Extracting Winsocks for Windows66
Chapter #21.The Internet Part III69
Anarchy on the Internet69
Shopping on the 'Net70
The Internet Is Reshaping Our Lives71
How Do I Find Somebody on the Ionternet?73
A Little History of the Internet74
Defining the 'Net76
Chapter #22More about E-mail and 3rd party mail clients78
O Postmaster, O Postmaster, Where for Art Thou?78
We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties80
I have a scanner or a video camera now how do I send my pictures in e-mail?82
E-mail Netiquette83
The Life of E-mail89
No Stamp Required90
How it works91
Even More E-mail92
Pick Your Service93
Chapter #23.Dial-up Networking & Ways to Connect to the Internet95
I Have a Brand New Computer What Do You Mean My Resources Are Low?100
How to disable your startup group in one fail swoop102
A Softmodem Is Hard on Your Processor103
How to conduct a modem Line Test in Hyper Terminal105
But It's Worked all Along!106
Hardmodem vs. Softmodem109
External vs. Internal Browser Launch109
Chapter #24.Fonts and Little Tips and Tricks With Pictures and Text112
Fonts not to delete115
A Picture Requires 1000 Words116
How to change file associations118
Associate programs with more than one file extension118
A Picture by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet119
Savings Pics from Web Pages121
How to change the Appearance of your icons122
Embedded Graphics123
Congratulations! You Have Completed This Computer Course!!124
Chapter #25.(The Hidden Tutorial)125
What if people bought cars like they buy computers?127
Cheapskates Rule!132
Don't Fear Your Computer and Backup Your Files133
My Backup Story134
Computer Hardware136
IRQs and I/O Addressing148
Backup Tips152
Track Installation Changes153
Get rid of the Windows Password154
Using MsConfig154
About the Author157
Appendix Index Volume 2159
Appendix A.Shortcut keys for Windows161
Appendix B.How to Set Internet Properties in the Control Panel171
Appendix C.How to Set up the Network Control Panel189
Appendix D.128-bit Browser Encryption215
Appendix E.Appendix E File Extensions217
Appendix F.How to Use Search Engines241
Appendix G.Computer Problems: Why Am I Having So Many Computer Problems?251
Appendix H.Attaching Files to e-mail Using AOL or CompuServe 2000261
Appendix I.Internet Acronyms265
Appendix J.Downloading Files From the Internet273
Appendix K.Description of ASCII and Binary Files281
Appendix L.Alt Commands283
Appendix M.Advanced Web Browser Removal291
Appendix N.Why Don't I Get 56K303
Appendix O.Emoticons311
Appendix P.Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts315
Appendix Q.Instructions for Disabling Hardware321
Appendix R.Internet Terms Glossary323
Appendix S.Resources341
Appendix T.Mime-Attaching Files to Internet Messages345

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