Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2009: International Conference, Seoul, Korea, June 29--July 2, 2009, Proceedings, Part II

Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2009: International Conference, Seoul, Korea, June 29--July 2, 2009, Proceedings, Part II


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ISBN-13: 9783642024566
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/14/2009
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #5593
Edition description: 2009
Pages: 957
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Workshop on Software Engineering Processes and Applications (SEPA 2009).- Ontology-Based Requirements Conflicts Analysis in Activity Diagrams.- Resource Allocation Optimization for GSD Projects.- Verification of Use Case with Petri Nets in Requirement Analysis.- Towards Guidelines for a Development Process for Component-Based Embedded Systems.- Effective Project Leadership in Computer Science and Engineering.- Weyuker’s Properties, Language Independency and Object Oriented Metrics.- Workshop on Molecular Simulations Structures and Processes (MOSSAP 2009).- Lattice Constant Prediction of A2BB’O6 Type Double Perovskites.- A Grid Implementation of Direct Semiclassical Calculations of Rate Coefficients.- A Grid Implementation of Direct Quantum Calculations of Rate Coefficients.- A Grid Implementation of Chimere: Ozone Production in Central Italy.- Workshop on Internet Communication Security (WICS 2009).- MDA-Based Framework for Automatic Generation of Consistent Firewall ACLs with NAT.- Testing Topologies for the Evaluation of IPSEC Implementations.- Evaluation of a Client Centric Payment Protocol Using Digital Signature Scheme with Message Recovery Using Self-Certified Public Key.- Workshop on Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing Environments (SPPC 2009).- Security Vulnerabilities of a Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards Suited for a Multi-server Environment.- Enhancing Security of a Group Key Exchange Protocol for Users with Individual Passwords.- Smart Card Based AKE Protocol Using Biometric Information in Pervasive Computing Environments.- A Practical Approach to a Reliable Electronic Election.- Security Weakness in a Provable Secure Authentication Protocol Given Forward Secure Session Key.- Workshop on Mobile Communications (MC 2009).- Performance of STBC PPM-TH UWB Systems with Double Binary Turbo Code in Multi-user Environments.- Performance Evaluation of PN Code Acquisition with Delay Diversity Receiver for TH-UWB System.- Performance Analysis of Binary Negative-Exponential Backoff Algorithm in IEEE 802.11a WLAN under Erroneous Channel Condition.- A Resource-Estimated Call Admission Control Algorithm in 3GPP LTE System.- Problems with Correct Traffic Differentiation in Line Topology IEEE 802.11 EDCA Networks in the Presence of Hidden and Exposed Nodes.- Adaptive and Iterative GSC/MRC Switching Techniques Based on CRC Error Detection for AF Relaying System.- WiBro Net.-Based Five Senses Multimedia Technology Using Mobile Mash-Up.- Overlay Ring Based Secure Group Communication Scheme for Mobile Agents.- Enhanced Multiple-Shift Scheme for Rapid Code Acquisition in Optical CDMA Systems.- AltBOC and CBOC Correlation Functions for GNSS Signal Synchronization.- Performance Enhancement of IEEE 802.11b WLANs Using Cooperative MAC Protocol.- Authentication Scheme Based on Trust and Clustering Using Fuzzy Control in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.- On Relocation of Hopping Sensors for Balanced Migration Distribution of Sensors.- Hybrid Hard/Soft Decode-and-Forward Relaying Protocol with Distributed Turbo Code.- Design of an Efficient Multicast Scheme for Vehicular Telematics Networks.- ODDUGI: Ubiquitous Mobile Agent System.- Determination of the Optimal Hop Number for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Localization in Sensor Networks with Fading Channels Based on Nonmetric Distance Models.- A Performance Comparison of Swarm Intelligence Inspired Routing Algorithms for MANETs.- Analysis of Moving Patterns of Moving Objects with the Proposed Framework.- A User-Defined Index for Containment Queries in XML.- On Optimal Placement of the Monitoring Devices on Channels of Communication Network.- Low Latency Handover Scheme Based on Optical Buffering at LMA in Proxy MIPv6 Networks.- A Capacity Aware Data Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network.- Data Distribution of Road-Side Information Station in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs).- VC-GTS: Virtual Cut-Through GTS Allocation Scheme for Voice Traffic in Multihop IEEE 802.15.4 Systems.- Towards Location-Based Real-Time Monitoring Systems in u-LBS.- General Track on Computational Methods, Algorithms and Applications.- A Fast Approximation Algorithm for the k Partition-Distance Problem.- A PSO – Line Search Hybrid Algorithm.- Using Meaning of Coefficients of the Reliability Polynomial for Their Faster Calculation.- A Novel Tree Graph Data Structure for Point Datasets.- Software Dependability Analysis Methodology.- New Approach for the Pricing of Bond Option Using the Relation between the HJM Model and the BGM Model.- Measuring Anonymous Systems with the Probabilistic Applied Pi Calculus.- YAO: A Software for Variational Data Assimilation Using Numerical Models.- General Track on High Performance Technical Computing and Networks.- CNP: A Protocol for Reducing Maintenance Cost of Structured P2P.- A Research on Instability of Small Flow in SCADA and an Optimizing Design for Control.- On-Demand Chaotic Neural Network for Broadcast Scheduling Problem.- General Track on Advanced and Emerging Applications.- Mining Spread Patterns of Spatio-temporal Co-occurrences over Zones.- Computerized Detection of Pulmonary Nodule Based on Two-Dimensional PCA.- Computational Measurements of the Transient Time and of the Sampling Distance That Enables Statistical Independence in the Logistic Map.- Future Personal Health Records as a Foundation for Computational Health.- SVM Based Decision Analysis and Its Granular-Based Solving.- Fast Object Tracking in Intelligent Surveillance System.- A Reliable Skin Detection Using Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence.- Video Shot Boundary Detection Using Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition.- Content Quality Assessment Related Frameworks for Social Media.- Weighted Aspect Moment Invariant in Pattern Recognition.- Multiple Object Types KNN Search Using Network Voronoi Diagram.- General Track on Information Systems and Information Technologies.- RRPS: A Ranked Real-Time Publish/Subscribe Using Adaptive QoS.- A Dynamic Packet Management in a Protocol Processor.- On a Construction of Short Digests for Authenticating Ad Hoc Networks.- Learning and Predicting Key Web Navigation Patterns Using Bayesian Models.- A Hybrid IP Forwarding Engine with High Performance and Low Power.- Learning Styles Diagnosis Based on Learner Behaviors in Web Based Learning.- State of the Art in Semantic Focused Crawlers.- Towards a Framework for Workflow Composition in Ontology Tailoring in Semantic Grid.- Fusion Segmentation Algorithm for SAR Images Based on HMT in Contourlet Domain and D-S Theory of Evidence.

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