Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, 2004 Supplements

Comprehensive Criminal Procedure, 2004 Supplements




For the cases and rules relevant to both investigative and adjudicative issues in criminal procedure, turn to this timely and comprehensive supplement. Designed for use with the authors casebook, this supplement is equally useful with a wide variety of teaching materials. This 2004 Case and Statutory Supplement offers the most important developments on: - search and seizure - interrogation of suspects - evidence - the Supreme Courts's 2003-2004 term It also provides additional materials to round out general constitutional or statutory precepts to deepen student understanding. Be sure to examine a copy before your next course.

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ISBN-13: 9780735539600
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 07/01/2004
Edition description: Supplement
Pages: 311
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Casesxv
Part 1The Criminal Process
Chapter 2.The Idea of Due Process3
C.The Residual Due Process Clause3
Note on Hamdi v. Rumsfeld3
Part 2The Right to Counsel--the Linchpin of Constitutional Protection
Chapter 3.The Right to Counsel and Other Assistance9
A.The Constitutional Requirements9
1.The Right to the Assistance of Counsel at Trial9
Note on Alabama v. Shelton9
B.Effective Assistance of Counsel10
1.Developing Standards10
Note on Bell v. Cone10
Note on Wiggins v. Smith11
Note on Glover v. United States11
2.Multiple Representation15
Insert for Cuyler v. Sullivan15
Note on Cuyler v. Sullivan15
Note on United States v. Schwarz16
Note on Mickens v. Taylor20
C.Some Implications of the Right to Counsel24
1.The Right to Control the Lawyering Process24
Note on Iowa v. Tovar24
Part 3The Right to Be Let Alone--An Examination of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and Related Areas
Chapter 5.The Fourth Amendment27
B.The Meaning of "Searches and Seizures"27
Kyllo v. United States27
Notes and Questions34
Note on United States v. Drayton35
C.Probable Cause and Warrants36
1.The Probable Cause Standard36
Note on Maryland v. Pringle36
2.The Warrant "Requirement"37
United States v. Banks37
Notes and Questions43
Note on the USA PATRIOT Act44
3."Exceptions" to the Warrant "Requirement"45
a.Exigent Circumstances45
Illinois v. McArthur46
Notes and Questions51
Atwater v. Lago Vista52
Notes and Questions68
e.Searches Incident to Arrest71
Thornton v. United States72
Notes and Questions81
1.Reasonable Suspicion82
Note on Kaupp v. Texas82
Note on United States v. Arvizu83
Note on Racial Profiling after September 1185
Hiibel v. Sixth District Court of Nevada87
Notes and Questions94
2.Alternatives to Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion95
Note on Illinois v. Lidster95
Note on United States v. Flores-Montano96
F.The Limits of the Exclusionary Rule97
1.The "Good Faith" Exception97
Note on Groh v. Ramirez97
Note on State Constitutional Law100
G.The Fourth Amendment Outside Criminal Litigation102
1.Alternatives to the Exclusionary Rule102
Note on the Los Angeles consent decree102
2.Police Use of Force106
Footnote on Idaho v. Horiuchi106
3.Searches and Seizures by Other Government Agents106
Note on Board of Education v. Earls106
Ferguson v. Charleston109
Notes and Questions118
Chapter 6.The Fifth Amendment121
B.The Contours of the Privilege against Self-Incrimination: Compelled Testimonial Incrimination121
McKune v. Lile121
Notes and Questions136
Hiibel v. Sixth District Court of Nevada137
Notes and Questions145
Note on Ohio v. Reiner147
D.Police Interrogation147
2.The Scope of Miranda147
g.The Right to Counsel Reconsidered147
Note on Texas v. Cobb147
h.Voluntariness Reconsidered148
Missouri v. Seibert149
United States v. Patane161
Notes and Questions166
Note on Chavez v. Martinez167
Chapter 7.Investigating Complex Crimes169
Introductory Note on Terrorism169
A.Electronic Surveillance and the Search of Electronic Data170
1.Wiretapping and Related Electronic Surveillance170
Note on the USA PATRIOT Act170
2.The Search of Electronic Files171
Note on the USA PATRIOT Act171
B.Undercover Agents and Entrapment172
Note on FBI guidelines172
C.Grand Jury Investigations170
2.Grand Jury Secrecy170
Note on Rule 6 amendments171
Note on the USA PATRIOT Act172
Part 4The Adjudication Process
Chapter 8.The Charging Decision175
A.Prosecutorial Discretion179
1.Enforcement Discretion for Serious Crimes179
Note on Prosecutorial Vindictiveness179
C.Joinder and Severance180
Note on Rules 8 and 14 amendments180
Chapter 9.Bail, Detention, and the Right to a Speedy Trial181
A.Bail and Detention181
Note on Robinson, Punishing Dangerousness181
Note on the proposed Crime Victims Assistance Act of 2001181
B.The Right to a Speedy Trial182
Note on the proposed Crime Victims Assistance Act of 2001182
Chapter 10.Guilty Pleas and Plea Bargaining183
A.Guilty Pleas as a Substitute for Trials183
1.The Plea Process183
Note on Rule 11 amendments183
Notes on Rule 11 and the Guilty Plea Process184
United States v. Dominguez Benitez186
Note on United States v. Vonn191
2.The Role of Defense Lawyers192
Note on Glover v. United States192
Note on Iowa v. Tovar193
B.Plea Bargaining194
Note on Rule 11 amendments194
Note on United States v. Ruiz195
Chapter 11.Discovery and Disclosure197
A.Disclosure by the Government197
1.The Prosecutor's General Discovery Obligations197
Notes on Rule 16 amendments197
2.The Prosecutor's Constitutional Disclosure Obligations198
Note on United States v. Ruiz198
Note on Strickler v. Greene199
B.Disclosure by the Defense202
1.Defense Disclosure and the Constitution202
Note on Rule 16 amendments202
2.Sanctions for Defense Nondisclosure203
Note on Rule 16 amendments203
Chapter 12.The Jury and the Criminal Trial205
A.The Right to a Trial by Jury205
Note on Taylor-Thompson, Empty Votes in Jury Deliberations205
B.Jury Composition205
Note on Benlevy, Venus and Mars in the Jury Deliberation Room205
Note on Miller-El v. Cockrell206
Note on Crawford v. Washington207
E.Proof and Verdict Issues209
3.Consistency of the Verdict; General Verdicts209
Note on Leipold, The Problem of the Innocent, Acquitted Defendant209
F.Alternatives to the Traditional Criminal Trial--The Proposed Special Military Tribunals210
Part 5Posttrial Proceedings
Chapter 13.Sentencing215
A.Introduction to Sentencing215
3.Substantive Limits on Sentencing--Eighth Amendment Proportionality215
Note on Ewing v. California215
C.Do the Rules of Constitutional Criminal Procedure Apply to Sentencing?216
Note on Ring v. Arizona217
Note on Harris v. United States219
Note on Apprendi literature225
Blakely v. Washington225
Notes and Questions252
Chapter 14.Double Jeopardy257
B."For the Same Offense"257
Note on Thomas, Double Jeopardy: The History, the Law257
C.Double Jeopardy and the Criminal-Civil Divide257
Note on Seling v. Young257
E.Double Jeopardy and the "Dual Sovereignty" Doctrine259
Note on United States v. Lara259
Chapter 15.Appellate and Collateral Review261
A.Appellate Review261
6.Plain Error261
Note on Olano and Rules 24(c) and 52 amendments261
Note on United States v. Vonn262
Note on United States v. Dominguez Benitez262
B.Collateral Review263
1.The Nature and Purposes of Federal Habeas263
Note on Hamdi v. Rumsfeld263
Note on Fiore v. White264
Note on Wiggins v. Smith264
Note on Yackle, Habeas: The Figure in the Carpet265
3.Cognizable Issues266
Note on Lackawanna County District Attorney v. Coss266
Selected Statutes and Rules267
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure267
Rule 6The Grand Jury267
Rule 8Joinder of Offenses or Defendants271
Rule 11Pleas272
Rule 14Relief from Prejudicial Joinder274
Rule 16Discovery and Inspection275
Rule 26.2Producing a Witness's Statement278
Rule 41Search and Seizure279
Rule 44Right to and Appointment of Counsel283
Rule 52Harmless and Plain Error283
Bail Reform Act of 1984 (as amended)283
18 U.S.C. [sections]3141-3150283
Speedy Trial Act of 1974 (as amended)295
18 U.S.C. [sections]3161, 3162, 3164, 3173295
Criminal Appeals Act of 1970 (as amended)303
18 U.S.C. [section]3731303
Habeas Corpus Act of 1867 (as amended by Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996)303
28 U.S.C. [sections]2241-2244, 2253-2254303
Collateral Review for Federal Prisoners309
28 U.S.C. [section]2255309

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