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Computational Methods in Biophysics, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Medical Systems: Algorithm Development, Mathematical Analysis and DiagnosticsVolume I: Algorithm TechniquesVolume II: Computational MethodsVolume III: Mathematical Analysis M / Edition 1

Computational Methods in Biophysics, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Medical Systems: Algorithm Development, Mathematical Analysis and DiagnosticsVolume I: Algorithm TechniquesVolume II: Computational MethodsVolume III: Mathematical Analysis M / Edition 1

by Cornelius T. Leondes


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ISBN-13: 9781402071102
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/30/2002
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 1461
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Table of Contents

Volume 1: Algorithm Techniques.
1: Algorithms for Accelerated Convergence of Emission Computed Tomography Medical Images; G. Chinn, Sung Cheng Huang. 2: Algorithms for the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography; R.D. Throne, L.G. Olson. 3: Algorithms for the Recovery of the 3-D Shape of Anatomical Structures from Single X-Ray Images; R. Poli. 4: Digital Halftoning Algorithms for Medical Imaging; D.A. Gusev. 5: Techniques and Applications of the Elimination of the Cardiac Contribution in MEG Measurements; M. Petrou, M. Samonas. 6: Techniques in the Biomechanical Modeling of the Human Pelvis Area and Function; Naiquan Zheng, L.G. Watson, K. Yong-Hing. 7: Modeling Techniques of Point Processes and Applications in Processing Biomedical Data; M. Nakao, F. Grüneis, M. Yamamoto. 8: Artificial Neural Network Techniques in Human Mobility Rehabilitation; F. Sepulveda. 9: An Application of Artificial Neural Networks to DNA Sequence Analysis; H. Ogura, H. Furutani, Mengchun Xie, T. Kubo, T. Odaka.
Volume 2: Computational Methods
1: Automated Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling Techniques of Bone and Bone Implant Systems; B.R. Merz, R. Müller, M. Lengsfeld. 2: Computer Techniques for Spatial Pattern Analysis of Objects in Biomedical Images; M.R. Massai, P. Barbini. 3: Modeling Techniques in Epidermal Wound Healing; S.A. Maggelakis, A.E. Savakis. 4: Numerical Analysis of an Extremity in a Cold Environment Including Countercurrent Arterio-Venous Heat Exchange; A. Shitzer, S. Bellomo, L.A. Stroschein, R.R. Gonzalez, K.B. Pandolf. 5: Networked Computer Systems Technology for Hospital Integrated Multimodality Image Management; S. Wong, D. Tjandra, H.K. Huang. 6: Computer Design and Manufacturing Systems, Techniques and Applications in Biomedical Systems; Chua Chee Kai, Lim Chu Sing, Du Zhohui. 7: Telerobotic Surgery - Techniques & Applications; R. Mathews, J.A. Cadeddu, D. Stoianovici, S. Docimo.
Volume 3: Mathematical Analysis Methods
1: Techniques and Applications of Mathematical Modeling of Three Dimensional Blood Flow Through Arterial Structures; K.C. Ang, J. Mazumdar. 2: Computational Neuroanatomy Using Deformable Neuroanatomical Models: Applications In Brain Imaging; C. Davatzikos, R.N. Bryan. 3: Wavelet and Other Algorithm Techniques in Model Evaluation of Human Cerebral Functioning; A.B. Geva. 4: Techniques and Applications of Wavelet Transform Methods for the Fast Detection of Venous Air Embolism in Doppler Heart Sound; B.C.B. Chan, F.H.Y. Chan, P.W. Lui, P.W.F. Poon, F.K. Lam. 5: Adaptive Control Techniques for Arterial Blood Pressure by Means of Vasoactive Drugs; A. Laurindo Maitelli, T. Yoneyama. 6: Mathematical Models of Tumors and Their Remote Metastases; C. Bellomo, J.A. Adam. 7: Techniques in Three-Dimensional Whole-Body Musculoskeletal Models in Motion Analysis; K. Hase, N. Yamazaki. 8: Mean Curvature Flows, Edge Detection, and Medical Image Segmentation; A. Yezzi Jr., A. Tannenbaum, S. Angenent. 9: Numerical Analysis Techniques for the Study and Evaluation of Knee Implants in Orthopedics; H. Fujiki, H. Ishikawa, K. Yasuda. 10: Biosignal Digital Interchange Formats and Applications; J.P. Silva Cunha, M.B. Cunha, T. Oliveirae Silva. 11: Boundary Element Methods For Biological Systems; Cho Lik Chan.
Volume 4: Diagnostic Methods
1: Decision Making Using Statistical Decision Theory and Neural Networks in Medical Diagnostic Applications; F. Gurgen, F.G. Varol, E. Alpaydm, O. Alper. 2: Automatic Computer Morphometry (ACM) System Techniques and Applications in Medical Diagnosis; Yung-Nien Sun, Ming-Huwi Horng, Xi-Zhang Lin. 3: Automated Techniques for Identifying Depression from EEG; S. Nath Sarbadhikari, S.K. Pal. 4: Neural Network Systems Techniques in the Effective Diagnosis of Breast Implant Rupture; E.R. Venta, L. Salchenberger, L.A. Venta. 5: The Compound Action Potential of the Stronger Myelinated Fibers in Peripheral Nerve Trunks and its Diagnostic Interpretation; V.A. Pollak. 6: Neural Network Techniques: Utilization in Medical Prognosis; L. Ohno-Machado. 7: The Application of Neural Network Systems Techniques to Asthma Screening and Prevalence Estimation; S. Hirsch, J.L. Shapir, P.I. Frank. 8: Auditory Brainstem Responses: Their Computer Analysis for Otology; T. Grönfors, M. Juhola, I. Pyykkö. 9: Techniques in the Study of Blood Flow Through Both Constrictions and Post-Stenotic Dilations in Arteries; B. Pincombe, J. Mazumdar. 10: Techniques for the Accurate Recovery of Time Varying 3D Shapes in Medical Imaging; Y. Sato, M. Moriyama, T. Ueguchi, M. Hanayama, H. Naito, S. Tamura. 11: Frequency Variation Techniques in Electrical Impedance Tomography; B. Blad, P. Wendel, K. Lindström. 12: Techniques in Data Compression for Electroencephalograms; P. Tonella, G. Antoniol.

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