Computer Vision In Robotics And Industrial Applications

Computer Vision In Robotics And Industrial Applications


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Computer Vision In Robotics And Industrial Applications by Dominik Sankowski

The book presents a collection of practical applications of image processing and analysis. Different vision systems are more often used among others in the automotive industry, pharmacy, military and police equipment, automated production and measurement systems. In each of these fields of technology, digital image processing and analysis module is a critical part of the process of building this type of system. The majority of books in the market deal with theoretical issues. However, this unique publication specially highlights industrial applications, especially industrial measurement applications. Along with its wide spectrum of image processing and analysis applications, this book is an interesting reference for both students and professionals

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789814583718
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/27/2014
Series: Series In Computer Vision Series
Pages: 580
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Preface v

Part 1 Theoretical Introduction to Image Reconstruction and Processing 1

Chapter 1 Data Set Preparation for k-NN Classifier Using she Measure of Representativeness Marcin Raniszewski 3

Chapter 2 Segmentation Methods in the Selected Industrial Computer Vision Application Anna Fabijanska Dominik Sankowski 23

Chapter 3 Line Fractional-order Difference/sum, its Properties and an Application in Image Processing Piotr Ostalczyk 49

Part 2 Computer Vision in Robotics 71

Chapter 4 Management Software for Distributed Mobile Robot System Maciej Laski Sylwester Blaszczyk Piotr Duch Rafal Jachowicz Adam Wulkiewicz Dominik Sankowski Piotr Ostalczyk 73

Chapter 5 Advanced Vision Systems in Detection and Analysis of Characteristic Features of Objects Adam Wulkiewicz Rafal Jachowicz Sylwester Blaszczyk Piotr Duch Maciej Laski Dominik Sankowski Piotr Ostalczyk 93

Chapter 6 Pattern Recognition Algorithms for the Navigation of Mobile Platform Rafal Jachowicz Sylwester Blaszczyk Piotr Duch Maciej Laski Adam Wulkiewicz Dominik Sankowski Piotr Ostalczyk 117

Chapter 7 Partial Fractional-order Difference in the Edge Detection Piotr Duch Rafal Jachowicz Sylwester Blaszczyk Maciej Laski Adam Widkiewicz Piotr Ostalczyk Doininik Sankowski 139

Chapter 8 Application of Fractional-order Derivative for Edge Detection in Mobile Robot System Sylwester Blaszczyk Rafal Jachowicz Piotr Duch Maciej Laski Adam Wulkiewicz Piotr Ostalczyk Dominik Sankowski 159

Chapter 9 Vision Based Human-Machine Interfaces: Visem Recognition Krzysztof Slot Agnieszka Owczarek Maria Janczyk 173

Part 3 Industrial Applications of Computer Vision in Process Tomograhy, Material Science and Temperature Control 195

Chapter 10 Hybrid Boundary Element Method Applied for Diffusion Tomography Problems Jan Sikora Maciej Panczyk Pawel Wieleba 197

Chapter 11 Two-phase Gas-liquid Flow Structures and Phase Distribution Determination Based on 3D Electrical Capacitance Tomography Visualization Robert Banasiak Radoslaw Wajman Tomasz Jaworski Pawel Fiderek Jacek Nowakowski Hemyk Fidos 231

Chapter 12 Tomographic Visualization of Dynamic Industrial Solid Transporting and Storage Systems Zbigniew Chaniecki Krzysztof Grudzien Andrzej Romanowski 257

Chapter 13 Tomography Data Processing for Multiphase Industrial Process Monitoring Krzysztof Grudzien Zbigniew Chaniecki Andrzej Romanowski Jacek Nowakowski Dominik Sankowski 281

Chapter 14 Dedicated 3D Image Processing Methods for the Analysis of X-ray Tomography Data: Case Study of Materials Science Laurent Babout Marcin Janaszewski 309

Chapter 15 Selected Algorithms of Quantitative Image Analysis for Measurements of Properties Characterizing Interfacial Interactions at High Temperatures Krzysztof Strzecha Anna Fabijanska Tomasz Koszmider Dominik Sankowski 339

Chapter 16 Theoretical Introduction to Image Reconstruction for Capacitance Process Tomography Radoslaw Wajman Krzysztof Grudzien Robert Banasiak Andrzej Romanowski Zbigniew Chaniecki Dominik Sankowski 383

Chapter 17 Infra-red Thermovision in Surface Temperature Control System Jacek Kucharski Tomasz Jaworski Andrzej Fraczyk Piotr Urbanek 411

Part 4 Medical and Other Applications of Computer Vision 437

Chapter 18 The Computer Evaluation of Surface Color Changes in Cultivated Plants Influenced by Different Environmental Factors Joanna Sekulska-Nalewajko Jaroslaw Godawski 439

Chapter 19 Various Approaches to Processing and Analysis of Image Obtained from Immunoenzymatic Visualization of Secretory Activity with ELISPOT Method Wojciech Bieniecki Szymon Grabowski 475

Chapter 20 Image Processing and Analysis Algorithms for Assessment and Diagnosis of Brain Diseases Anna Fabijanska Tomasz Weglinski 513

Chapter 21 Computer Systems for Studying Dynamic Properties of Materials at High Temperatures Marcin Bakala Rafal Wojciechowski Dominik Sankowski 537

Index 559

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