Compulsion to Kill

Compulsion to Kill

by Stephen Challis


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The human brain is a complex organ, more sophisticated than the most powerful computer in existence. With it we think, reason, love, hate, and problem solve. Some of us wrestle with the wonders of science and the workings of the universe, some simply on the best way to feed themselves and family in the coming days
But when that brain starts to malfunction then the results can be catastrophic.
This book takes you into the dark recesses of the mind of those who commit mass murder against the most vulnerable members of our society, our Children.
What makes a normal gifted teenager turn into a robotic killing machine? Here you will look inside the minds of the pure evil. Loughner, Holmes, Cho, Hamilton, and Lanza. We visit the scenes of their crimes, Columbine, Aurora ,Virginia Tech ,and Dunblane. We look behind the anguish, the Politics and the horror. To try and answer the unfathomable question, what drove them to do it. ? The media blames the guns used, but guns are the instrument used to kill, they have no mind of their own, no control over who uses them. This book takes a long look at the perpetrators of the crimes. The results are startling and chilling

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ISBN-13: 9781987057256
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 03/27/2019
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Steve Challis was born in 1948 The United Kingdom. The son of a Farmer, Steve grew up in the Rural Cotswold’s where he learned shooting and hunting on the farm where his Father worked. Following 5 years service in the military (Royal Air Force), Steve joined the Hampshire Constabulary, in 1969, serving as an officer for 21 years. During his police service Steve became a certified Firearms instructor with the NRA (GB) and the NSRA (National Small Bore Rifle Association). He competed in local and National competitions, for a time he was secretary of his Divisional Police pistol club and did much to foster good relations with civil and military gun clubs in the area. During his service more and more regulations and restrictions were imposed on Gun owners, and inevitably the enforcement of these regulations fell on the shoulders of the City and County Police Forces. Steve found himself more and more at odds with the policy of gun control and the subsequent hardening of Police attitudes. In 1995 Steve left the Police Force and became active in Politics, still a member of the 2 main shooting organizations he had seen the slow strangulation of gun rights in the UK; and after a year with a single issue political group he joined the UK Independence Party after attending a public meeting against the increasing dominance of European Union.

After forming a local Branch of the party in his home town Steve campaigned in several local and National Elections, culminating in his being selected by the Party to fight for the Parliamentary seat for the Eastleigh Constituency in the UK General Election in 2001. He failed to win the seat in 2006. Steve met his wife Eva via the Internet and in 2007 they became engaged.
The following November Steve moved to the USA and He and Eva were Married in Ketchikan, southern Alaska,

In 2009 the couple settled in Kentucky where they bought a Farm and in 2010 opened Harmony Hollow Firearms Training. Now a permanent US Resident, Steve is a tireless campaigner for the second amendment rights. Compulsion to kill is his second book.

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