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Computational Methods in Engineering & Science: Proceedings of Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science X'' Aug. 21-23, 2006, Sanya, China / Edition 1

Computational Methods in Engineering & Science: Proceedings of Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science X'' Aug. 21-23, 2006, Sanya, China / Edition 1

by Zhenhan Yao, Mingwu Yuan


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ISBN-13: 9783540482598
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 05/18/2007
Edition description: 2007
Pages: 339
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Plenary Lectures.- Management of Water Pollutants Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis and Fuzzy Logics.- Enriched Element Method and Its Applications to Solid Mechanics.- Large-Scale Boundary Element Analysis in Solid Mechanics Using Fast Multipole Method.- Semi-plenary Lectures.- Optimization and Robustness of Deformable Systems with Randomness.- Simulation of Stochastic Fluctuating Wind Field Using the Wave Superposition Method with Random Frequencies.- Monotonic and Cyclic Analysis of Granular Soils.- Adaptive Meshfree Methods Using Local Nodes and Radial Basis Functions.- Multiresolution Mechanics for Material Design and Manufacturing.- Application of Computational Mechanics to Reliability Studies of Electronic Packaging.- Topology Optimization of Structures: Applications in the Simulation and Design of Cellular Materials.- Rigid Body Considerations for Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Based on the Updated Lagrangian Formulation.- Nano-Modeling Structure and Micromechanical Properties of Mesoscopic Composite Systems.- An Extremely Efficient Finite-Element Model Updating Methodology with Applications to Damage Detection.- Dynamic Infinite Elements for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis in a Layered Soil Medium.- Abstracts of Regular Sessions.- Numerical Simulation of Cavitation Generation in Tandem Cascades.- Numerical Simulation of Atrium Fire using Two CFD Tools.- Investigation of the Particulate Matters with the Aid of CFD.- CFD Analysis of Fire in a Forced Ventilated Enclosure.- Development of the Diffusion Control System using Air Shutter.- A High Order Compact Difference Scheme for Solving the Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Equation.- Computation of One-Dimensional Dam-Break Flow Using ENO Scheme.- Numerical Simulation of 2D Flood Waves Using TVD Scheme.- Motion Analysis of the Elevating Ball by the Effect of Buoyant Force.- Development of an Educational Flow Simulation System.- Using Finite Element Program Generator to Solve N-S Equation.- Experimental and CFD Study of the Effects of Design Parameters on Reynolds Number in a Short Duration Hypersonic Test Facility.- Investigation of Multiphase Flows near Walls with Textures by the Lattice Boltzmann Method.- Numerical Simulation of the Microstructure of Magnetorheological Fluids in Magnetic Fields.- Implementation of a 3D Multilaminated Hydromechanical Model for Analysis of an Unlined High Pressure Tunnel.- Prediction of Mixing and Reacting Flow Inside a Combustor.- Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Flow.- Computational Modeling of Coal Water Slurry Combustion Processes in Industrial Heating Boiler.- Large Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Turbulent Flow and Pressure Fluctuation in an Axial-Flow Pump with Various SGS Models.- Computation of Turbulent Flows in Natural Gas Pipes with Different Rectifiers.- Computation of Unsteady Incompressible Turbulent Flow by Using an Implicit SMAC Method.- Simulation on Vortex Effect for Superconducing Devices.- Simulation of Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steel Subjected to Elastic/Plastic Strain.- Effect of Surface Traction on the Shakedown Limit under Moving Surface Loads.- Elasto - Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Tapered Steel Silo.- Numerical Simulation of Failure Process in Heterogeneous Elastoplastic Materials.- Fatigue Damage Analysis of Reactor Vessel Model Under Repeated Thermal Loading.- Interaction of Moving Interfacial Cracks between Bonded Dissimilar Elastic Strips under Antiplane Shear.- Stress Intensity Factor of a Wide Range of Semi-Elliptical Partly Through-Wall Crack in a Finite-Thickness Plate.- Numerical Simulation of the Fracture Spacing in Two-Layered Material Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Loading.- VCCM Rule-Based Meshing Algorithm for an Automatic 3D Analysis of Crack Propagation of Mixed Mode.- The State-of-the-Art Methodology to Compute the 3-D Stress Intensity Factors for Arbitrary Shaped Cracks in Complex Shaped Structures.- 3D Crack Propagation Analysis Using Free Mesh Method.- Finite Element Method for Analyzing Stress Intensity Factor of a Surface Crack in Tubular Joints.- The Solutions of Stress and Displacement Fields of Orthogonal Anisotropic Plate with Edge-Cracks.- Nonlinear FE Model for RC Shear Walls Based on Multi-Layer Shell Element and Micro-Plane Constitutive Model.- Numerical Modelling and Simulation of an Internal Combustion Engine Piston with a Surface Coating.- Reliability analysis using saddlepoint approximation.- Advanced Computational Method for Reliability Analysis of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam.- Structural Dynamic Reliability of Solid Rocket Motor Grains.- Wave Propagation in Orthotropic Elastic Shells: Theoretical and Numerical Modeling.- Study on the Criterion of In-plane Instability of Non-reinforced U-shaped Bellows.- Coupled Thermal-Dynamic Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Space Structures by FEM.- Numerical Modelling of the Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Stainless Steel I-Beams: Comparison with Eurocode 3.- Research on Simulation Analysis for Stability Problem of Pressure-Penstock with Imperfection.- Nonlinear Finite Element Buckling Analysis of Square Reinforced Concrete long Columns Confined with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Sheets under Uniaxial Compression.- A Kind of Channel-Section Beam Element for Transient Coupled Thermal-Structural Dynamic Analysis.- Semi-Analytical Analysis of Super Tall Building Bundled-Tube Structures.- Computational Design of Beam Sections under Impact Loading.- Pretension Control of the Long-span Roof Structure of South Shanghai Railway Station.- Damage Detection and Sensor Placement Design for Two Highway Bridges.- A new iterative method for solution of rectangular elastic structure.- Overall Stability of the Long Span Steel Roof Structure of Hangzhou International Conference Center.- Regionwise Modeling Approach for the Analysis of Layered Structures.- Computational and Experimental Study of Energy Absorption Metter by Composite Structures.- The Dynamic Analysis of Main Building of Hangzhou International Conference Center.- Second-Order Analysis for Steel Frame Structures with a Distributed Plasticity Numerical Model.- Pretension Simulation of the Long Span Truss String Supported by the Temporary Structures.- Accurate Form-Finding Method for Cable-Dome Structues Based on Catenary Element.- Higher Order Modes in Thin-Walled Beam Analysis.- Research on Rigidity Limits of Bridge with Conventional Spans for Chinese High-speed Railway.- Numerical Implementation and Calibration of a Hysteretic Model for Cyclic Response of End-Plate Beam-to-Column Steel Joints under Arbitrary Cyclic Loading.- Finite Element Analysis of Singular Inplane Stress Field around an Inclusion’s Corner Tip.- Finite Element Analysis for the Metallic Gasket Effective Width.- Finite Element Analysis of Electrochemical-Poroelastic Behaviors of Conducting Polymer (PPy) Films.- Finite Element Analyses of Multi-Material Wedges and Junctions with Singular Antiplane Stress Field.- Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis of a Piled Bridge Abutment on Soft Ground.- Finite Element Analysis of a Coal Liquefaction Reactor during Lifting.- Finite Element Anaylsis of Welded Cruciform Joint.- Static and Dynamic Testing of the SATUOeiras Viaducts.- Finite Element Approach to Resin Flow during the Resin Film Infusion Process.- Numerical Simulation of a New Complex FRP Pipe Culvert by FEA.- Numerical Study of Two-Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction Using Finite Element Method.- Chemical Reaction, Heat and Mass Transfer on Nonlinear MHD Boundary Layer Flow through a Vertical Porous Surface with Thermal Stratification in the Presence of Suction.- Development of a Mathematical Model for Heat and Mass Transfer Inside a Granular Medium.- Factor Analysis for Convective Heat Transfer Problem by Using the ANN Method.- Thermally Induced Mechanical Changes around a Potential Nuclear Waste Repository in China.- Research on Thermo Quality Transmission Problems for Large-Scale Slab with Creep.- Current Developments on the Coupled Thermomechanical Computational Modeling of Metal Casting Processes.- Application of the Mushy Cell Tracking Method for Gallium Melting.- New FDM for Plane Elasticity in Polar Coordinate.- Computational Strategies for Curved-side Elements Formulated by Quadrilateral Area Coordinates (QAC).- Studies of 4-node Membrane Element with Analytical Stiffness-Matrix Based on the Quadrilateral Area Coordinates.- Special Hybrid Multilayer Finite Elements for 3-D Stress Analyses Around Quasi-Elliptic Hole in Laminated Composites.- A 3-Dimensional Assumed Stress Hybrid Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom.- Suppression of Zero-Energy Modes in Hybrid Finite Elements via Assumed Stress Fields.- Analysis of Concentrated Boundary Loads in the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method.- A Frequency-Domain Approach for Transient Dynamic Analysis Using Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method (I): Approach and Validation.- A Frequency-Domain Approach for Transient Dynamic Analysis Using Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method (II): Application to Fracture Problems.- Inverse Problems.- A Novel Fuzzyexpert Diagnosis System of Inner-Faults for Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors.- Updating Noise Parameters of Kalman Filter Using Bayesian Approach.- Damage Detection of Vibrating Structure from Limited Natural Frequencies.- Meshless Methods.- Error Estimations in LBIEM and Other Meshless Methods.- Parallel Computing for Enriched Free Mesh Method (EFMM).- 3D Animation for Free Mesh Method.- A Stabilized Conforming Integartion Procedure for Galerkin Meshfree Analysis of Thin Beam and Plate.- Element-Free Galerkin method with wavelet basis.- Micromechanics and Intelligent Materials.- The Numerical Prediction of Effective Properties of Non-Continuous Carbon Nano-Reinforced Composites by the Macro-Microscopic Homogenization Method.- Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Length Size Effect on Mechanical Properties of Nano-Metal.- Molecular Dynamic Simulations of CNT-Water Nanostructures.- Computer Simulation of Quantum Dot Surface under Stress.- 3D BEM for Piezoelectric Solids of General Anisotropy.- Analysis of Quantum Dots Induced Strain and Electric-Field in Piezoelectric Semiconductor Substrate of General Anisotropy.- Numerical Algorithms.- Adaptive Under-Frequency Load Shedding Scheme by Genetic Algorithm.- An Effective Computer Generation Method for the Domain with Random Distribution of Large Numbers of Heterogeneous Grains.- Three-Dimensional Mesh Generation Using the Crossed Circle Method.- Study on Displacement Prediction of Landslide Based on Grey System and Evolutionary Neural Network.- Prediction of Ambient PM10 Concentration with Artificial Neural Network.- A Note on the Complexity of the PCG Algorithm for Solving Toeplitz Systems with a Fisher-Hartwig Singularity.- One-Point Integration that Handles Shear-Locking in Cubic Splines.- An Improved ICCG Method of Large-Scale Sparse Linear Equation Group.- A Parallel Computing Method of Object-Oriented FEM Based on Substructure.- Promotion of Frontier Science Research by Aid of Automatic Program Generation Technology.- Uniformed NURBS Surface Deformation Subject to Boundary Conditions.- The Pseudo-spectral method and Matlab Implement.- Rock, Soil and Concrete.- Composite Construction in Reinforced Concrete Taking into Consideration the Non-Rigid Bond of Interfaces in Joints.- Optimization of Observation Condition on Inverse Analysis for Identifying Corrosion of Steel in Concrete.- A Study on Temperature Distribution in a Cross Section of Concrete Box Girder Bridge.- Stress-Based Effective Space Anisotropic Damage Model for Concrete.- Identification of Electric Conductivity and Impedance of Reinforced Concrete by Boundary Element Inverse Analysis.- Stresses and Cracking Caused by Hydration Heat in Massive Concrete Structures.- Numerical Modeling of Consolidation of Marine Clay under Vacuum Preloading Incorporating Prefabricated Vertical Drains.- Drag Forces Applied on Rock Matrix by Fluid Flow through Fracture Network in Rock Mass.- A 2-D Natural Element Model for Jointed Rock Masses.- Numerical Implementation of a Bounding Surface Bubble Model for Structured Soils.- Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Interaction of Soil, Superstructure and Thick Raft with Irregular Plan.- Soil Additionally Affected by Non Force Loading and Its Influence on Upper Structure.- Advances in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics.- Numerical Simulations of the Behavior of Foundations on Reinforced Soil.- Stress-Strain Modeling of Tire Chip-Sand Mixture.- Structural Optimization.- Multi-Objective Optimization for Shape Design of Arch Dams.- Optimal Shape Control of Multilayered Piezoelectric Smart Plate Structure.- Engineering Structural Optimization with an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm.- Optimization Studies for Crashworthiness Design using Response Surface Method.- Path Optimization of Large-Scale Automated Three-Dimensional Garage Based on Ant Colony Algorithm.- A Continuous Approach to Discrete Structural Optimization.- Parametrical Analysis and Optimization of Partial Double-Layer Reticulated Shells Using Uniform Design Method and Second Order Rotation Method.- Optimum Design of Spiral Grooved Mechanical Seal Based on Thermo-Hydrodynamics.- Evolutionary Topological Design of Frame for Impact Loads.- Topology Optimization of Space Vehicle Structures Considering Attitude Control Effort.- Application and Research of Structure Topology Optimization of Scraper Conveyer with MSC.Nastran.optishape.- Structural Topology Optimization Using Level Set Method.- Topological Optimization Analysis of 3-D Continuum Structure with Stress and Displacement Constraints.- Topics of Computer Software Technology.- Cross-Level Sentence Alignment.- CSAT: A Chinese Segmentation and Tagging Module Based on the Interpolated Probabilistic Model.- Overcoming Data Sparseness Problem in Statistical Corpus Based Sense Disambiguation.- Application of Translation Corresponding Tree (TCT) Annotation Schema for Chinese to Portuguese Machine Translation.- Development of a Knowledge Based System for the Portuguese Code for Building Acoustics.- Interfacing Vision System with Robot for Pick and Place Operation.- A Web-Based Data Management and Decision Support System for Slope Safety Inspection and Evaluation.- Simplified Doubly Asymptotic Approximation Boundary for Foundations Dynamic Analysis.- Limit State Analysis of Seismically Excited 3D R/C Beam Bearing Structures.- Earthquake Response Analysis and Energy Calculation Based on Wavelet Transform.- Elastoplastic Impact of the Sphere upon the Uflyand-Mindlin Plate.- Numerical Analysis of Impact between Cue and Bal in Billiard (Effect of Tip Structure).- A New Multi-Harmonic Method for Predicting the Forced Response of Mistuned Bladed Disks with Dry Friction Damping.- Coupled Vibration Analysis of Multiple Launch Rocket System by Finite Element Method.- Three-Dimensional Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Material Rectangular Plates by Chebyshev Polynomials.- A hybrid elasticity method for bending and free vibration of composite laminates.- Vibration Assessment of Railway Viaducts Under Real Traffic Using Bridge-Track Models.- In-Plane Vibrations of Rectangular Plates with Rectangular Cutouts.- Optimal Control of Temperature Gradient in a Large Size Magnetic Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth by Response Surface Methodology.- Active Vibration Control Analysis of Piezoelectric Intelligent Beam.- Interval Dynamic Analysis Using Interval Factor Method.- Sensibility Analysis of Violin Plates.- Effect of Pier and Abutment Non-Uniform Settlement on Train Running Behavior.

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