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Physica-Verlag HD
COMPSTAT 1984: Proceedings in Computational Statistics

COMPSTAT 1984: Proceedings in Computational Statistics

by T. Havranek, Z. Sidak, M. Novak


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ISBN-13: 9783705100077
Publisher: Physica-Verlag HD
Publication date: 01/01/1984
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Roots of Computational Statistics.- Roots of Computational Statistics.- Computational Statistics in Random Processes.- New Algorithmic Developments for Estimation Problems in Time Series.- Parameter Estimation and Order Determination of a Multivariate Autoregressive Process.- On Fast Algorithms for Several Problems in Time Series Models.- Computational Aspects of Robustness.- Robustness in Parametric and Non-Parametric Regression Estimation: An Investigation by Computer Simulations.- CEVOPE — a Program for Finding Conservative Estimates of the Variances of Regression Parameter Estimators when Errors are Serially Correlated.- Robustness of Gumbel Statistic for Distribution Functions in the Domain of Attraction of a Type I Distribution of Largest Values.- Asymptotic Distribution of the Roots of a Correlation Matrix.- New Topics in Robust Statistics with Applications.- Boundary Effects in Nonparametric Curve Estimation Models.- Monte Carlo Analysis of Variance.- Computational Graphics in Statistical Data Analysis.- Graphical Methods for the Manipulation and Solution of Systems of Linear Equations.- DISTEP — Dynamic Interactive Statistical Teaching Package.- Various Statistical and Data Analytic Methods.- Local and Partial Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Correspondence Analysis (CA).- Hierarchical Inference.- An Interactive Multiple Criteria Approch to finding subjective Principal Components.- Algorithms of Discriminant Analysis Using Parameter Restrictions for Diminishing the Error Rate.- Constrained Multidimensional Scaling: more directions than Dimensions.- A Review of Fast Techniques for Nearest Neighbour Searching.- A Study of Selection Criteria for Constructing Identification Keys.- “Barycenter” of a Set of Probability Measures and its Application in Statistical Decision.- POSCON — a Decision-Support System in Diagnosis and Prognosis Based on a Statistical Approach.- Simulated Powers Under Two Different Approximations to the Exact Distribution of MRPP Statistics.- Classification and Recognition.- Numerical Aspects and Complexity of Statistical Algorithms.- Computational Aspects of Monte Carlo Tests.- On NP-Hardness in Hierarchical Clustering.- Linear Models.- Linweight: A Programm for Weighting Sample Survey Data.- Parametric Link Functions in Generalized Linear Models.- Statistical Analysis of Mixed Linear Models with Inhomogeneous Variances.- Reliability of Calculations in the Linea: Estimation and some Problems of the Analysis of a Multistage Regression Experiment.- Intelligent Software in Statistical Data Analysis.- Constructing an Expert System for Data Analysis by Working Examples.- Analysis of Suppositions.- REX: an Expert System for Regression Analysis.- On the Possibilities to Automate the Study of Statistical Dependence Between Two Variables.- Integration of Statistical Data Base Management and Data Analysis.- Statistical Data Analysis Using a Data Base for Experiment Design and Systems Identification.- SICLA-PEPIN: A System Integrating Data Analysis and Relational Data Base Management System.- Processing of Statistical Data for Multistage Recognition System Using Data Base.- Metainformation as a Tool for Integration.- Statistical Database: An Interactive Language for Logical Schema Definition by Means of a Model Based on Graphs.- Interface Problems Between Software Packages Used in Statistical Information System.- Software for Parallel Processing in Statistical Data Analysis.- Parrallelization of Algorithms in the Practive of Statistical Data Analysis.- A Fast Parallel Algorithm for the Recognition of Ionized Particle Tracks.- Evaluation and Enhancements of Statistical Software.- The Entrancement of Fortran for Statistical Analysis.- Comparing Statistical Software Packages on Tabulation efficiency.- A Multilevel Approach to Improve the Flexibility of Statistical Software.- QUESTOR, a Conversational Preprocessor to BMDP.- The System for Multivariate Statistical Data Processing.- Interpretation of Statistical Software Output: some Behavioral Studies.- Design of Eperimental Statistical Packages.- Software in Categorical Data Analysis.- A Computer Intensive Approach to the Analysis of Sparse Multidemensional Contingency Tables.- The New Version of the GUHA Procedure ASSOC (Generating Hypotheses on Associations) — Mathematical Foundations.- Methods for Summarizing the Analysis of Categorical Data.- Computational and Statistical Methods for Exploratory Analysis of Textual Data.- Similarities and Differences Between Linear, Logistic and Log-Linear Models for Survival Analysis; some Practical Observations.- Optimal collapsing of Two-Way Contingency Tables Including Structural Zeroes.- Stepwise Discriminant Analysis Procedure for Categorical Variable.- A Recursiv Algorithm for the Determination of the Uniformly Most Powerful Unbiased Test in Fourfold Tables.- Fitting All Possible Decomposable and Graphical Models to Multiway Contingency Tables.- Optimization Techniques in Statistics.- A Computer Program Package for Solving Spline-Regression Problems.- A New Method for Solving Nonlinear Least Squares Problem.- Optimization in Non-Parametric Regression.- Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Mixtures of Distributions.- HAUS 82: a New Tool for Nonlinear Fitting and the Study of Nonlinear Models.- On Special Purpose Algorithms for the MSAE and the MMAE Regression.- Optimization Under Probabilistic Constraints and its Applications in Statistics.- Parallel Model Analysis: Fitting Non-Linear Models to Several Sets of Data.- Software for Data Preprocessing (Checking, Handling of Missing Values Reduction).- Is data preprocessing a computational process only?.- Data Capture and Validation Using Portable Terminals.- Missing Data Problems in Growth Curves.- Error Free and Formal Computations in Statistics.- Error-free Computation in Design of Experiments.- Formal Computation of Regression Parameters.- Comparison of Some Algorithms for Discrete D-Optimal Design Generation.- Computational Problems in Spatial Data Analysis.- Means for Analysis of Space — Time Relationship.

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