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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Comprehensive Pharmacy Review / Edition 6

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review / Edition 6


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ISBN-13: 9780781774024
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date: 02/28/2007
Edition description: Book & CD-ROM
Pages: 1312
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 10.00(h) x 4.00(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     v
Contributors     vii
Contents     xiii
Taking a Test     xvii
Introduction to the NAPLEX     xxi
NAPLEX blueprint     xxiii
NAPLEX Blueprint
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Drug Product Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry   Anton H. Amann   Leon Shargel     1
Pharmaceutical Calculations and Statistics   Riccardo L. Boni     10
Pharmaceutical Principles and Drug Dosage Forms   Lawrence H. Block     30
Biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems   Lawrence H. Block     83
Extemporaneous Prescription Compounding   Loyd V. Allen Jr.     97
Basic Pharmacokinetics   Riccardo L. Boni   Leon Shargel     121
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence   Leon Shargel     143
Functional Group Chemistry and Biochemistry   Marc W. Harrold     154
Microbiology   Gail Goodman-Snitkoff     171
Immunology   Gail Goodman-Snitkoff     191
Biotechnology Drug Products   Godwin W. Fong   Charles Lee     227
Principles of Pharmacodynamics and Medicinal Chemistry   Marc W. Harrold   Nelson S.Yee     245
Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology: Drugs Affecting the Nervous System   Habiba O. U. Vongtau   Ashiwel S. Undie     278
Autocoids and Their Antagonists, Nonnarcotic Analgesic-Antipyretics, and Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs   Scoff F. Long     320
Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology: Cardiovascular and Diuretic Drugs   J. Edward Moreton     339
Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology: Endocrinology and Related Drugs   Marc W. Harrold   Jennifer L. Whetstone   Pui-Kai Li     367
Drug Metabolism, Prodrugs, and Pharmacogenetics   Marc W. Harrold     394
Drug-Drug and Drug-Nutrient Interactions   Alice C. Engelbrecht   Leon Shargel     417
Nuclear Pharmacy   Stephen C. Dragotakes   Jeffrey P. Norenberg     435
Pharmacy Practice
Pharmaceutical Care and Disease State Management   Peggy C. Yarborough     459
Drug Information Resources   Paul F. Souney   Connie Lee Barnes     471
Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting   Barbara Szymusiak-Mutnick     482
Medication Errors   Robert Cisneros     491
Clinical Toxicology   John J. Ponzillo     499
Federal Pharmacy Law    Robert C. Pavlan Jr.     519
Reviewing and Dispensing Prescription and Medication Orders   Todd A. Brown     549
Sterile Products   John Fanikos     557
Parapharmaceuticals, Home Diagnostics, and Medical Devices   Jenny A. Van Amburgh   Todd A. Brown     581
OTC Otic, Dental, and Ophthalmic Agents   Jennifer D. Smith   Connie Lee Barnes     594
OTC Dermatologic Agents   Larry N. Swanson     615
OTC Weight Control, Sleep Aids, and Smoking-Cessation Aids   Jennifer D. Smith     636
OTC Agents for Fever, Pain, Cough, Cold, and Allergic Rhinitis   Gerald E. Schumacher   Jennifer D. Smith     648
OTC Agents for Constipation, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, and Heartburn   Laura K. Williford Owens     675
OTC Menstrual, Vaginal, and Contraceptive Agents   Laura K. Williford Owens     700
Herbal Medicines and Nutritional Supplements   Teresa Klepser     713
Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring   Gerald E. Schumacher     732
Drug Use in Special Patient Populations: Pediatric, Pregnant, and Geriatric   Marcia L. Buck   Julie L. Kelsey   Alan H. Mutnick     745
Clinical Laboratory Tests   D. Byron May     766
Coronary Artery Disease   Alan H. Mutnick   Barbara Szymusiak-Mutnick     786
Cardiac Arrhythmias   Alan H. Mutnick     813
Hypertension   Alan H. Mutnick     838
Heart Failure   Alan H. Mutnick     863
Thromboembolic Disease   James B. Groce III     885
Infectious Diseases   Paul F. Souney   Anthony E. Zimmermann   Linda M. Spooner   Ron DeBillis     900
Seizure Disorders   Azita Razzaghi     968
Parkinson Disease   Azita Razzaghi     995
Schizophrenia   Rebekah R. Arthur     1015
Mood Disorders   Rebekah R. Arthur     1026
Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease   Roy A. Pleasants     1042
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis   Tina Harrison Thornhill     1077
Hyperuricemia and Gout   Larry N. Swanson     1089
Peptic Ulcer Disease and Related Acid-Associated Disorders   Paul F. Souney   Anthony E. Zimmermann     1102
Diseases of the Bowel: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome   Eric Coldiron      1126
Diabetes Mellitus   Peggy C. Yarborough     1147
Thyroid Disease   John E. Janosik     1179
Renal Failure   Donald F. Brophy   Andrew L. Wilson     1202
Cancer Chemotherapy   Judy Chase   Jamie Shapiro     1218
Pain Management   Alan F. Kaul     1240
Nutrition and the Hospitalized Patient   Robert A. Quercia   Kevin P. Keating   Maria Evasovich     1254
Immunosuppressive Agents in Organ Transplantation   David I. Min     1273
Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomics   Peter K. Wong   Alan H. Mutnick     1283
Prescription Dispensing Information and Metrology     1294
Common Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Products     1300
Reference Charts for Patient Counseling     1307
National and State Boards of Pharmacy Contact Information     1366
Budgeting for Drug Information Resources     1372
Index     1375

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